Body Line

Body Line By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, Body Line The brand new Bill Slider Mystery David Rogers was a doctor handsome charming and rich He lived the lifestyle of a consultant expensive clothes top restaurants exclusive clubs until someone killed
  • Title: Body Line
  • Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  • ISBN: 9780727869579
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Body Line By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, The brand new Bill Slider Mystery David Rogers was a doctor, handsome, charming and rich He lived the lifestyle of a consultant expensive clothes, top restaurants, exclusive clubs until someone killed him in the hallway of his lovely million plus pound house But when Bill Slider and his firm are thrown into the mystery, they soon discover that nothing is as it seemThe brand new Bill Slider Mystery David Rogers was a doctor, handsome, charming and rich He lived the lifestyle of a consultant expensive clothes, top restaurants, exclusive clubs until someone killed him in the hallway of his lovely million plus pound house But when Bill Slider and his firm are thrown into the mystery, they soon discover that nothing is as it seems, for though David s girlfriends are plenty, none of them can tell Slider anything about where he worked or what exactly he did .
    Body Line By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles,
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    1. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

      Cynthia Harrod Eagles aka Emma Woodhouse, Elizabeth Bennett Cynthia Harrod Eagles was born on 13 August 1948 in Shepherd s Bush, London, England, where was educated at Burlington School, a girls charity school founded in 1699, and at the University of Edinburgh and University College London, where she studied English, history and philosophy.She had a variety of jobs in the commercial world, starting as a junior cashier at Woolworth s and working her way down to Pensions Officer at the BBC She wrote her first novel while at university and in 1972 won the Young Writers Award with The Waiting Game The birth of the MORLAND DYNASTY series enabled Cynthia Harrod Eagles to become a full time writer in 1979 The series was originally intended to comprise twelve volumes, but it has proved so popular that it has now been extended to thirty four.In 1993 she won the Romantic Novelists Association Romantic Novel of the Year Award with Emily, the third volume of her Kirov Saga, a trilogy set in nineteenth century Russia.

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    1. Terry Wale 10 Hours 20 MinsDescription David Rogers was a doctor, handsome, charming and rich He lived the lifestyle of a consultant expensive clothes, top restaurants, exclusive clubs until someone killed him in the hallway of his lovely million plus house Was he killed for passion, professional jealousy, or plain old money Bill Slider and his firm are thrown into the mystery, but they soon discover that nothing is as it seems, for though David s girlfriends are plenty, none of them can tell Sl [...]

    2. Easy to read but intriguing at the same time This author loves words and I enjoyed the mixed metaphors of Slider s boss, Porson My favourite for the moment is It s not rocket salad is it If you re after a mystery like a good British detective series on the telly, then this is for you.

    3. Over the past twenty or so years I have listened to fourteen of the current nineteen Inspector Bill Slider novels by Cynthia Harrold Eagles and I have enjoyed every single one of them This is a likeable series Bill is a good, down to earth British detective supported by his friend and fellow detective, Atherton, plus a few other regulars, all working Homicide in London The dialogue is uncomplicated for the police procedural genre, the characters and the criminal plots are credible and easy enoug [...]

    4. When someone fatally shoots a handsome Lothario of a doctor, Slider and his team have not a single clue They find it very strange that Dr David Rogers had nothing very personal in his home They find one envelope holding his birth certificate, bank deposit book, and one or two other papers The home has no safe, no pictures anywhere, no books, and very little evidence that Rogers did anything other than sleep and get ready for work in the home They talk to two women, each one of whom believed she [...]

    5. My reviews of these Bill Slider police procedurals are pretty uniform, because the series is uniformly good As usual, the mystery had me fooled, and the punning and malapropisms made me laugh out loud One chapter title They Tuck You Up, Your Mum and Dad Apologies to Philip Larkin And the guvnor who repeatedly loses his way in the English language I don t want you jumping to collusions.

    6. After reading the first of the WW1 series, I felt I had to get back to the real Harrod Eagles At least, it feels that way to me This Slider sees HE up to her usual form smart characters, bad puns, and just fun in the whole situation, even with a murder.This series is consistently interesting and well plotted, and it moves along very swiftly It s hard to write prose that reads this quickly Well done, HE.

    7. Very tightly plotted and lots of red herrings The gang is back and this one was very engaging Well crafted and kept me guessing.

    8. First Sentence You look terrible, Slider said as Atherton slid into the car.Inspector Bill Slider and his team are investigating the murder of David Rogers, shot in his home at point blank range by someone with a silencer Everything about him indicates he has considerable money, except his bank statement Yet, the crime doesn t appear to be one of passion or of robbery With very little evidence, few clues, and no obvious motive, the police are having a difficult time finding the killer Does the a [...]

    9. BODY LINE is the thirteenth book in the Bill Slider series Slider is an inspector in the homicide division in London and, as usual, he is surrounded by his loyal team, Jim Atherton and Norma Swilley, and is supported by his boss, Superintendent Porson Life at home is good, as well, with Joanna and their baby son.Slider and his team are sent to a home in a very expensive section of London to investigate the execution style murder of David Rogers, a doctor who is clearly doing well for himself Rog [...]

    10. This is the thirteenth book in this entertaining and well written police procedural series DI Bill Slider s latest case seems to be the product of a paid hit man Dr David Rogers is shot in the back of the head after he answers the door to an early morning caller The young woman who was with him at the time escapes by climbing over a balcony and taking refuge with a neighbour When Slider and his team start looking into the victim s life it soon becomes clear that no one really knows what he does [...]

