One Small Step

One Small Step By P.B. Kerr, One Small Step It s and thirteen year old Scott is doing all the things that normal boys do and also flying airplanes with his Air Force flight instructor father When Scott successfully crash lands a training
  • Title: One Small Step
  • Author: P.B. Kerr
  • ISBN: 9781416942139
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One Small Step By P.B. Kerr, It s 1969, and thirteen year old Scott is doing all the things that normal boys do and also flying airplanes with his Air Force flight instructor father When Scott successfully crash lands a training plane, NASA takes notice They hope to recruit him for their top secret space program, which will launch a test flight to the moon before the first lunar landing This craIt s 1969, and thirteen year old Scott is doing all the things that normal boys do and also flying airplanes with his Air Force flight instructor father When Scott successfully crash lands a training plane, NASA takes notice They hope to recruit him for their top secret space program, which will launch a test flight to the moon before the first lunar landing This craft was intended to be piloted by chimps, but one chimp had to be dismissed, and now they need a quick substitute who better than a boy aviator Soon Scott is on his way to the NASA training facility There he s surprised to discover just how clever and competent the chimps are they re able to control the flight simulators like regular astronauts do The chimps are like humans than Scott ever imagined, so why, then, did one of them go crazy Is there something about this mission that NASA isn t telling him G forces collide with government secrets as Scott races to prepare for his journey to the moon Brimming with nonstop action and adventure, this is the story of a courageous young man who dares to follow his dream.
    One Small Step By P.B. Kerr,
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    1. P.B. Kerr

      Also writes as Philip Kerr.Philip Kerr P.B Kerr is a British author of both adult fiction and non fiction, most notably the Bernie Gunther series, and of children s books, particularly the Children of the Lamp series.Kerr was educated there and at a grammar school in Northampton He studied law at the University of Birmingham from 1974 1980, achieving a masters degree Kerr worked as an advertising copywriter for Saatchi and Saatchi before becoming a full time writer in 1989 He has written for the Sunday Times, the Evening Standard and the New Statesman.

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    1. One Small Step, by Philip Kerr, is a historical fiction book about a 13 year old boy named Scott After crash landing a military training jet with his father unconscious, he is recruited by NASA to be the pilot on a top secret mission to the moon The crew was originally all chimps, but one refused to go so they got Scott He and his two crewmen Choo Choo and Benny the Ball set off on the first lunar landing to make sure it is safe for the other astronauts who will be making the first official land [...]

    2. When I first read a synopsis of the book and looked up the author, I thought how in the world could a writer from England write anything about Texas or space exploration However, this book took historical elements from the days of the great space race, as well as his own dreams of being an astronaut and combined them into an awesome story If you have an interest in space, history, or just like a good hearted happy story, I highly highly recommend One Small Step

    3. The book One Small Step by P.B Kerr is about three main characters Their names are Scott, Scott s father, and Kit, Scott s best friend This story takes place in 1968, in Houston Texas Scott has a talent for flying planes Scott s dad has taught Scott many things about flying He was a member of the air force in World War 2 Scott, at the age of 14 can fly a army plane solo P.70 Scott, you have lots of potential You are a great flyer I believe in you Scott The word is getting around about his young [...]

    4. Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for TeensReadTooScott MacLeod is about to become the youngest astronaut in NASA, only no one is supposed to know about it His mission is a secret one that not even NASA will talk about or the other astronauts know about It all started when Scott s dad, who is an Air Force pilot, started teaching Scott to fly Scott is only twelve, so when he is able to crash land an Air Force plane, one he shouldn t have even known how to fly, NASA takes notice NAS [...]

    5. Author of the Children of the Lamp series, Kerr tackles the Space Race of the 1960 s in this one Scott s dad is an Air Force pilot who teaches others to fly the top jets and trains astronauts His mother hates flying and the war in Vietnam, and so Scott s parents separate he tries living with her in Florida, but ends up happily living with his dad just outside of Houston Scott turns out to be a gifted pilot, and his dad teaches him to fly not only the prop plane they own, but also secretly takes [...]

    6. From reading all the reviews, it seems that most folks are not familiar with science fiction I have been an SF and space enthusiast all my life and I m 63 and IMHO, this book is a wonderful addition to YA SF a great intro to the genre, if one can accept the wonder and suspension of disbelief needed for these kinds of reads If you liked this book, you should try some of Robert A Heinlein s juveniles Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, The Starbeast, Rocketship Galileo, are fine tales in the same vein He [...]

