Rembrandt's Whore

Rembrandt's Whore By Sylvie Matton, Rembrandt s Whore This internationally acclaimed novel is the fictional monologue of Hendrickje Stoffels Rembrandt s mistress with whom he spent the last twenty years of his life This is her story A sensitive innocen
  • Title: Rembrandt's Whore
  • Author: Sylvie Matton
  • ISBN: 9781841952734
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rembrandt's Whore By Sylvie Matton, This internationally acclaimed novel is the fictional monologue of Hendrickje Stoffels, Rembrandt s mistress, with whom he spent the last twenty years of his life This is her story A sensitive innocent, Hendrickje escapes the harsh realities of her garrison hometown to become a servant in Rembrandt s household She soon becomes his lover and closest confidante, filling tThis internationally acclaimed novel is the fictional monologue of Hendrickje Stoffels, Rembrandt s mistress, with whom he spent the last twenty years of his life This is her story A sensitive innocent, Hendrickje escapes the harsh realities of her garrison hometown to become a servant in Rembrandt s household She soon becomes his lover and closest confidante, filling the void in his life resulting from the death of his wife and two of their children Reborn at twenty in Rembrandt s studio as his model and lover, and enlightened by the positive values of beauty, truth, love, and art, Hendrickje is fated to discover the hypocrisy and fickleness of Amsterdam society, which ostracizes her and precipitates Rembrandt s final collapse.
    Rembrandt's Whore By Sylvie Matton,
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      276 Sylvie Matton
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    1. Tedious.This blurred, continuous monologue style of narration was not one I found enjoyable, nor did I find it in any way convincing as the internal dialog of a very young, illiterate, Dutch woman from the 1916 s It does however, sound remarkably convincing as a middle aged, twenty first century French woman with a solid literary education maybe a bit of literary pretension from good universities and a background in the performing arts Well, what do you know, that would be the author The high bl [...]

    2. I love books about old masters, paintings, art, and life in medieval Holland So this was just the right book for me I really liked to see the story of Rembrandt from a different point of view.

    3. Not bad, interesting peek into the world of Rembrandt and his household I did not particularly like Matton s telegram like style but I read the novel in English and perhaps it did not do justice to the original text.

    4. This was an odd book Written from a point of view of someone of supposed little education It was hard to follow at times Although having recently visited Rembrandt House Musuem, it was interesting to visualize scenes from the book.To be honest, the only thing I liked about it was the place I live in Amsterdam and lots of the names in this book are streets around town I had no idea who they were It was interesting for that and places in Amsterdam If I didn t live in Amsterdam, I probably wouldn t [...]

    5. I liked the flow in language, even if it got confusing sometimes I like the details and that it is very historically correct What I don t like is that the book is very repetitive When it comes to some things, you don t have to write it out every time We know, and we can read between the lines It s kind of annoying and the main reason I will not give the book stars.

    6. Thanks to book sale finds and a generous gift certificate, we now have a to be read bookcase at our house There are two things I get anxious about if we re close to running out books and half and half which is odd because the half and half is for coffee, and if I seriously reflect, well, perhaps I should add toilet paper to the list as well At any rate, when I finally finished the second book in the Game of Thrones series, off I headed to said bookcase to pick something out.We had just been to t [...]

    7. I had hoped this would be similar to Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier in that they both tell the semi romantic stories about famous Dutch painters in the same time period But it wasn t really like that at all I sometimes had to put the book down in frustration because the repetition in her use of literary devices was exhausting I found it obnoxious the way the author used the characters to talk about the plague Yes, we understand that people at the time were wrong about where the pla [...]

    8. If I had not already read a book about Rembrandt and his life, his wife, mistress, family, etc I m afraid I d not know what was actually being talked about in this book.Not usually am I a fan, even a small fan, of poetry or poetic writing, though I will admit I didn t mind the style of writing However, I d have been frustrated being able to comprehend a lot of what was being mentioned, referred to, even described, if I did not already have some prior knowledge on the subject matter.Glad I read t [...]

    9. Disjointed Translated and not well edited or else very poorly written Story of Rembrandt s later life is interesting.Hendrickje Stoffels 1626 21 July 1663 was a model and mistress of Rembrandt.Hendrickje lived in Rembrandt s house from approximately 1647, at first as a maid, but fast becoming much In 1649 she returned to Bredevoort for the summer possibly with Rembrandt accompanying her , and is there mentioned as a witness to a christening in the Bredevoorts church records The Eighty Years War [...]

    10. This had been on my to read list for quite awhile and it was good but not as good as I was hoping for I m wondering if it s a language difference, since it s translated from the French For instance, the narrator Hendrickje Stoffels often says you and Rembrandt as though she is talking to different people, but both are in fact Rembrandt I loved the concept of seeing Rembrandt s later years through the eyes of his common law wife There were many passages that read as almost poetic, particularly wh [...]

    11. Read while in Amsterdam Interesting after seeing so many of the paintings and Rembrandt s house but I didn t like the style of the writing Difficult to follow and understand what was meant by what was written Would have preferred a straight narrative.

