Anything But Normal

Anything But Normal By Melody Carlson, Anything But Normal Sophie is starting a new school year Shopping for it with her best friend should be fun but nothing seems to fit which is a major issue to a high school girl But her biggest problem is the secret sh
  • Title: Anything But Normal
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780800732585
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anything But Normal By Melody Carlson, Sophie is starting a new school year Shopping for it with her best friend should be fun, but nothing seems to fit, which is a major issue to a high school girl But her biggest problem is the secret she s keeping And she s about to find out that she won t be able to keep things under wraps for much longer This page turning novel explores the tangled web of choices, secrSophie is starting a new school year Shopping for it with her best friend should be fun, but nothing seems to fit, which is a major issue to a high school girl But her biggest problem is the secret she s keeping And she s about to find out that she won t be able to keep things under wraps for much longer This page turning novel explores the tangled web of choices, secrets, and love that all teen girls navigate Melody Carlson enjoys a huge audience of teen readers Now, Revell presents another new stunning story from an author who understands teen girls right where they are.
    Anything But Normal By Melody Carlson, Juice WRLD Anything but Normal Lyrics Genius Lyrics Anything but Normal Lyrics Daytrip took it to ten Thumbin through racks fuck is a budget You know she a freak if she sucking in public I m feeling like Kobe I m getting them buckets Anything But Normal by Melody Carlson Shelves fiction, blog reviews Anything But Normal is a novel that could be real, that most likely is real in the lives of many girls across the United States and around the world The storyline is that of High School senior, Sophie, and her unexpected pregnancy. The First Week Back To Normal Is Anything But Jun , The First Week Back To Normal Is Anything But Jake Ostreicher had been counting the days until he could reopen his barbershops, and he said customers couldn t wait either But the owner of the Chop Shop, which has two locations in Milford and Medfield said as his business prepared to reopen last week, the problems started almost Anything But Normal Eat It and Like It Anything But Normal By Jesse Blanco May No Comments Share Tweet Google Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email are fighting a constant battle right now between what to do and how to proceed or whether or not they should be doing anything Anything but Normal BELIEVING CHURCH Church For All People May , Whether it s normal or not isn t what it s about but being what s right and needed now Honestly, I want anything but normal Cause, if I can remind you, we take normal for granted We get bored with normal We show up late for normal We stop thanking normal We lose the wonder of what s going on when it s normal but not with Rhule s transition from Baylor to NFL anything but normal Jun , FILE In this Jan , , file photo, Carolina Panthers NFL football team head coach Matt Rhule talks to the media during a news conference at the teams practice facility in Charlotte, N.C Rhule s transition from Baylor to NFL anything but normal day agoRhule s transition from Baylor to NFL anything but normal By STEVE REED June , GMT FILE In this Jan , , file photo, Carolina Panthers NFL football team head coach Matt Rhule talks to the media during a news conference at the teams practice facility in Charlotte, N.C. ANYTHING BUT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary anything but definition used to mean the opposite of the stated quality used to mean the opposite of the stated Learn .
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      Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books, including the Notes from a Spinning Planet series and Finding Alice, which is in production as a Lifetime Television movie She and her husband serve on the Young Life adult committee in central Oregon.

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    1. What is it with me and books that deals with teenage hormonal issues This would have to be the second book I read that dealt with premarital sex and the first that dealt with teenage pregnancy.Sophie Ramsay was starting her senior year with a secret Sophie was a strong Christian girl who had a purity pledge that she had to break because of Dylan Morris Dylan told her that he loves her and Sophie believed him Now she finds out that she was pregnant and is left with a very big decision to make Wha [...]

    2. This was a great book by Melody Carlson The main character has a huge secret that wont be able to kept hidden Soon everyone will know During this book she struggles to keep her personality and appearance while everything else changes around her.

    3. I wasn t sure what to expect when I dived into Anything But Normal, but I finished it in two days I was pulled into Sophie s story Although Anything But Normal was in third person, something that usually irks me, I really felt connected to Sophie throughout the novel The summary on the back left a lot to be desired, but the main plot was actually quite original Sophie s realistic character was interesting to read about An honors student and big believer in God, she was the least likely candidate [...]

    4. A good view into a teen coping with pregnancy, butI found it ridiculous that the author made Sophie such a victim Even though Sophie wasn t ready to have sex, she should have taken responsibility for the pregnancy It appeared to me that she was blaming Dylan for her getting pregnant, and so did a lot of people I would have wished for the author to play things out such that Sophie realized that she wasn t blameless at all.Mr Morris Dylan s father , when Sophie and Dylan s families met to discuss [...]

    5. Ummmmm, well, how do I start There were parts of this book that were realistic and parts that left me saying, I don t think so Sophie s fear and doubt, her denial and depression, all of that was very realistic How do I know Well, because I was in her shoes once I was also a good girl that made a mistake and got caught So yes, there was a lot of things in this book I could relate to However, there was a whole lot I could not Given the fact that it was a short book and everything needed to close u [...]