    7. Philip Kerr s One Small Step deals with the fictional scenario of NASA running test missions during the 1960s era of Gemini, Mercury Apollo with chimps prior to the actual humans making the trip This is the story of Scott MacLeod a 13 y o who by a twist of fate and an safe landing of a plane his father is teaching him to fly who gets recruited into NASA to replace an chimp who is not co operating on a mission that will take place prior to the actual launch of Apollo 11 in July 1969 Kerr s story [...]

    8. A wild fantasy guaranteed to appeal to the aspiring young space traveler and any young person who yearns to be free of the limitations of being a kid Thirteen year old Scott has learned to fly from his Air Force father but frustatingly, he s not old enough to get a pilot s license When he pulls off an emergency landing after his father is knocked unconscious in an accident, it draws the attention of NASA brass Will is recruited to attend astronaut school and participate in a secret test lunar la [...]

    9. It was a really interesting bookuntil the whole moon experience part That completely threw me for a loop, and by the time I was halfway through the conversation with the voice I was bored The only thing I really liked about the moon experience was that view spoiler Benny became intelligent hide spoiler Also, the ending was a little cheesier than I would have liked Even though I have never flown an airplane, the descriptions of how everything worked were perfect and I could easily imagine what w [...]

    10. So far I think it is a very good read It gets a little slow in the middle but I think it will be worth it It is definitely a subject I know nothing about The story unfolds around the 1960s NASA space missions Of course it is a little unbelievable since the main character is only 13 years old and has been asked to be part of a moon space mission But that is probably also what makes it a wonderful adventure story.Ok so I wish it would have remained an adventure story, but it becomes something else [...]

    11. I picked this one up because it sounded Alex Riderish boy selected by NASA to be shot to the moon on a secret practice mission It is not Alex Rider All the passion, tension and excitement are missing I didn t really care whether the boy, Scott, lived or died A much slower read than Alex Rider and I thought rather difficult to follow, especially for our target age group The historical fiction aspect was kind of fun for me as I am exactly the same age as Scott I worry a little that kids today, so [...]

    12. Though this is a bit long at 320 pp, it races right along Although I read it a few years ago, the major plot points are still vivid It s 1969, and thirteen year old Scott lands a jet when his Air Force flight instructor dad takes ill Scott is just the right size to step into NASA s secret chimpanzee space program, since one of the chimps has gone rogue in the eleventh hour Scott s estranged parents don t agree on his flying, so everything has to be secret from his mom Once Scott starts training [...]

    13. I was greatly imptressed with the authenticity of this novel I can remember the moon landing and subsequent walk on it in July 1969, I was 13 myself just like Scott in this book I am aware of the many bogey sightings although I have no idea what they are I was disappointed though in the way P B Kerr described the voice as being God or what was thought to be a god or an angel or vision, but in reality was an alien presence It was also quite discouraging to find man and chimpanzees being regarded [...]

    14. This book really would have rated higher except for the first ten pages of the last chapter pages 240 257 Within these ten pages the author takes the book in a weird direction that has nothing to do with whatever historical foundation that it might have had The introduction of this Alien Intelligence took me right out of the story and shifted it from an amusing take on history to a cleaverly disguised push for New Age beliefs The new reasoning is droped completly out of the blue with references [...]

    15. This book was really good I would definitely consider this a boy book at my library The whole story about a 13 year old boy going to the moon with two chimps makes for interesting reading I got a little bored with all the in depth descriptions of the fighter jets, airplanes, and what was going on in the space shuttle, but I think kids especially boys would be enthralled with those parts Overall, I thought this was a great book with an interesting spin on the unanswered questions from the 1960 s [...]

    16. This book is about a boy who likes to fly airplanes.This boy is a good kid only his parents are sort of seperated.One day he goes to where his dad lives.While he is with his dad he starts to learn how to fly a plane.He and his dad make sure his mom doesn t find.His mom dislikes a lot of what the boy does.One day the boy gets the chance to go into space.Now his life will change forever.

    17. Wow Such an interesting booke kids will love this one, very informative especially about the questions no one wants to ask Definately recommend this to all YA readers and I say, YA, because of the swearing only

    18. Appropriate for older boys not mine Too many references to Playboy Children of the Lamp series by this author is great, though.

    19. A technical, Sci Fi historical adventure about a 13 year old boy taking the place of a space chimp to be the first American crew to successfully land on the moon.

    20. Great rec for middle school boys Best part detailed description of the indignity of using the bathroom in space.

    21. A boy who has been secretly taught by his father to fly is drafted to go on a secret space mission to the moon in 1968 when a chimp falls ill.

    22. My comment about this novel is that shortly after finishing this I saw the teaser trailer for Transformers3 Dark Side of the Moonybe Bruckheimer and Speilberg took a look at this novel

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