Tempt Me with Darkness

Tempt Me with Darkness By Shayla Black, Tempt Me with Darkness He s an immortal knight hungering for satisfaction As soon as Marrok sees Olivia Gray s dark windswept hair and burning violet eyes he s sure they ve met in eons past He s felt her soft gentle curves
  • Title: Tempt Me with Darkness
  • Author: Shayla Black
  • ISBN: 9781416558590
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook
  • Tempt Me with Darkness By Shayla Black, He s an immortal knight hungering for satisfaction.As soon as Marrok sees Olivia Gray s dark windswept hair and burning violet eyes, he s sure they ve met in eons past He s felt her soft gentle curves writhing in pleasure beneath his own hard powerful bodyMorganna For centuries, towering Marrok, once the mightiest of King Arthur s warriors, has endured a terrible cHe s an immortal knight hungering for satisfaction.As soon as Marrok sees Olivia Gray s dark windswept hair and burning violet eyes, he s sure they ve met in eons past He s felt her soft gentle curves writhing in pleasure beneath his own hard powerful bodyMorganna For centuries, towering Marrok, once the mightiest of King Arthur s warriors, has endured a terrible curse cast upon him when he spurned the witch She s a modern woman about to discover ancient magic Olivia shares a mystical and irresistible connection with brooding Marrok Soon after the sexy warrior appears in her erotic dreams, he abducts her, demanding she uncurse him Their intense passion is powerful and intimate than either of them has ever known Olivia may be the key to unlocking the diary that will break Morganna s hold on his life But in the wrong hands, the book also holds the power to destroy all magickind As they search for answers, a ruthless wizard returned from exile is building an army of evil When he discovers Marrok and Olivia have the diary, only their love with the help of a powerful group of magical Brethren can save them.
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      Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of than sixty novels For nearly twenty years, she s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters She s thrilled that she s been living her dream as a full time author for the past eight years.Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies In her free time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.Follow me on Facebook facebook homep Sor Twitter Shayla_Black

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    1. 0 stars DNF shelved.I m not going to rate this book because I simply couldn t bring myself to finish it and maybe it would have gotten better, but by about 1 3 1 2 of the way through, I couldn t take any What was it that didn t work, you ask Well, I love tormented heroes Cursed, scarred, broken hearted, so defeated they ve given up I can t get enough of them And Marrok was definitely all those things, so this story should have been right up my alley The problem for me was in the story itself Her [...]

    2. A dark and sexy immortal knight from the time of King Arthur Tempt Me with Darkness is the first novel in Shayla Black s new Doomsday Brethren series and if her next one is as good as this one, I can t wait Cursed by Morganna le Fay for spurning her, Marrok has been unable to achieve orgasm for over a thousand years He can tup all night long, but never quite get there After 1500 years, he thought all anger, grief and emotion were burned out of him until he meets Morganna s only surviving descend [...]

    3. 1.5 I had hopes for this It wasn t meant to beRandom.rg, why did you do this to meeeee This sums up all the characters in this book.I made notes on it and I am too lazy to write a proper review so I ll paste everything here The start would make Anzu burn this prime male what 21st Century woman says that He had answered her Mating Call cringing I like this world, curing fever with sex How cool is that NOTE TO SELF Find out if it works with headaches zounds Are we in Scooby Doo now I see no Velma [...]

    4. This is the first paranormal romance from Shayla Black Shelley Bradley who writes notoriously HOT erotica books This book was really sweet and sexy, and its definitely a romance, not an erotica Plus it sets us up for LOTS characters Marrok is a warrior One who was cursed 15 centuries ago by Morgana le Fay she curses him to an eternity of want and lust, without ever being able toumm complete Olivia is an American girl living in London She opened her own art shop trying to make enough money to fi [...]

    5. Marrok just wants to die already Cursed by the evil Morganna Le Fey to live an eternity without companionship and sexual satisfaction, he s lived a long lonely fifteen centuries When he stumbles across Olivia Gray at her art gallery in London, he s sure it s the witch Morganna in another form come to torment him further.He isn t far off Though not Morganna, she has in fact descended from the line of Le Fey but Olivia, in England to find the father who abandoned her years ago, has no clue about h [...]

