Keepers of the Kalachakra

Keepers of the Kalachakra By Ashwin Sanghi, Keepers of the Kalachakra A seemingly random selection of heads of state are struck down like flies by unnamed killers who work with the clinical efficiency of butchers Except that they leave no trace of their methods Welcome
  • Title: Keepers of the Kalachakra
  • Author: Ashwin Sanghi
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  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Keepers of the Kalachakra By Ashwin Sanghi, A seemingly random selection of heads of state are struck down like flies by unnamed killers who work with the clinical efficiency of butchers Except that they leave no trace of their methods Welcome back to the shadowy and addictive world of Ashwin Sanghi After The Rozabal Line, Chanakya s Chant, The Krishna Key and The Sialkot Saga, Ashwin Sanghi returns at last withA seemingly random selection of heads of state are struck down like flies by unnamed killers who work with the clinical efficiency of butchers Except that they leave no trace of their methods Welcome back to the shadowy and addictive world of Ashwin Sanghi After The Rozabal Line, Chanakya s Chant, The Krishna Key and The Sialkot Saga, Ashwin Sanghi returns at last with another quietly fearsome tale this time of men who guard the Kalachakra or The Wheel of Time Sanghi describes a world of people at war with one another a boomeranging conflict of faiths that results in acts of such slow and planned human cruelty that they defy human imagination Caught in the midst of this madness is Vijay Sundaram, a geek scientist who is only dimly aware that the wider sky outside his laboratory is stretched taut and close to being torn apart by forces that he wants simply to have nothing to do with But events conspire to propel Vijay into the labyrinth of Milesian Labs, a centre of research deep in the forested hills of Uttarakhand What he stumbles upon is a primordial clue to a galactic secret that could accelerate the downward spiral of humankind Trapped and wholly unaware of his actual foe, Vijay races against time to save humanity and himself Zigzagging from Rama s crossing to Lanka to the birth of Buddhism from the origin of Wahhabism to the Einsteinian gravitational wave detectors of LIGO from the charnel grounds of naked tantric practitioners to the bespoke suits of the Oval Office and from the rites of Minerva, shrouded in frankincense, to the smoke darkened ruins of Nalanda, Keepers of the Kalachakra is a journey that will have you gasping for breath but one that you cannot abandon till all the pieces of the jigsaw come together Till you come up gobsmack against an end that you simply did not see coming.
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      Ashwin Sanghi entrepreneur by day, novelist by night has all the usual qualifications of an Indian businessman Schooling at the Cathedral John Connon School, a B.A Economics from St Xavier s College, and an M.B.A Finance from the Yale School of Management Besides being a businessman, Ashwin manages a parallel career as writer of fiction Ashwin s first novel, The Rozabal Line was originally self published in 2007 under his anagram pseudonym Shawn Haigins The book was subsequently published by Westland in 2008 and 2010 in India under his own name and went on to become a national bestseller Chanakya s Chant is his second novel in the historical fiction genre The book has remained on AC Nielsen s India Bookscan Top 10 for all of 2011 It won the 2010 Crossword Vodafone Popular Choice Award in September 2011 UTV has purchased the movie rights to the book and a film based upon the story is expected soon Dr Shashi Tharoor released the novel in Mumbai calling it an enthralling, delightfully interesting and gripping read with historical research that is impressive The Hindustan Times has called it a cracker of a page turner Ashwin is currently working on his third novel, as yet untitled, that explores business strategies in ancient India Ashwin is also working towards a Ph.D in Creative Writing from Bangor University in Wales Ashwin lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anushika, and his eight year old son, Raghuvir.

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    1. The book has made me fall in love with quantum physics The first ever thriller on Buddhist iconography and beliefs, it is a great mix of science, mysticism and religious iconography Extremely relevant for the modern times, the issue of Islamic reformation is dealt with great pragmatism The end unlike Dan Brown novels leave you with a nerve soothing effect Another best seller on its way Do not forget to pick up one.

    2. A highly anticipated book, Keepers of the Kalachakra is the next in the Bharat series by Ashwin Sanghi I have absolutely loved his previous works He is the master of unlocking secrets and mysteries from the past and he weaves it so beautifully into a fast paced thriller backed by tonnes of research, it is a commendable feat indeed Sadly, this time his book failed to impress me.Keepers of the Kalachakra begins with some prominent world leaders dropping dead, and some not so prominent Vijay Sundar [...]

