Leftovers By Heather Waldorf, Leftovers Fifteen year old Sarah Greene s father chef by day camera buff by night choked to death on a piece of steak It was the best day of Sarah s life But a year later Sarah still struggles with the legacy
  • Title: Leftovers
  • Author: Heather Waldorf
  • ISBN: 9781551439372
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leftovers By Heather Waldorf, Fifteen year old Sarah Greene s father chef by day, camera buff by night choked to death on a piece of steak It was the best day of Sarah s life But a year later, Sarah still struggles with the legacy of her father s abuse While other girls her age are determined to find boyfriends and part time jobs and dresses for the prom, Sarah is on a search and destroy mission Fifteen year old Sarah Greene s father chef by day, camera buff by night choked to death on a piece of steak It was the best day of Sarah s life But a year later, Sarah still struggles with the legacy of her father s abuse While other girls her age are determined to find boyfriends and part time jobs and dresses for the prom, Sarah is on a search and destroy mission to find the shoe box containing her father s collection of kiddy porn After a brief skirmish with the law, Sarah is sentenced to do community service hours at Camp Dog Gone Fun, a summer program for shelter dogs With the love of a big goofy dog named Judy, the friendship of Sullivan, a guy with problems of his own, and the support of a few good adults, Sarah begins to understand her past and believe in a brighter future.
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    1. Heather Waldorf

      Heather Waldorf was born in Ottawa and raised in small town Eastern Ontario She now lives in Toronto with Moose, a twelve year old golden retriever Heather is addicted to green tea, jigsaw puzzles, mystery novels and the TV show Bones Also a lover of the great outdoors, she s never written a novel that doesn t, at some point, put the main character in a canoe.Heather received her fine arts degree from York University and her adult education degree from Brock University She is a full time counselor at a North York group home for adults with developmental disabilities Heather s experience as a social worker and her passion for the outdoors inspired her to write Fighting the Current, her first book for young adults.

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    1. I enjoyed the authors writing style I also enjoyed the concept and main character view spoiler Sarah was sent to Camp Dog Gone Fun after stealing her mother s boyfriend s car She begins to get close to Sullivan She starts to use Sullivan to get out of the camp Along the way, she starts to fall for Sullivan She also starts to take care of Judy, the owner of the camp s dog Sarah also starts to cook for the campers, people and dogs Did I mention that her father was a chef He was something else as w [...]

    2. I cried straight up cried when I pieced together the title before the book outwardly stated it I found my self crying multiple times through out the book At how hard she tried to hide everything at how hard she tried to just get rid of it all and carried that burden How everyone thought she wanted to be just like her dad when she didn t even care he was dead that somewhere in side her she was just happy to be free I cried when it all came crashing down and she had to try and explain everything I [...]

    3. Really loved it, could personally relate to the photographs Many older men have used threats, my vulnerability and my fear of being left alone, to get what they want out of me Which was mainly just nudes, even though they were the adults and knew what they were doing was wrong, against the law, illegal etc That didn t stop them and this book has made me realize that it wasn t my fault in all of these situations, I was the child and they were the adults who should have known better, to say no and [...]

    4. I know that summary is somewhat lacking in detail but it was the only one I could find I will attempt to describe of the plot in my review then I usually do 15 year old Sarah is a survivor of sexual abuse One day when he stepfather tries taking a picture of her she goes ballistic and winds up totally her mother s car As part of her punishment, Sarah is forced to spend her summer doing community service at Camp Dog Gone Fun The camp is a place that dogs with behavioral problems go to be rehabili [...]

    5. Reviewed by Tasha for TeensReadTooIn most cases, when a father dies, their daughter would be distraught, but in Sarah Greene s case relief floods over her With his death, it means that there will be no chances for her father to abuse her and take pictures Along with the relief, though, comes a nagging feeling due to a still hidden shoebox in her father s old restaurant filled with questionable photos that she is determined to destroy.When her desperation to find the box hits an all time high, s [...]

    6. This one wasn t quite as intense as I d expected one of its core themes is sexual abuse and I found the author s treatment of this theme a little too light However, the story was compelling Taking place on a small island in the St Lawrence River close to Ottowa, Ontario , this is the story of Sarah Greene, who, after stealing and crashing her mom s boyfriend s car, is sentenced to community service at Camp Dog Gone Fun, a charity that treats misfit dogs to a summer of leisure What her the judge, [...]

    7. Heather Waldorf tackles another difficult topic child sexual abuse You know all along that something happened to Sarah when she was a kid but the author succeeds in peeling away the details bit by bit so you never know the whole situation until the last chapter Sarah ends up spending her summer in a community service camp after committing a crime The camp is situated on an island in Canada where unwanted dogs are taken care of by delinquent teenagers in the hope that scooping poop and participat [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book I ll admit that it took a few chapters to draw me in but once it did, I couldn t place it down for very long.I really liked the premise of Leftovers Although many forms of abuse have been covered in past YA novels, I found Heather Waldorf s take on a familiar and difficult subject to be refreshing and different especially the idea behind Camp Dog Gone Fun which introduced the reader to a multitude of interesting characters and scenarios.As far as characters go, I reall [...]

    9. Recommended Grade Level 8th 12th Author Style Great dialogue Camp Dog Gone Fun was the perfect place for Sarah to get back on the right tracks Sarah is a teenage girl who had some legal issues, for punishment Sarah was sent to Camp Dog Gone Fun for the summer While Sarah is there Dr.Fred finds this dog named Judy Judy is a hyper dog who had a rough puppyhood just like Sarah Judy and Sarah both hates cameras too.At home things were rough for Sarah she has to deal with a bunch of bad memories abou [...]

