Bent By Martin Sherman, Bent Applause Books Martin Sherman s worldwide hit play Bent took London by storm in when it was first performed by the Royal Court Theatre with Ian McKellen as Max a character written with the actor
  • Title: Bent
  • Author: Martin Sherman
  • ISBN: 9781557833365
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bent By Martin Sherman, Applause Books Martin Sherman s worldwide hit play Bent took London by storm in 1979 when it was first performed by the Royal Court Theatre, with Ian McKellen as Max a character written with the actor in mind The play itself caused an uproar It educated the world, Sherman explains People knew about how the Third Reich treated Jews and, to some extent, gypsies an Applause Books Martin Sherman s worldwide hit play Bent took London by storm in 1979 when it was first performed by the Royal Court Theatre, with Ian McKellen as Max a character written with the actor in mind The play itself caused an uproar It educated the world, Sherman explains People knew about how the Third Reich treated Jews and, to some extent, gypsies and political prisoners But very little had come out about their treatment of homosexuals Gays were arrested and interned at work camps prior to the genocide of Jews, gypsies, and handicapped, and continued to be imprisoned even after the fall of the Third Reich and liberation of the camps The play Bent highlights the reason why a largely ignored German law, Paragraph 175, making homosexuality a criminal offense, which Hitler reactivated and strengthened during his rise to power.
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    1. Enormously PowerfulRevisiting this play is as upsetting and moving as ever It also talks of gay men as survivors who can and do love even before the AIDS epidemic hit It is an important chapter of our legacy There will always be hate There will always be survival There will always be love as long as we are human.

    2. Is it possible to feel joyous to read something as depressing as persecution of homosexuals during WWII Nazi regime Yes, its possible and Sherman has delivered it.Max and Rudy find love and affection during a time period where being anything other than what they were not expected to be, they were stripped of their humanity Homosexuality wasn t just frowned upon but had serious and severe consequences Exploring sexuality wasn t just an option but was a crime Amidst all this, Max and Rudy live off [...]

    3. The story that is not familiar to many We all know as we surely should how Nazi regime treated Jews We, however don t know how the same regime treated homosexuals And I m sure many would be very surprised to know that equally as Nazis labeled Jews they labeled homosexuals, though not with the same label While Jews had yellow David star, gays had pink triangle Now, pink triangle might ring the bell to someone I didn t know till recently, my visit to Amsterdam where I stumbled upon the Homomonumen [...]

    4. A magnificent, and sentimental, work surrounding sexuality and love during WWII Really spectacular is what I will leave it at And a favorite.

    5. Usually I read the book and then see the movie With, Bent , I saw the play maybe 30 years ago From the play, I only remembered that a friend played one of the two lead roles, and his acting was amazing I remembered that the play was performed on a plain, stark stage and that it focused on two gay men in a Nazi camp, during the Holocaust That s pretty much all I remembered Today, I read the play I just finished reading it this morning The dialogue is simple and direct For me, there was no , diffi [...]

    6. Review of the Film The powerful and moving film adaptation of Martin Sherman s award winning stage play For almost 20 years, Bent has stunned theatre audiences around the world Now adapted for the big screen by the author himself, this inspiring tale of love over oppression has even greater power and poignancy Set amidst the decadence of pre war fascist Germany, Bent is an emotional tale of love, as three homosexual men fight for survival in the face of persecution.Directed by Sean MathiasProduc [...]

    7. Bent has to be one of my all time favourite plays It is gut wrenching, incredibly powerful and beautifully crafted Sherman tells a Holocaust story that no one I was aware of had ever told before the story of the persecution of homosexuals, who were the lowest of the low in the concentration camp pecking order Written in 1979 the struggle of Max to accept himself, to learn to love in the most unlikely of places, still carries meaning today Spoiler Alert But it is not all doom and gloom While ther [...]

    8. This is a spectacular play depicting LGBT life during the Holocaust era The ending wasn t quite what I had expected until I considered the real life basis of the plot This is a must read book for anyone interested in LGBT literature.

    9. 3.5 stars out of 5 I enjoyed it I m a little hesitant on my rating because I want to analyze it in my class before I make a solid rating But, as of right now, I enjoyed it.

    10. If you want to stay alive, he cannot exist Bent is written by gay play write Martin Sherman Set during the Second World War the play uncovers the horrific treatment of homosexuals during the Nazi regime Max is a gay German who would rather wear the Jewish star than be known as gay in the concentration camp Horst is a gay German who wears the pink triangle with pride a heart warming relationship flourishes between these two men The play is shocking, heart breaking, happy, sad a true emotional rol [...]