    6. I m not sure what I was expecting when I started Anything but Normal, but I know I didn t expect to like it so much This book was amazing, and I loved it It was very real and honest about what Sophie is going through as a pregnant teen.I loved Sophie She was a very genuine character At times I wanted to yell at her, but I can t blame her for most the things she did She was sweet and I felt sorry for her I did not like most of the other characters, but I loved Sophie.I really enjoyed Anything but [...]

    7. This book was very good A christain girl goes through daily life She is a reporter and was asked to write an article about the building for pregnant girls in their school Her article comes off in a bad way to the pregnant builing so she had interviews with the girls in that building and rewrote the article Then the parents didnt like what she wrote because it made it seem like being pregnant was okay in their oppinion Her friends ditched her, and she had many problems I loved this book

    8. I was looking for a quick last minute read to finish off the month, and decided to give Anything But Normal a try Even though it is a YA novel, it definitely piqued my interest But then, I already am a big Melody Carlson fan, and own plenty of her books I ve happily reviewed I have to give her credit no matter the audience for whom she writes, Ms Carlson has a way of telling a poignant story.Anything But Normal is about one teen girl s struggles as she faces some difficult choices that rock her [...]

    9. I really wanted to love this book The book s main character Sophia struggles with her image and her place in life but is witty and funny It tackles a real life problems like premarital sex, teen pregnancy, and people who are judgmental And it is all told from a Christian worldview These are makings for a realistic and positive book for young people However I couldn t love it for several reasons Although some changes occur, the main character s BFF was flat and whiny I didn t care for her persona [...]

    10. Teen pregnancy, we all have an opinion on it Whether we believe it s from teens with totally lax values, to teens who make a one time mistake we all have feelings on this heated subject I know I had certain ideas going into this book and after reading it I have definitely been rethinking where I was coming from.Sophie is a good girl, she attends church and has made her purity vow and despite all the wishing to the contrary she is pregnant What Anything But Normal gives the reader is her story We [...]

    11. In less than 250 pages, Melody Carson has crafted a story that features a realistic and view of teen pregnancy from the vantage point of a normal, average high school student who attends church and gets good grades.The novel opens with Sophie returning home from summer camp, ready to begin her senior year At first she s only dealing with a broken heart Later, as events unfold, she discovers that her summer choice has led to an unplanned pregnancy.Through her struggles and decisions, Carson has c [...]

    12. The story s writing is an easy read, but with this subject matter, it s nowhere near easy There aren t really any big surprises or dramatic twists and turns, but that doesn t meant it s not entertaining Carlson has created a beautiful glimpse into the dramatic and frightening world of a teenage girl struggling to deal with grown up stresses on her own It s a very riveting story and will draw you into sympathy for Sophie She never once blames someone else for her actions She s very realistic in a [...]

    13. Anything But Normal Melody Carlson SPOILER ALERT 3.5starsFrom the few Melody Carlson books I ve read, I ve seen that she writes about problems The certain subjects that desperately need to be dealt with but no one wants to write about for fear of offending others This was another one of those books It dealt with teen pregnancy.Don t worry I m not really spoiling much You only have to be a couple chapters into it to discover what it s about.Sophie was a sweet and understandable character Her turb [...]

    14. Sophie Ramsay is seventeen and a senior, but is not looking forward to her last year of high school It could have been a fabulous nine months of enjoying her friends, her great classes, her journalism interests, yet her nine months are spent living out the secret of last summer Melody Carlson, a veteran YA writer, who specializes in teen girl perspective covers the consequences of sexual pressure in Anything But Normal Sophie, an active, committed Christian, strayed from her abstinence pledge an [...]

    15. 251 pagesMain Conflicts This book is basically about teenagers that get pregnant when they are not ready and they tell you how they deal with it So, the main character, her name is Sophie She is just like all the normal teenagers, hanging out with good friends and being an editor of the school newspaper But like everyone, she has a secret It s not the secret that you can just ignore It s important than that The truth is, she s pregnant But that is not the worst, yet The worst part is that being [...]

    16. This story tackles a tough subject Anything But Normal is an excellent illustration of how one mistake can shred someone s future plans, or at least alter them in a major way I really enjoyed this story As a social worker I ve come across similar situations and this story reflects scenarios that some of the teens I have worked with have experienced Young people have a lapse in judgment one time and their world is jacked up for years to come It s true with many young women that once they ve falle [...]

    17. Anything But Normal is a novel that could be real, that most likely is real in the lives of many girls across the United States and around the world The storyline is that of High School senior, Sophie, and her unexpected pregnancy Sophie is a good girl, a Christian, so how could this happen to her Melody Carlson gives us an afternoon read of what 9 months is like for a girl who finds herself in a situation she never thought she would be in I found this novel, written for teen girls, to be a chal [...]