    3. KEEPERS OF THE KALACHAKRA Ashwin Sanghi The 401 page trip takes you on a global journey of Terrorism, Technology, Treason, Suspense, Murders, History, Mythology, Facts, Fiction, Knowledge, Assumptions, Beliefs, Science, Spiritualism, Religion and finally taking a Quantum leap settles within One s Self Revealing anything else about Ashwin Sanghi s Best and Painstakingly Researched Novel so far, would be an absolute injustice to all the readers who haven t yet ventured into this Treasure Trove Of [...]

    4. The book is a great read in terms of information, and the only drawback is that it doesn t come together coherently to tell a great tale There the book fails, and also my great expectation from Sanghi I am not narrating the plot as you ought to enjoy the book without context.A must read though, however read without expectations Ashwin Sanghi is my favorite author,and is still better than many others by a mile,hence the Great Expectations Hoping to see his next book to be even better than the fir [...]

    5. It is a novel, fast paced and combines all ancient mystical elements of Hinduism Buddhism Started the book and I could barely keep it down Worth a read Ashwin Sanghi is rightly called Dan Brown of India.

    6. Here is my review of Keepers of the Kalachakra by Ashwin Sanghi.The canvas was massive and the painting on it was minuscule literateidiotsclub rev

    7. This one is absolutely wonderful thriller It s totally gripping and constitutes a great plot line The story woven around history mythology, religion, politics, terrorism and technology, is so impressive The book traverses through the eastern mysticism, quantum physics, world politics and radical islamism I loved the story line totally, the way it is introduced, travel through various plots and brilliant closing climax with equally great and important message Particularly, the few chapters about [...]

    8. Good and detailed connectivityThe thought process put to link various concepts of science, philosophy, and religion and create a single string of storyline is remarkable.

    9. I haven t even bought this book but Yes I have given it 5 5 stars cause I know Ashwin Sanghi will never disappoint his readers will surely post the detailed review once I will buy and read this Okay the above review was posted before reading the book now after reading this Ashwin Sanghi flick of Science and Mythology my rating will be 3.5 5 it s only for the imagination of the author which he has portrayed in the story and blend perfectly with science.I am happen to be well aware of almost 80% c [...]

    10. Statutory warning I could not put the book down till I had completed it After his series of successful bestsellers thrillers, collaborations with James Patterson and non fiction books Keepers of the Kalachakra is the latest surefire winner from Ashwin Sanghi s stable pen word processor imagination Kalachakra is The Wheel of Time That Ashwin can simplify concepts and make them interesting was proved in 13 Steps to Bloody Good Marks now he has proved it again by explaining quantum theory, time as [...]

    11. The new book on the Bharat Series is a perfect information trove It made me wonder whether I am reading real account of incidents though it is a fiction I have read few reviews and I did not take it seriously until I myself read this book completely The information given referring back to Ramayana and Guatama Buddha has been supported by valid references of close to 60 books which is mind boggling I seriously wonder as to where would Mr Sanghi find all the time to read so many books to get the c [...]

    12. So here we are, in a very different world yet again The thing about Ashwin Sanghi s books is that you are drawn into a deep end without too much fuss It pulls you in and frankly you don t wish to come out because it is intriguing and makes you inquisitive at every juncture.This one is a blend of mythology, religion, quantum physics and so much Ashwin Sanghi blends all of these with finesse and comes up with a riveting book.Sometimes you simply have to marvel at the amount of research that the a [...]

    13. This book is definitely a great read Gripping I only had one complaint with this book Given that quantum physics and ancient philosophy both play a part in this book, Sanghi could have explained the complex parts in a slightly better way There were a couple of convenient coincidences too but some liberty has to be given so that s fine.Other than that, this book had multiple moments which I did not see coming and yet they didn t feel out of place The way Sanghi handled so many subplots, and yet f [...]

    14. Ashwin Sanghis previous works always included linking up mythology, history with present times creating thrillers which kept one on the edge of their seats Keepers of the Kaalchakra also does the same however to a lesser extent If you are someone who hasn t read about physics and quantum physics in particular, it is going to be a bit of a struggle to understand this book in toto Although, the writer still gives examples to make us understand various theories relating physics, mythology, Hinduism [...]

    15. 2 stars since I m very conflicted on whether to treat this as a non fiction about Hinduism, Buddhism the pathbreaking science behind its religious teachings or to consider this novel as a very average thriller mimicking the works of author Dan Brown.If I treat this as a non fiction then I ll definitely go with a 5 star rating the author explains so much science in as simple terms as possible how our ancestors were far advanced then we could ever be.But considering that this a fiction novel I wa [...]

    16. Un put downable Marvellous story telling this.The master story teller that he is, Ashwin Sanghi has done it once again The way the fictional story takes the reader through the facts in science, history, philosophy, mythology, geography, astrology and astronomy is confounding, to say the least Mr Sanghi has outdone his previous works with The Keepers of the Kalachakra After reading The Krishna Key, I was convinced that the author hasn t left anything untold with respect to mythology, religion and [...]

