The Reagan I Knew

The Reagan I Knew By William F. Buckley Jr., The Reagan I Knew In The Regan I Knew the late William F Buckley Jr offers a reminiscence of thirty years of friendship with the man who brought the American conservative movement out of the political wilderness and i
  • Title: The Reagan I Knew
  • Author: William F. Buckley Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780465009268
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Reagan I Knew By William F. Buckley Jr., In The Regan I Knew, the late William F Buckley Jr offers a reminiscence of thirty years of friendship with the man who brought the American conservative movement out of the political wilderness and into the White House Ronald Reagan and Buckley were political allies and close friends throughout Reagan s political career They went on vacations together and shared insidIn The Regan I Knew, the late William F Buckley Jr offers a reminiscence of thirty years of friendship with the man who brought the American conservative movement out of the political wilderness and into the White House Ronald Reagan and Buckley were political allies and close friends throughout Reagan s political career They went on vacations together and shared inside jokes When Reagan was elected president, Buckley wrote him to say that Reagan should not offer him any position in the new administration Reagan wrote back saying he had hoped to appoint Buckley U.S Ambassador to Afghanistan then under Soviet occupation For the rest of his term, Reagan called Buckley Mr Ambassador On the day the Soviets withdrew, he wrote Buckley to congratulate him for single handedly driving out the Red Army without ever leaving Kabul Yet for all the words that have been written about him, Ronald Reagan remains an enigma His former speechwriter Peggy Noonan called him paradox all the way down, and even his son Ron Reagan despaired of ever truly knowing him But Reagan was not an enigma to William F Buckley Jr They understood and taught each other for decades, and together they changed history.This book presents an American political giant as seen by another giant, who knew him perhaps better than anyone else It is the most revealing portrait of Ronald Reagan the world is likely to have.
    The Reagan I Knew By William F. Buckley Jr.,
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    1. William F. Buckley Jr.

      William Frank Buckley, Jr was an American author and conservative commentator He founded the political magazine National Review in 1955, hosted 1,429 episodes of the television show Firing Line from 1966 until 1999, and was a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist His writing style was famed for its erudition, wit, and use of uncommon words.Buckley was arguably the most important public intellectual in the United States in the past half century, according to George H Nash, a historian of the modern American conservative movement For an entire generation he was the preeminent voice of American conservatism and its first great ecumenical figure Buckley s primary intellectual achievement was to fuse traditional American political conservatism with economic libertarianism and anti communism, laying the groundwork for the modern American conservatism of US Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and US President Ronald Reagan.Buckley came on the public scene with his critical book God and Man at Yale 1951 among over fifty further books on writing, speaking, history, politics and sailing, were a series of novels featuring CIA agent Blackford Oakes Buckley referred to himself on and off as either libertarian or conservative He resided in New York City and Stamford, Connecticut, and often signed his name as WFB He was a practicing Catholic, regularly attending the traditional Latin Mass in Connecticut.

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    1. I suppose any of you who have read much of what I ve said in other reviews will not be surprised to learn that I hold Ronald Reagan in the highest regard I was raising a family in the 1970s and observed, survived, and worked in the period of Nixon, Ford, and Jimmy Carter I was in a state that had up to 50% unemployment in some areas during the Carter malaise I spent yearsat s years, able to get only either part time or temporary jobs Then I lived through the 80s There have been and still are hug [...]

    2. Enjoyed this stroll in history, liked RR, appreciated his humanity, intelligence, humor, courage documented by an author sharing the same attributes Audiobook well narrated by Martin Hilgartener sp.

    3. I grew up a huge Reagan and Buckley fan I was really expecting Buckley was such an intellectual giant There just isn t a show of the caliber of a Firing Line out there currently This book didn t really get into discussions of ideas as much as it just enumerated events that took place, like reading a diary There were a few pages dedicated to the 2 hour debate between Reagan and Buckley over the Panama Canal I would have liked to have read such debates between them On that issue and a few others [...]

    4. Nauseating puff piece should be titled The Reagan I Blew based on the way the The Gipper s legacy is portrayed by his old friend William F Buckley Jr a man who Gore Vidal once accurately described to his face on network television as a crypto fascist Brief passages of personal recollection are padded by boring correspondence and reprintings of numerous Buckley penned articles about the titular President, making this a fairly lazy final effort by the venerated conservative author The most stomach [...]