    6. Great world building and characters Think Harry Potter s magical world mixed with the dark mind of Clive Barker The Brethen is a crazy mix of interesting characters fighting a pure evil warlock The romance part of this book was only OK, but I d read in this series without a doubt There is a plot device that requires sex to energize ones powers which was about the only thing in the world building that I thought was over the top silly, but this is not an erotic book I d rate the sensuality around [...]

    7. Tempt Me With Darkness is the first book in Shayla Black s Doomsday Brethren story It features Marrok, who was a knight for King Arthur, when he slept with the witch Morganna After he loved her, he left her And in her rage, she cursed him to an immortality without the ability to ever find satisfaction 15 centuries later, he sees a woman in a dream that reminds him of Morganna The very next day, he meets Olivia, the woman from that dream He thinks she is Morganna in disguise, but she is actually [...]

    8. The premise of the story started out fairly well The immortal warrior cursede relocated American seeking a father she never knew He hard, crusty, and looking for a way out She totally unaware of the mess she s about to get tossed in toally great beginning Unfortunately, it sort of fizzled out about 1 3 of the way through it The action was there and all, but the romance between the two of them was ridiculous I mean, the hero spends an incredible amount of time declaring his love I mean it came wa [...]

    9. This review was posted at Under The CoversMarrock One of King Arthur s knights Maybe used to be the love them and leave them type Until the day he slept with, and left, the wrong woman Or witch, in his case, Morganna Obviously none to happy about it, Morganna curses him to immortality Now fast forward to present day He has lived in isolation, after having everything taken from him, being kicked out of court, and watching his loved ones die, he lives in solitude, does not form bonds with anyone a [...]

    10. I finally finished this after a few months of struggling through it I am sure I have the review written in a journal somewhere My problem with this is an overload of characters Giving bits and pieces of information that the main characters could have handled I would have been happy if the hero had a flashback for a couple chapters and interacted with his friends The problem with bringing everyone into the first book is trying to fully flesh them out It screams, Oh Pick me Pick me I m important e [...]

    11. This book was a huge disappointment What a hot pile of garbage Weak characters, weak plot and weak romance I actually had to skip ahead the last 100 pages because I was so bored with this book The heroine was thoroughly annoying as was the hero She didn t want to fall in love with him because she thought he viewed her as a means to an end He didn t want to show feelings of love because he didn t know what to do with his feelings This repetitive theme got old really fast Her story I felt lacked d [...]

    12. sooooo I had this book on an old iPad, which I found today and of course I pulled up my ibooks and I have this whole series on this old iPad downloaded and so thought yay I can finish this first book that I started like a year ago Problem with that is I was 3 4 of the way done and I remember the basics about what was going on but I was honestly very lost And it is kind of a long book I didn t want to re read the whole damn thing So I can t really write a full review because I honestly can t reme [...]

    13. I really wanted to like this book, but I couldn t I don t mind sex as a plot element, but this one was a little ridiculous to me I had to stop when wimpy heroine was dying and a random witch showed up to let the hero now that she was dying because he didn t have an orgasm I just couldn t make myself continue after that.

    14. I can highly recommend this book if you have a case of insomnia Major yawnage may occur while reading it lol It took me almost a couple of weeks to finish and on the days that I didn t get to read, I didn t miss it or wonder about it In fact, I had to force myself to just finish it I don t like not finishing a book well unless it s really, really bad I think the concept is good I m just not sold on the execution of it I didn t feel any connection to any of the characters and all of them unfortun [...]

    15. In my quest to read as many Book Bash Authors as I possibly could before the convention, it was only a matter of time before I dived into some of Shayla Black s books I was a little put off by the cover simply because I have an aversion to men with long hair I waffled a bit and then finally said to hell with what the cover and started to read it anyway.Black s world of the Doomsday Brethren opens with Marrok He is a soldier from King Arthur s army who has lived much longer than he would have lik [...]

    16. Marrok of Cadbury was one of Arthur s most ferocious knights and a hungry but careless lover After spending a night with Arthur s half sister, the powerful witch, Morganna, he spurns her and is cursed by her to an immortal life with no satisfaction The curse she writes in her Doomsday Book, which Marrok manages to steal, but it is locked and he is doomed to an eternity of life with no sexual relief Now living outside London, he is tormented by dreams of Morganna in a new form, luring him and sed [...]