    12. The style of this, internal reflection, was not for me It felt too passive An in depth familiarity of Rembrandt s paintings also is needed to make this book not confusing It was only by reading a review that I figured out the protagonist was describing various works of Rembrandt s as the book progressed It felt like listening to someone go one about their weird dream for too long I started this book before a trip to Amsterdam, never read it there, and it took a long time before I picked it up to [...]

    13. Rembrandt s Whore is a bold, ambitious work of fiction that crams a number of interesting elements a very short novel.From the beginning of the book, Hendrickje Stoffels has the passion, the desire, the dedication the look that helps Rembrandt van Rijn recover from the death of his first wife Jilted by the sudden affair between Rembrandt and Hendrickje, the nurse of Titus van Rijn leaves the house and labels Hendrickje with the whore epithet that she carries at least she blames the Amsterdam eli [...]

    14. REMBRANDT S WHORE takes place during the second half of Rembrandt s life, in Amsterdam It tells the story of Hendrickje Stoffels, a 20 year old girl who moves in from the country, in order to serve as maid in Rembrandt s household Rembrandt has her pose for his paintings, and soon falls in love with her Because of a contract he has signed, regarding not being able to marry after his former wife s death, at the expense of having to pay a sum which he does not posses, he is not able to marry her, [...]

    15. This book is about Hendrickje, a woman servant in Rembrandt s home He is a widower and they soon become involved They are in a common law husband wife situation Eventually they have a baby girl together go through difficult financial times as well as struggles with the Catholic church since they are living together and not married There were times during this book that I enjoyed the story This should have been a book I loved historical fiction about the life of an artist But the voice of Hendric [...]

    16. Quiz porque continua en la l nea de Girl with a Pearl Earring o Tulip s Fever , la historia de la mujer de Rembrandt, la concubina o la puta como ella misma se denomina, no es una novela innovadora ni mucho menos que logre cautivar al lector, precisamente porque no es la primera en el g nero La historia narra la llegada de Henrickje Stoffls a la casa de Rembrandt, cuando era todav a una joven Al poco tiempo se convierten en amantes y ella se queda a su lado durante los siguientes 10 a os Durante [...]

    17. I thought this book would be much interesting but I found it slow and dull in parts I read somewhere it was reminiscent of Tracy Chevalier s best selling novel, Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I absolutely loved This book is about Hendrickje Stoffels, Rembrandt s servant, mistress, lover and while the author does a very good job at setting the scene, describing the characters, and the period itself, the story just didn t set me alight and I ended up reading it over a longer timeframe than I ha [...]

    18. Reminiscent of Girl with a Pearl Earring but entirely different writing style I liked how she bounced around, in and out of thoughts, all somehow related In the end, I enjoyed Girl with a Pearl Earring Fewer footnotes would have been nice Normally I find footnotes a helpful addition to the text but there s were so many it was distracting the author or translator could have worked many of them into the text.

    19. Sylvie Matton s subtle storytelling gets us a little bit closer to the genius of Rembrandt After reading this book, you will find yourself overwhelmed and longing to stand infront of his paintings Hendrickje is a wonderful character, deep, complicated yet very simple Through her eyes you will recognize the light in Rembrandt and the darkness in Amsterdam s society of the time Learn to love him and she does.

    20. This book is written like a diary of her life than as a story so the thoughts and timeline are not necessarily easy to follow You learn how artist struggle in their own time and are not truly appreciated until later sometime years and years later She is a very devout to Rembrandt and his painting Interesting book and well worth the effort to see a glimpse into their life together.

    21. The title is an unfortunate choice, for a colleague who saw it promptly declared the book trash The book portrayed Rembrandt as not just a highly feted master of his craft, but also a tragic character who sought to remain true to himself even as the world turned its back on him The auction scene where he was totally ripped off was simply heart rending.

    22. Certainly interesting, and I think a very good translation At times it was a bit peculiar I found, but not in a bad way, just not the sort of thing that I generally read But I adored the setting so much, lovely Amsterdam in the 17th century, and the writing was flowing and pretty Hendrickje s voice was often lovely, and very richly descriptive.

    23. I chose this book in preparation for a trip to Amsterdam The title is misleading, I think I don t care for books written in the first person but I did appreciate the content I was happy to have read it when I was in Amsterdam.

    24. With a title like this, how could I not risk it It lives up the name but sadly the whore was the woman he lived with after his wife passed away During the 17th century in Holland, this kind of behavior was shocking and looked down upon whereas today it s no big deal Good read.

    25. Interesting insight into Rembrandt s life, although the narrative style was sometimes distracting I enjoyed all of the detailed description of daily life and got a good dose of what the mindset was during plaque years very interesting to see what people believed about its spread.

    26. I abandoned this book very quickly and cannot recommend it It was very choppy and the narration jumped around in stream of consciousness style The graphic details turned my stomach still grimacing as I write this.

    27. Historically interesting but the first person narrator forgot to give herself a personality other than the doting, subservient lover of Rembrandt who had no other reason for life than to make him happy.

    28. I loved itautiful writing which really gave the impression of flashes of memory and smells and sounds and sights Life was hardkes you appreciate how easy we have it now

    29. 3.5 Jumped around too much, but the story and effort put into the details was exhaustive Definitely an interesting read.

    30. wonderful story of artist pain Rembrandt was an outcast because he loved a servant girl after his wife died Somewhat like Girl with the Pearl Earring

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