    11. This book is very powerful I cried, I cringed, I got the tingly butterflies in my stomach when their romance began to surface I was extremely moved I have the movie as well, most everyone I know finds it incredibly boring because they physically do nothing but move rocks, and though this is a big part in the visual sense of the play, movie, and screen write, this really isn t the point at all.It s about what happened to the homosexuals during the time of Hitler s reign It sheds a whole new light [...]

    12. I spoke to a student the other day who was talking about how much he was hating having to read plays in his English class This really got to me Although I rarely read plays any, I loved reading plays in school We often read them out loud in class, and it was exciting to have a role in the story So, I tried to think of what my favorite play ever wasmething that would engage a 20 something And then it hit me It wasn t a play that I read in class, but I was in college the first time I read it Bent [...]

    13. A short read for a play but hits you like a punch in the gut I can only imagine how powerful this piece becomes when acted out on stage Bent The Play tells the little known story of how Gays were treated in Nazi Germany Simply told through simple dialogue from a short list of characters doesn t lessen it s impact Sherman matter of factly shows the reader viewer a window into a time where people were committing unspeakable horrors against each other for whatever reasons, a time many still struggl [...]

    14. Bent was a game changer for me The parallels between the traditional Jewish experience during the holocaust, which, I feel, we perhaps know a bit too well, and the homosexual experience at that same time are deep, painful, and, ultimately, transformative The things a man will do to survive coupled with the love that dare not speak its name provides a gripping clash of values that tests each character s mettle in ways that move and hurt bending them, if you will and will, in my opinion, leave the [...]

    15. I read this in one sitting, in about an hour, and was left heartbroken An obviously tragic story, powerfully told It may be a play, but I don t think I could ever see it performed live, it is so painfully frank in its portrayal of human atrocities The pink triangles are rarely talked about when discussing the holocaust, largely due to the allies own homophobia they did, after all, keep the nazi laws in place regarding homosexuality This play is as crucial as it is phenomenal as well written as i [...]

    16. I really loved this story I am German, and even so, I never heard of any first hand or second hand or really ANY accounts of how homosexuals were treated during the Nazi regime Most accounts are of Jews or political prisoners Thus, to hear of this really, hopeful, story about Max and his interactions and then his demise well, it was heartbreaking but also healing There is a learning process involved, and I thought I had learned everything about WWII, but this book definitely updated things a bit [...]

    17. Sherman s play brought to light a quiet area that is often disregarded when the atrocities of the Holocaust are discussed And he did so with use of humor and grit two things that don t seem to go together naturally I must admit I was taken aback at first by the graphic nature of some scenes, not the sexuality, but the gore this is definitely not a play that kids should be reading Regardless of the gore, Sherman s play is a must read And it s quick too, so give yourself a rainy day to check it ou [...]

    18. The first play to show the persecution of homosexuals in Germany under Nazi reign The promiscuity of homosexual Berlin life is shown before shattering it with the arrest of the two characters, Max Rudy, and suffering at the hands of the Nazis However it is not a totally depressing play, while in prison a beautiful relationship blooms using the power of words instead of actions and a brilliant ending which uses actions without words.

    19. Ohmygod I read this in college, at Matt s behest, and just reread it today Fuck I think I purposely wiped it from my memory because it s so gut wrenching I didn t remember having read it before until I was into the second act and then every word was familiar No matter how painful it is, I think every human needs to know how bad Nazis were If we remember how easily civilization can slip into madness and brutality, it s less likely to happen again on our watch.

    20. This play is emotional, heartbreaking, and an absolutely amazing showcasing of the endurance and courage of Holocaust detainees The love between the two men is so real and necessary that you never question its sincerity for a second See it on stage, and it s even gripping I cried through huge chunks of it It s been a while now since I read it, but I have no doubt that it holds up.

    21. This is a very dark, bleak play, but it will move the heart of even the most jaded reader It s important that these kinds of stories are told because this could very easily happen again Not easy reading, nor is it really something that you re going to want to come back to, but it s quite powerfully written I can t imagine this play being performed very easily.

    22. Out of the many elements that are present in this play, the two that always stand out to me and reach deep inside me is the story of love between two men in a place and time where such love was condemned The second is how that love fueled, filled, and healed the two men, showcasing the awesome power love has on the human spirit, irrelevant to the fact that the love is between to men.

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