    18. I personally loved this book I thought that it was a good depiction of teenage pregnancy Though never personally experiencing something like this it seems that many girls go through a period of denial that they are pregnant I love how the author portrays this through Sophie I believe her parents reaction and that of the baby s father are fairly accurate reactions I also think that Sophie s friends reactions were fairly accurate to how people would react in real life I also liked how Sophie was a [...]

    19. Senior year It is supposed to be the best year of your life as a teenager right Well Sophie Ramsay s summer of church camp counseling has turned her senior year into a major not so good year How can this be happening to her She is the brainiac of her group of friends, on course for college with scholarships looming in the future A staunch pro life supporter, a purity pledge taker and here she is pregnant Oh she knows how it happened, but she is so afraid to tell anyone And with good reason it wo [...]

    20. Sophie Ramsay is seventeen and about to start her senior year of high school She is a strong christian girl who made a purity pledge along with her friends including best friend Carrie Ann the pastors daughter However coming back from Summer break , Sophie spent it as a Church camp counsellor She is hoping for a fresh start and to put everything that happened that summer behind her including the boy she fell for Dylan Morris In saying that , its easier said than done as when they return to schoo [...]

    21. A high achieving teenager ends up pregnant after a brief affair at a Christian camp where she worked as a counselor over the summer Spurred by a combination of fear and denial, she refuses to admit her pregnancy even as she gets caught in a conflict between her virginity pledge friends and their parents and the high school s pregnancy center But pregnancy isn t possible to hide forever, even if you are kind of pudgy, and facing the inevitable will bring with it both expected condemnation and une [...]

    22. The future looks bright for Sophie Ramsey She s a high school senior with aspirations of attending college to study journalism The job of chief editor of the school paper has her name written all over it She has a great group of friends that share her love of Christ But a secret from the summer threatens to make this year anything but normal.Why I picked this book up I ve been wanting to read something by Melody Carlson and I m always interested in how authors tackle a novel about teen pregnancy [...]

    23. Anything But Normal was a really good book, probably one of my favorites It s about a girl named Sophie who was a normal senior in high school she was a great student, and very smart, and had a great future ahead of her, but the summer before he senior year she was at a church camp and got pregnant but she hadn t found out until a few weeks later Sophie feels she has definetly screwed up her life, because of one little mistake, throughout the whole book Sophie tries to keep her secret from her f [...]

    24. This is the first book that I have read by Melody Carlson and I enjoyed it I ll try to be a little vague since I don t want to spoil the plot for someone who hasn t read this book yet There was a certain guy in this book that I was hoping would come to a sudden and painful end Well, that didn t happen, but I wasn t expecting it to, just hoping I was a little disappointed with Sophie s final decision, but I can understand why she would do what she did I really liked how Sophie changed in the book [...]

    25. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book Melody Carlson used to be one of my favorites, back when I eschewed secular writing That was a lifetime ago, and now I find Christian fiction extremely difficult to swallow.But everything that would have frustrated me was handled so well in this book For example how Sophie considered Abortion even though she was morally opposed to it How often do things seem different when they suddenly apply to us Most of the secondary Christian characters respond in [...]

    26. Probably the best teen pregnancy book I ve found so far or I guess I should say the closest to home I wish authors would spend time focused on after the adoption, although unless they had been through it, they wouldn t get that right either I liked the fact that Sophie had to find her way to realizing that teen pregnancy can happen to anyone And it is a doubled edged sword You can feel humiliated, judged, all while being part of a beautiful thing I like the fact that Carlson balanced the Christ [...]

    27. I liked this book At first I was a little shocked by the fact that the main character became pregnant, considering this was found in a christian book store I figured that the main character would be telling the pregnancy as the view from a friend and giving Sophie moral and friendly support, but then as I read on I understood why the author wrote it the way she did In my opinion I think the author was giving us an example of how we shouldn t judge people in their situtations and what they go thr [...]

    28. I started this book with great trepidation, as I do any teen parent book I ve walked that mile in those shoes and actually felt that Carlson managed to portray the turmoil fairly accurately The part I didn t agree with was the death grip she made on the chastity vow being broken only by rape Give me a break There was one part that honestly addressed the issue, I think it was the pastor who talked about girls breaking their chastity vows I don t know why she had to be raped, I thought that part o [...]

    29. Rating 3.5 This is a tricky one for me to review as I was rushed for time and read it 1 2 skip a few style so I didn t get it as the author intended it to be read That said, I did feel that it dealt with the issue well and I would recommend it to someone who was prejudiced or generally lacked empathy to the teen pregnancy issue since I thought the it could happen to anyone side of it was very well done Worried even me My one niggle would be that the writing was very pink lit I don t know how to [...]

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