    5. This book was a great disappointment Through it I learned very little about Ronald Reagan The book was filled with Buckley s preening about his views and sophistication and how it intersected with the life of Reagan, but not much on the man Reagan himself Letters between the two men were enclosed, but from Nancy were featured here than from Ron It was amusing to see how Buckley teased Reagan about the Panama Canal incessantly teasing the President not to give away the Erie Canal as well He was [...]

    6. In this book William F Buckley Jr allows us a fascinating view of Ronald Reagan the man, and the President Also, the bonus is the glimpses we find of the intelligent, witty and passionate Nancy Reagan William F Buckley is witty, inviting, and a bit transparent in sharing the glimpses we see of his relationship with both of the Reagans It is candid, sartorial, and humorous At times the intimacy with the reader made me both wish I was there, and wish that I had known them both during the relations [...]

    7. The Reagan I Knew is a brief, breezy book, yet it succinctly conveys some of the complexities of both author and subject That s where its strength lies not in imposing an artificial uniformity on the conservatism of Reagan and Buckley, but in showing without morbidly dwelling upon the sometimes fruitful contradictions and discontinuities in their thought This makes The Reagan I Knew a surprisingly timely book Read the full review, Getting Reagan Right, on our website theamericanconservative

    8. This was a very interesting insightful book into the longstanding friendship between President Ronald Reagan William F Buckley, Jr It was filled with interesting facts stories about Reagan s political career in California to his presidency Buckley shares stories of time spent between the 2 friends and their wives he also had a close friendship with Nancy Reagan Interspersed throughout the book also is correspondence between Reagan Buckley Nancy Buckley.

    9. This was William F Buckley s 55th book and his last as he died while completing it The author shares the exchange of his personal letters and between good friends President Reagan and his wife Nancy Buckley was clearly in his comfort zone and his whimsical side also shines through 2 2 4 and Buckley Reagan 5 Stars.

    10. I expected this book of personal correspondence to largely consist of lengthy, politically charged letters written back and forth between these two conservative icons Instead, what I got was a bunch of little personal notes, like what good friends send each other just to stay in touch For the most part, these notes are playful, teasing, and highly personal And by personal I don t mean private I just mean they aren t likely to be of interest to anyone other than the addressee, unless maybe you ar [...]

    11. I was reading two pretty depressing books and was scanning my shelf of library books for a pick me up This may seem like an unlikely choice as a pick me up to some, particularly those who know that my politics lean to the left than to the right But I think anybody who knows much about Ronald Reagan can t help but be infected by his endless optimism, his humor, and his brilliant turns of phrase I didn t know much about William F Buckley except that he was a really smart guy, and I was delighted [...]

    12. Not Buckley at his best but that still means he is better than 99% of the writers out there A very interesting look at the friendship between these two conservative icons Oh for the days when people actually wrote letters to one another.

    13. This was a fabulous book I find it fascinating that Buckley and Reagan didn t agree on everything but were still friends and deeply respected each other Something we need of in today s political climate.

    14. Unfinished at the time of Buckley s death in 2008, this final book from the conservative writer recounts his relationship with Ronald and Nancy Reagan, whom the Buckleys met in the late 1960s and with whom they enjoyed a friendship stretching into the early 2000s Buckley s narrative is an integration of personal memories, anecdotes, historical notes, and the transcripts of relevant letters, speeches, and articles.Reagan was not only, in Buckley s estimation, the most successful conservative poli [...]

    15. I seem to be unable to read this title as anything other than The Reagan I Knew The Gipper, in the wake of the Iran Contra scandal, famously proclaimed that, though his heart told him he hadn t approved arms sales to terrorists, his head told him he had What Buckley s head and heart told him over the years, I could not say, but The Reagan I Knew describes a politician who might as well be wearing a cape he s a strident, confident voice who all but saved democracy for the future, and to Buckley, [...]

    16. Ronald Wilson Reagan was once described as an amiable dunce, but those who knew him best, including someone who probably WAS the smartest man in every room he entered, William F Buckley, thought differently In fact, WFB esteemed RWR as one of the smartest, most gifted leaders America has ever known, a man who always kept his eyes on the prize the ascendency of America and the defeat of Communism RR once said, A leader is someone who takes the people where they know they should go, but are afraid [...]