    10. Sarah Greene s father sexually abused her And now he s dead She couldn t be happier Now, that s a heavy description I went thinking, Hey This has dogs, yesss But this wasn t my cup of tea Except for them doggiesss I found myself slowly starting to dislike Sarah The constant lying and trying to keep what happened to her a secret got tiring I think keep something horrible like that to yourself, isolating yourself really, for years is harder then telling someone and being ashamed.I didn t like any [...]

    11. Sarah won t let people take her picture In fact, when it happens she sometimes loses control When her mom s boyfriend tried to take her picture, she bolted out, stole his car, and crashed it into a statue That is why she is sentenced to spend her summer doing community service working at a camp for troubled dogs People ask Sarah why she did it, but she doesn t tell them She has a secret about her dead father he used to take pictures of her naked This book is fast paced and good The characters ar [...]

    12. Leftover by Heather Waldorf is based on the story of a girl who had a past that she was ashamed of and was determine to cover it up, but she ends up doing community service when she stole some keys and drove a car without a license This book was quite interesting and i would recommend this to others In this book, the protagonist acted strong, but she was actually not as strong as people thought she was Her close companion was a dog, who was actually really similar to her in many ways She also me [...]

    13. Everyone has scars or leftovers for the sake of the book title I feel like it started out a little slow but it really picked up and I loved this book for many reasons Not only for all of the animal references, since I am a huge animal lover, but for the fact that the main character, Sarah, was basically on her own, trying to handle her inner battles Having done similar things like this myself, I completely understood why she chose to keep things to herself and why she had such a hard time with h [...]

    14. I had just randomly picked this book up one day from the library not even bothering the read the back Which now I m glad I hadn t because I probably would have put it back on the shelf This book isn t one I would typically read And as I started to read it I knew that this book was just something amazing It deals with the hard subject of child abuse, but it s done in such a tactful way, the author really makes your heart go out to the characters, and I m not ashamed to admit it I did cry while re [...]

    15. I read this book for school and it wasn t what I expected I tried my best to not look to much into the book so I didn t view any spoiler But it was very good I think the fact that she was sexually abused was very real and taught the reader that it isn t okay and if something is wrong you have to speak up I also liked the connection that was made between Sarah and Judy and how in the end she learned that everybody including Judy has Leftovers Overall this book was good and I would suggest it to a [...]

    16. I m so happy to have a book about dealing with past sexual abuse that isn t so graphic that I can t hand it to teens The abuse is thoughtfully and tastefully presented, in fact, some kids may not be aware that something like that could be abuse, but it definitely is There was obviously research done and well utilized The character of Sarah is well drawn, as are the real and very funny characters at the dog camp and the dogs have their own distinct characters I enjoyed this book, and any teen tha [...]

    17. Yet one time that I wish allowed for half stars I really went back and forth between giving this three and four stars It was well written and discusses abuse in a way that isn t too terribly graphic and a type of abuse many kids might not think of On the other hand, most of the other campers kind of blend like mush You barely know or learn anything about them It s almost like they are just filler Still, a good book on a difficult topic Recommended for middle school.

    18. I accidentally read this in one day staying up too late to finish it I really liked it The tragic secret is hinted at a lot, so the final reveal isn t quite dramatic or surprising Which is unusual, but I think it allowed me to keep focusing on the character, not on what happened to her Other than the tragic elements, I was drawn in by the protagonist and the secondary characters they were wonderfully realistic and flawed, but you can t help rooting for them and liking them.

    19. 3.75 starsVIDEO REVIEW HERE IF INTERESTED youtube watch v MAVMd I have to say I wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy This because the story was about Sarah Greene, and her father took pictures of her when she was young and turn it into child pornography But the story was then that and had a amazing dog aspect to it and I love dogs Also I got over whelmed with emotions at the end

    20. I really liked this book Although, it deals with some really tough subjects sexual abuse and child pornography, it is hopeful and has a positive message I think it is definitely for older ya reader s 9 12 grades I was puzzled about how the ends would tie up, but the author makes a realistic and positive uplifting conclusion I would have like to see some reference to therapy for Sarah near the end of the book I would recommend this book to teens

    21. This book seems like it will be a good book Saying from the Righting on the back of the book AbNd because what the tittle says leftovers it drew me to it I like the way the cover is I look forward to reading this book over the week we have offis book look good for teen girls my age I found this book In class I wonted to read this book because of the cover.

    22. Sarah ends up assigned to community service at a dog rescue camp What people don t know is what caused her to crash her mom s boyfriend s car, or why she is so glad that her father died Some dark themes and language will definitely appeal to dog fans Quote Victoriaa fiery haired social worker with so much energy she should come with a warning label.

    23. I think when you start reading this book it catches your attention but during the middle you kinda get lost and confused so then you just get bored This is a good book though I didn t think Sarah life was interesting At some parts I was like OMG When I finished this book I didn t really like it I had a hard time understanding what was going on I couldn t picture what was going on.

    24. I received this ARC to review for VOYA, I haven t written my review yet but I give it a 4 star rating I liked the fact that there were many plotlines running at the same time, but the plot never seemed to get bogged down.

    25. At first I didn t really get this book but then the I read it the it started making sense to me I love how everthing turned out and I finally get why she s holding a picture that says leftovers on the cover.

    26. This is my fourth time reading Leftovers and it is still one of my favourite stories The romance, the drama, the inner turmoil, the dry cynical humour, it s all wonderful I look forward to the day when I finally purchase my own copy, to read again and again.

    27. Intrigued by the blurb, but it s really hard to get into Is it the writing Couldn t finish, and have no plans to read again.

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