    11. Body Line is the 13th in the author s Detective Inspector Bill Slider mysteries we ve read them all and look forward to each new entry, especially since the characters age and evolve over time Bill is now married to musician Joanna they have a toddler running around, and Bill s father is a separate quarters live in cook and babysitter Slider s colleagues at work, especially Atherton, a former playboy now steady with girlfriend Emily, are also part of the familiar cast and crew, so the whole gang [...]

    12. This 13th in the Bill Slider series is another winner Ms Harrod Eagles could hold a book writing seminar on how to write good, solid police procedurals This book is inclusive enough for new people to the Slider series to read and enjoy on its own But why would you want to do that and miss out on the excellent characters and tight plotting of this series These books are a real treat from beginning to end I love Bill Slider He s an every man s copper, and sharp as they come There s lots of light h [...]

    13. I was not a fan of the writing or the characters of this book The characters were either too despicable or uninteresting to really get that invested Body Line is a straight up British procedural mystery and I was fine with the language difference, but if you haven t read or are unfamiliar with the differences between British and American English this could be a struggle, It took me until at least chapter 5 before I could overcome the style of writing, for me it just never really flowed well and [...]

    14. Each of the Bill Slider crime novels that I have read contain a long set piece in which Slider and one of his team of detectives the firm, in Slider s terms questions a person of interest to the murder they are working on In Body Line Slider and Atherton sit down with the widow of the deceased and get a great deal of information over the course of a few hours These interrogations are well depicted people actually think and talk the way they do in the book and are particularly telling because the [...]

    15. I love Cynthia Harrod Eagles Morland Dynasty and I always feel I should enjoy the Bill Slider books but somehow always feel they re a bit of a letdown The characters are great but somehow I feel the storyline is slightly lacking.This book sees Slider and Atherton trying to solve the murder of David Rogers, a doctor about whom nobody truly seems to know His ex wife seems to be his closest kin but then a whole range of women come forward who he was involved with This book seemed to have too many p [...]

    16. When it comes to mysteries I m a real Anglophile, starting with Agatha Christie in my youth to Martha Grimes to Reginald Hill My favorite type of British murder mystery is a good, solid police procedural and Body Line fits the bill While it s not one of my favorite Bill Slider stories it was a good entry in a great series All the usual characters were present though there wasn t enough Joanna for me I did enjoy getting to know a bit about Bill s dad and it was nice that Atherton still seemed to [...]

    17. Another in the enjoyable Bill Slider series In this entry, a handsome doctor who is known as a womanizer, is murdered in his expensive home and it looks like a professional hit Slider and his crew are on the case and discover that the victim has many female admirers but none can give them a clue as to who would want the charming doctor murdered The trail leads to his ex wife, a most unpleasant individual, and to her live in boyfriend but what is the motive.d are they really involved The story go [...]

    18. Slider and his team are called to the scene of a shooting A well to do doctor, a frequenter of strip clubs has been shot in the back of the head as he is leaving his house As they start to look into possible motives, it becomes apparent that there is much about the man that is a mystery his income he lied about his job and he has masses of cash stashed away , his love life there is a bitter ex wife, a stripper girlfriend and a couple of other pieces on the side and possible enemies from a scanda [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book and was completely immersed for the length of the read I love the familiar characters and the relationships The humorous boss with his malapropisms is a lovely diversion I gave it four stars because I thought the solution was fairly obvious throughout the book I like my mysteries to take me in and out of speculation It is slightly annoying when the clues are right in front of the intelligent professionals, and it takes them longer than the reader to decipher them That said, i [...]

    20. I think I have read a couple of other books in this series but it must have been a long time ago before I joined Good Reads The author does not take herself too seriously especially with the headings of her chapters and the speech patterns of Slider s boss but tells a good story Although this was not an exciting read I found I wanted to understand what was happening and why so I could not put the book down until I had finished it I will try and read the other books in this series.

    21. I was excited to see this book on my library s display shelves I d read some of her books ages ago and liked them, but hadn t seen anything new Harrod Eagles way with words is wonderful I would read her work just for the dialogue The plot was very good too, and kept a person guessing Now I need to go back and reread her other Bill Slider mysteries.

    22. Another fun mystery from Harrod Eagles I don t understand why she doesn t have fans my local BN didn t even bother to stock this book when it first came out Bill Slider and his sidekick Atherton remain among my favorite detectives Yeah, I figured out whodunnit and why, but that s not really what you read her books for.

    23. Bill Slider is at it again This author has a wonderful imagination and wit I can read them as fast as she can put them out now that I have discovered them at my local library This one is pretty straight forward in the investigation of a murder and a not so unusual reason for it in this day and age As usual, couldn t put it down.

    24. I love this series and most of the characters Wait each year or 2or 3 for the next one to be written Actually slow down the reading so that won t end too soon Especially love Joanna and Athernon British police story but REALLY read for the back story and ongoing saga.

    25. I really love the dialogue in this series which I m reading backwards from newest to oldest The story is very suspenseful and the characters are interesting and believable The main criminal is not too hard to identify at some point but how it all connects and the ultimate motive are hidden well.

    26. I love the Bill Slider series and this title is another worthy addition Cynthia Harrod Eagles has a wonderful sense of humor the puns, mangled metaphors and malapropisms are so much fun and they provide a great foil to homicide.

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