    17. What can I say two powerful godfathers of the modern conservative movement in one book BONUS Buckley recounts his thirty year friendship with Reagan their work on behalf of conservatism, their communication and even their disagreements Buckley as usual writes well It was a light read with some interesting stories A good read for political junkies, not just conservatives This in some way will further put to rest the myths that Reagan was a political lightweight Buckley, Yale and all, was a blue b [...]

    18. Good read I really liked the intimate letters between Nancy Ron and WFB he s funnier and looser in his letters than in his writing A lot of it was still policy wonk ish, so I skimmed some of it Panama Canal issues Don t care I preferred the interpersonal interactions of the two men It definitely got me to seeing why Reagan was such a beloved figure for so many people during the 80s Interesting guy, and I read parts of his journal in Vanity Fair and thought it was fascinating He wrote it in it ev [...]

    19. I am a voracious reader My idea of Hades is to find myself in a hotel room without a book to read Ronald ReaganWill we ever again see two such great communicators of conservatism This was a personal and intimate peek into their friendship, and I feel privileged to have been allowed the look I did not, unfortunately and to my detriment, embraced Mr Buckley during his lifetime as I was not aware of his amazing intellect I have remedied that situation in recent years However, I vividly remember Pre [...]

    20. An interesting look at the life of two of the most prominent conservatives in American history The personal stories are endearing and fun to read The close nature of their relationship, political and personal, is important to the development of conservatism While I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters, they are broken up by letters between Nancy WFB and Ronald WFB These at times got long and drawn out, especially those with Nancy As great as Nancy is, there just isnt the appeal in her letters for fan [...]

    21. I really like William F Buckley but this book was less about Reagan than WFB and Nancy Reagan Although the letters and some of the policy discussions were interesting, I don t think the book shed any new light on Reagan as a man or a leader It s clear that he had a close relationship with Reagan even when they didn t agree but most of the letters included in the book were to Nancy and showed off his witty letter writing but little else Not worth the time and effort from my perspective William F [...]

    22. Well, for something I read out of sheer desperation for something to read, it wasn t too bad Buckley is an interesting figure, and obviously Reagan is, too This book consisted of Buckley s correspondence with the Reagans as well as Buckley s commentary on Reagan and his presidency It was published posthumously I don t think it was a finished product If nothing else, the insider view of how behind the scene politics work is intriguing.

    23. This book consists largely of correspondence between the Reagans and WFB A pretty decent listen Given Buckley s huge vocabulary and speaking style, audiobook is the way to go for this work The narrator, while not Buckley, sounds sufficiently like him to make you feel it is WFB speaking As caustic a commentator as Buckely whose principal occupation was most likely a CIA higher up it s nice to see that he was a gentleman.

    24. This book has a little bit of everything political views, world events and family tidbits The correspondence between the Reagans and Buckleys is entertaining and interesting and even humorous, at times , and reveals the respect and admiration these families had for each other A fast and enjoyable read.

    25. A cheerful little book written out of what may be one of the most interesting friendships at the end of the twentieth century Looking at some of the personal correspondence between Reagan and Buckley, this book is also a knockout of anyone trying to question Reagan s intelligence whether in matters of politics, history, economics or simply IQ.

    26. Conservative columnist William F Buckley Jr chronicles his long time friendship of Ronald Reagan from his days as the Governor of California through his post White House years Some personal insights are shared that may not have been fully understood by most as well as letters that Buckley exchanges with Reagan as well as Nancy Reagan Overall, there is not much compelling about his book.

    27. More of an overview of the relationship between Buckley and Reagan, and of Reagan s political life Still, the stories behind the scenes are nice And this being the first Buckley book I ve read, I think the best way to rate it is by how many words phrases references I had to look up In this case, that number is fifty A nice read overall.

    28. A personal view of Reagan from a man who knew him well and admired him I must admit I am biased for I admire both of these men who were especially witty.

    29. Considering it is about two of my favorite icons I may have expected too much The relationship between WFB and Nancy seems to have been covered in detail Some bright spots but very little insight into as to their relationship.

    30. I picked this up on a lark, and the personal stories WFB tells are very insightful regarding the overall intelligence of Ronald Reagan Also, I was surprised by the depth of feeling he has for Nancy Reagan Very entertaining for a short read.

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