    17. It wasn t bad, but it was slow and it didn t pull me in.Basically, it is a book about two people whose attraction love has spanned centuries and survived even as a different person in a different time period.Marrock of Cadbury spent a night of tupping with Morgana Le FEythe sorcercess and they have been bound together since then Since he rejected her, she cursed him and now he is never full satiated when he is with another woman, and he can never fully possess her.He has been stumbling around f [...]

    18. This book was almost a 5 star read I had some major issues with Olivia Olivia was raised only by her mother, a woman who never showed her any love or support At the same time in Olivia s life her father mate enter She has complete trust faith in her father, who has played for the wrong team in the past Marrock, her mate on the other hand she does not does not have the same blind faith in.I loved Marrock He is 1500 years old stuck in the Dark Ages He was cursed for doing exactly what he loved mos [...]

    19. Yes, it bored me to death but I m giving it 2stars regardless Not so much for it s redeeming qualities but for myself for having the patience and endurance to finish it.300 pages, I finished in less than 5hrs but it felt longer My eyes kept straying from the pages and my mind kept thinking of other things I should be doing.The story itself is not so bad I ve read it a dozen times before but it s bearable Barely.A dormant witch and a cursed immortal warrior Not really original but it has it s pot [...]

    20. Sparks fly when an immortal warrior cursed by Morgan le Fey is paired with the infamous Sorceress great granddaughter So, who in this series are the good guys, and who backs the evil one While some of the characters are clearly on the side of good, a few are questionable Clearly I must determine where everyone s loyalty lies Every excuse to start the next book In the series.Did I skim Yes.Will I re read I might skim throughnthe series as other books are addedWere the supporting characters engagi [...]

    21. Really enjoyed this book Looks to be a very entertaining series Characters are well developed as are the r ships between them Enjoyed becoming immersed into a complete magical world that included historical references to Merlin and Morganna.My one big negative point for this book is that I got a bit fed up of Olivia and her stubborn internal dialogue of how she didnt trust the endearments and affections of Marrok I find that I don t mind that sort of self dialogue at the start of stories but it [...]

    22. REVAMPED MAY 2012 Fantastic sucked in immediatelyAIN Marrock is 1500 yr old man cursed with immortality Olivia is a decendant of the witch that cursed him When they meet, neither can admit their true feelings to one another because both have trust issues.Marrock is a dreamy kind of guy.He treats Olivia with such tenderness sigh Olivia has felt unwanted and unloved her entire life, she falls pretty fast for this warrior.He ends up training a group of wizards to fight against a threat that has res [...]

    23. This is one of those books that started off at a really fast pace I couldn t get enough of it until I hit the middle of the book It seemed like everything just dragged on and on and on The end was filled with action, but the middle was so painfully slow that I almost didn t care about the ending I kept wanting to shake some sense into the heroine This was an ok read and I liked it enough to want to read the next one in the series, but I m glad i got this one from the library.

    24. I really enjoyed this book Wasn t sure what to expect, but it was an intriguing plot, and I loved all of the Doomsday Brethren Marrock and Olivia make a great couple, even though he doubts her while falling in love with her, and I m dying to know what happens next good thing I have the next two books , especially to Lucan and Anka Definitely a series you need to read in order though 4.5

    25. Ok So I wanted this story to be than it was, and then it started getting better, then I was disgusted with repeats within the story, and then overjoyed with the romantic relationship between the characters I cried a bit with a bond breaking and laughed out loud with parts of the story that I could actually see happening All in all not the best vampire story I ve read.

    26. I started skimming to finish after the hero said, Zounds, for the fifth time, around Chapter 13 sigh cause I kinda liked him Plot, world building, and the steamy smexy was okaybut drawn out and repetitive story arcs and inner dialog insecurities left me with just an okay feeling I ve read two short stories in this series that run after this first novel Hopefully things improve

    27. Marrock is a cursed knight who has been alive for 1500 years Olivia is a descendant of of the woman who cursed him They find out their mated to each other He s trying not to feel like she could turn on him any moment and she s trying not to get her heart broken This book took quite a while before the plot became interesting The ending was much better I m planning on reading book 2.

    28. I have tried to write this review twice already, only to have it disapear rather than post I just can t rewrite it another time, so I ll tell you I d give it 4.5 and leave it at that Now you re free to read someone else s fine review

    29. The first half of this book was just okay, IMHO However, the second half got much better because of the action.My biggest problem with this book was the angst Olivia kept heaping on herself when it came to whether or not Marrock truly loved her It got very old and detracted from the plot.

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