Jungle Bullies

Jungle Bullies By Steven Kroll Vincent Nguyen, Jungle Bullies Even bullies can learn to share
  • Title: Jungle Bullies
  • Author: Steven Kroll Vincent Nguyen
  • ISBN: 9780761452973
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jungle Bullies By Steven Kroll Vincent Nguyen, Even bullies can learn to share.
    Jungle Bullies By Steven Kroll Vincent Nguyen,
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      364 Steven Kroll Vincent Nguyen
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    1. Steven Kroll Vincent Nguyen

      Stephen Kroll spoke at schools and conferences all over the world He was married to the journalist, Kathleen Beckett, and they lived in New York City and an old carriage house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania When he was not writing or traveling, he played a lot of tennis and walked around looking at everything.

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    1. No one likes a bully, especially in the jungle After a series of animals turn to bullying ones smaller than them, Momma Monkey turns things around and shows how sharing can be useful What follows is a series of interactions that leave everyone happy Neo told me he dislikes bullies and hopes not to become one I like that idea and hope that he is able to teach the sharing lesson to others too.

    2. Ein heiteres Bilderbuch ber die berlegenheit gro er Tiere, die durch eine kleine Affenmama lernen, dass es besser und sch ner ist zu teilen.

    3. Written by Steven Krull and illustrated by Vincent Nguyen, Jungle Bullies as the title explains, looks at the topic of bullying using a range of animals as the characters main plot The story sets out with an elephant wanting to bathe in the pond, but finding that the pond is already taken up by a hippo, the elephant uses his size in order to make hippo leave the pond This trend continues with the larger of the two animals making the smaller one move from a specific spot place until the trend is [...]

    4. This was one of the better picture books that I have read in the last few months The illustrations were bright and appealling the the eye The message of sharing and being a friend is an important lesson for children of all ages and the rhyme that was repeated throughout the book is simple enough for children to remember and hopefully take to heart Children will like seeing all of the African animals and will be able to join in each time the message is reiterated This book is recommended for read [...]

    5. I loved this book It starts out with an elephant wanting to take a bath but he kicks the hippo out of the water because he is bigger The hippo then kicks the lion out of his spot The lion then kicks the leopard out of his spot, and so on and so on till a little monkey gets kicked out of his spot His mama had told him to stand up to bullies so he did Then all the animals began to stand up to their bullies Very good moral.

    6. This text is a wonderful way to introduce the topic of bullying in a classroom The animal characters in this book bully one another until they learn the correct way to handle situations By the end of the story they are all friends I would use this book in my classroom and have students to identify rhyming words with the text I also believe a sequencing activity could be derived from the story line.

    7. The big animals all want to bully the smaller animals Eventually one of the animals stands up to the other and it causes a chain reaction This book could be used to teach kids about sharing and bullying.

    8. Cute story about animals bullying each other until they learn the appropriate way to handle the situation Then everyone stands up to their bully Easy introduction to an issue Rhyming and fun also.

    9. Will the little monkey stand up for himself This book has a clear anti bullying message that says Don t tell me what to do,this spot is big enough for two Share it with me as a friend, don t be mean to me again.

    10. SummaryThis story takes place in the jungle where the different animals living there, are not good in communication and collaboration The biggest animal in the jungle the elephant, is the first one who scares a smaller animal of, and tells that smaller animal to get out of its way That starts a chain where one animal tells another smaller animal to move Because the smaller animal is afraid of the bigger one, the smaller one moves Eventually, the chain reaches its end when a leopard is telling a [...]

    11. SharingCute book about standing up for yourself My kids and I enjoyed it It close well and is a good story

    12. Are there bullies even in the animal kingdom Steven Kroll tells a story about animals that try to tell others what to do just because they are bigger Elephant forces Hippo to leave the pond Hippo forces Lion to move out of the path Lion makes Leopard get out of his sleeping spot Leopard forces Baby Monkey to get out of his tree Baby Monkey tells his mom that Leopard was mean to him, and Momma Monkey switches the entire story around.Steven Kroll presents a nice story about the harm that bullying [...]

    13. Read the first page one morning Elephant went down to the pond for his bath But who was there first Hippo, and he was taking up a lot of space Elephant glared at Hippo Get out of the water, Hippo He said I want to bathe in peace What would you do if you were Hippo Would you consider Elephant a bully Why or why not As I read Jungle Bullies by Steven Kroll, pay close attention to how the characters change throughout the book Opening Moves Read some of the text to engage attention Invite personal c [...]

    14. What s great about this book is the lesson that it teaches younger children that just because you re bigger doesn t mean you have the right to be mean to someone else We first meet elephant who kicks hippo out of the pond which then causes hippo to kick lion out of his spot too, and down the line until we meet monkey Now Monkey, who is the smallest of them all, goes to his Mama and explains the situation about how Leopard kicked him out, and the story backtracks until we meet back with our eleph [...]

    15. This book portrays a bullying scenario that would be good to read aloud to students early in the year to help prevent bullying In this jungle scene, the elephant runs off the hippo, the hippo runs off the lion, the lion runs off the leopard, and the leopard runs off the little monkey The little monkey goes to his Mama and she helps him tell the leopard that the space is big enough to share as friends and not to mean to him again This story back tracks through all of the animals and at the end th [...]

    16. This book has a strong message that bullying is wrong and it s fun when all can get along It s a great book for young children because they will learn the lesson through listening and seeing the actions of the jungle animals The illustrations are bright, warm, and inviting The repetition of actions and feelings used from animal to animal keeps the attention of the reader this pattern also makes the story appealing to younger children I really think this is great book and would be a great addit [...]

    17. The best anti bullying book for young readers ever Parents, please read this book to your young children to give them an understanding of how to handle this dilemma The solution to the bullying problem is simple and effective for both the bullier and the bullyee It is a gentle yet commanding story and a must read for every child out there Steven Kroll and Vincent Nyugen hit the nail on the head to stop bullying it it s tracks Well done Published by Marshall Cavendish Children.

    18. This is a GREAT book to use when there is large amounts of bulling going on in your classroom This shows that we all still can be nice no matter what We do not have to be mean to each other because negative attitude is contagious but also are positive attitudes.

    19. Great readMy 6 year old daughter loved the story A great theme and good message for kids She liked the monkey.

    20. this is a good book when addressing bullies.It offers a sentence frame for sticking up to bullies.Helpful, cute, and great pictures.

    21. Another book on bullyingis one from a jungle animal point of view Found the resolution to be a tad too simplistic.

    22. What I liked about the book is that it has great images which is always important to students as well as teaches a lesson about bullies and to confront them.

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