    17. Utter crap The plot is all that s there First, it s badly written all characters talk the same way in spite of different backgrounds and nationalities Second, the story is too complex It s probably intentional so that reader just shuts down his mind and accepts all that is thrown at him Third, stuff is picked up from various sources and twisted around to meanings very different than the original one The author even lists his sources and innocuously adds These sources may even express views that [...]

    18. Having read all the books by the author I had to read this book and That was a good decision.The book looks at quantum physics and space time duality in a lovely way the author has done a lovely job of explaining the concept and relating to ancient Hindu philosphy.There was a side story as always, a group trying to disrupt the world A group of people trying to save the world Some characters here and there.The story was good and had a good pace to it What i like the best was the fusion of story [...]

    19. Ashwin Sanghi is back again with what he loves best mixing fact and fiction, myth and reality On the one hand, Heads of State are dying mysteriously in full public glare, on the other hand, a science lab almost coerces a young man to join its facilities Buddhism, Wahabism, black holes, quantum mechanics, the theory of relativity, secret societiese massive amount of research that has gone into KotK is evident Also evident is that the writer felt that he had to include all of those nuggets that he [...]

    20. There is so much cliff hanging mystery and thriller in this book Till the very end The message is clear and also well elucidated Ashwin goes to the root of the issues which we as contemporary readers think about, discuss and face in our lives Ashwin this is a wonderful wonderful wonderful book I couldn t put it down I do wish that you had given the evil Mafriqi a much grievous death for all his crimes against humanity But it didn t matter The messages were clearThe history and the research must [...]

    21. Have alway liked reading Ashwin s works starting from Rozabal Line I was not very happy with Ashwin s Sialkot Saga Was waiting for KOTK work with lot of hopes And saying that Ashwin has beaten my expectation by miles wouldn t be an overstatement ENJOYED reading this book thoroughly Author has gone through extensive research in making this Although this book is fictional thriller it has lot of Philosophy and Spirituality elements And the author concludes the book with very workable idea for creat [...]

    22. Ashwin Sanghi does it once again The ideas propagated in the book makes one think about the different ideologies being practised the world over and their implications upon the lives of the global population We no longer live in seclusion and each of us is connected via invisible links of social media and the new age global toolsever, the idea that we are connected beyond this realm gives me goosebumps The book does get too explanatory towards the end yet it manages to captivate and push us on to [...]

    23. Quantum Physics, Gravitational fields,Swastika,Tantra The book is full of these mysteries and their explanations from our Our desi Dan Brown Some portions are longish specially forthose with lower scientific temperament and you feel like skipping but then the curiosity makes you turn the page back again.Not in the same league as Rozabel Line and use of some of the personality features of contemporary characters across the globe was a bit unnerving An entertaining novel with the potential of beco [...]

    24. Full Review antorjatikbangali.wordpress.cKeepers of Kalachakra gives us the Ashwin Sanghi we have knows over the years The book weaves together history, political science, philosophy and mythology in a beautiful fashion without ever being stereotypical or judgmental The depth and reach of Kalachakra makes it the best work of Ashwin Sanghi till date.

    25. The central story could have been better with a crisper narrative, however the concept philosophy that accompanies it, keeps you intrigued and going for I did have many issues with some of the things the author described, like the concept of quantum twins, which is vital to the story But despite all, this is still a good read and certainly worth your time Go for it

    26. Masterpiece Surpassed Krishna Key Enjoyed it thoroughly Great ride from the start This book had changed my perception of many things Made a mistake to buy kindle edition If I have known this book is great I would have bought hardbound book I need to buy hardbound edition once again.

    27. Not just a fictionThis is an amzing piece of fiction mixed with Indian cultural History This book throws light on the scientific advances that Indian society made thousands of years back and how the same has been utilized by modern scientists in their research A Natraj statue at CERN is a good example of that And look at the list of references A well researched thought.

    28. Ashwin Sanghi throws everything at you, science, religion, quantum physics, even the table he writes on He dwells on incomprehensible relations between unrelated topics and makes you disoriented at times And in between all this is some minuscule story which was fine by the way However i praise him for the effort he puts in for the book and research must be grueling Still a Fan.

    29. My first book of Ashwin Sanghi and I am fan This man has a knack of narrating three to four stories at the same time and the suspense he keeps you in is awesome I don t want to include any spoilers but this man has made me look back into few Quantum Physics topics and I m glued to them now Very very good read.

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