To Kiss a Thief

To Kiss a Thief By Susanna Craig, To Kiss a Thief Can a marriage made for money blossom into something Sarah Sutliffe Lady Fairfax dreams of love until she overhears her new husband proclaim his heart will never be hers Devastated she offers no de
  • Title: To Kiss a Thief
  • Author: Susanna Craig
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  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Kiss a Thief By Susanna Craig, Can a marriage made for money blossom into something Sarah Sutliffe, Lady Fairfax, dreams of love until she overhears her new husband proclaim his heart will never be hers Devastated, she offers no defense when a sapphire necklace disappears during a ball and she is accused of its theft Instead, she runs away from the scandal and the heartbreak.St John, Viscount FaCan a marriage made for money blossom into something Sarah Sutliffe, Lady Fairfax, dreams of love until she overhears her new husband proclaim his heart will never be hers Devastated, she offers no defense when a sapphire necklace disappears during a ball and she is accused of its theft Instead, she runs away from the scandal and the heartbreak.St John, Viscount Fairfax, has sworn never to love again How could a mousy merchant s daughter tempt him to break that vow Three years after Sarah vanished, St John uncovers her hiding place Now, he s out to prove she s a thief before she steals his heart.
    To Kiss a Thief By Susanna Craig,
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      A love affair with historical romances led Susanna Craig to a degree okay, three degrees in literature and a career as an English professor When she s not teaching or writing academic essays about Jane Austen and her contemporaries, she enjoys putting her fascination with words and knowledge of the period to better use writing Regency era romances she hopes readers will find both smart and sexy She makes her home among the rolling hills of Kentucky horse country, along with her historian husband, their unstoppable little girl, and a genuinely grumpy cat.

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    1. 4.5 StarsI always feel as if I ve hit jackpot when I find a really angsty historical romance to gorge myself on To Kiss a Thief by Susanna Craig was an angst filled historical romance, whose two main characters had to fight against all the odds including themselves to be together The story starts of with a beautifully painful catalyst, our heroine Sarah a newly wed is found in a compromising position with a man who is not her husband, and two make it worse she s accused of theft My heart was in [...]

    2. The beginning of this one held promise so much intense, growly, promise but it ended up falling quite flat for me.Sarah Sutliffe, Lady Fairfax is newly married oh how I do love a marriage in trouble trope to St John, Viscount Fairfax and when she overhears her husband and another woman profess love for one another, she has a freak out session She ends up drinking too much wine and another man at the party, helps her loosen her dress as she is having a panic attack and they are caught in this pos [...]

    3. 2.5 stars.A tale of an arranged marriage between an impoverished nobleman and a merchant daughter is nothing new It has been done hundreds of times before But I m a sucker for this type of plot, so I decided to give this debut a try I found this novel well written with good sense of historical setting but it relied too much on my least favorite plot device misunderstandings The biggest problem for me, though, was the romance itself For most of the story I wasn t sure if the hero even liked the h [...]

    4. There is much to be said for simplicity There s certainly much to be said for simplicity done well Craig missed that memo It s particularly annoying because, actually, the fundamentals of her historical writing are sound The language is period appropriate, I didn t spot any glaring anachronisms and she has a nice way with description.Shame about the rest of it The book starts with some complicated multiple perspective dramaz The heroine daughter of a merchant newly married to the impecunious ari [...]

    5. ARC, NetGalley, cI ve had to let this one percolate A disappointment from start to finish Flimsy premise, deeply unlikeable hero, heroine who was honestly doing her best given the circumstances, extremely sloppy and offensive handling of a delicate issue, i.e slavery Maybe white readers might have had an easier time with this I m not white Never mind, I m getting ahead of myself THE PLOT A sort of bog standard, impoverished noble family needs filthy lucre to renovate their crumbling estates nouv [...]

    6. What a fabulous start to what promises to be a phenomenal new series To Kiss A Thief by new to me author Susanna Craig kept me up well into the wee hours and was worth every minute of lost sleep Sarah Pevensy Sutliffe has a disaster of a nuptial ball Not only does she overhear her husband of two weeks declare that he could never love her, but she is also caught in a compromising position she cannot explain and is accused of stealing the beloved Sutliffe family jewels To avoid scandal and misery, [...]

    7. To Kiss a Thief Runaway Desires 1 by Susanna Craig is a fantastic debut Historical Romance Set in Georgian England What a debut A phenomenal new voice in Georgian Romance Meet, Sarah Pevensey andSt John Sutliffe, Viscount Fairfax Bound together in an arranged marriage, but when a scandal erupts on the of night of their marriage, Sarah is persuaded to run away to a small fishing village on the coast With secrets abound, suspense, a bit of mystery, passion, betrayal, deceit, challenges, danger and [...]

    8. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review 3.5 starsI can find no fault in the writing of this book it flows well and the writing is excellent My problem with the book was the hero.St John was very hard for me to understand he says he doesn t love his wife and will never love her but runs away after a duel for three years because he is scared of his feelings for her Then when he returns, he seeks her out to find the stolen jewels but doesn t [...]

    9. I like the style so if this is the debut novel, I will be willing to try her ext book.I cannot rate this book higher because the hero St John seemed kind of like an ass to me Now, I do not have a very active asshole radar So for me to say a hero seemed like an ass, that is quite a statement St John was forced to marry Sarah for her dowry and was determined to stay away from her as much as he could To be nice or civil to her would be like surrendering to his father s manipulation So St John was h [...]

    10. St John needed to marry for money He resented and hated that His father picked out Sarah, a rich merchant s daughter During their courtship and for the first weeks of their marriage, St John remained aloof, resentful and determined not to care Sarah, meanwhile, dreams of a love match and does fall in love with her husband She overhears him telling a friend of his something that she doesn t want to hear Distraught, she ends up in a situation where she finds herself both accused of stealing, but a [...]

    11. Disclosure I received this ARC via Netgalley Thank you to Susanna Craig and Lyrical Press for the opportunity Yes, this is an honest review To begin, I read this book in one night with all the things that are happening in my life, that s a big deal for me, because it usually takes me a week to finish one book.Sarah Pevensey s father arranged a marriage for her with St John Sutcliffe, Viscount Fairfax, and heir to the Marquess of Estley after two weeks of married life, Sarah still isn t convinced [...]

    12. Susanna Craig s debut novel kept me engaged from beginning to end Forced to marry the daughter of a wealthy merchant to bring much needed money to the family, St John Sutcliffe married Sarah Pevensey, but but within weeks, he finds her in a compromising position and the a sapphire family necklace she was wearing missing Presumed to be a thief, Sarah is convinced by her mother in law that fleeing and moving faraway is her best option instead of staying to argue her innocence Three years later, St [...]

    13. This was an exciting and marvelous read from a brand new author She has written a fabulous story that will grab the reader from the first page The characters were developed with thoughts and feelings of their own I liked how the story flowed throughout the book keeping my interest.St John Sutcliffe had to marry for money per his father s instructions He really didn t want to be forced to marry Sarah Pevensey, to keep his family from being destitute After they are married, Sarah is caught in a sc [...]

    14. It was hard to believe when reading this that it was a debut novel I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this novel It was set up nicely in the beginning with the jewels going missing and the scandal in which that was discovered , and only continued to improve from there It was obvious pretty much from the start that this author has a gift in story telling She was able to weave together the different events and locations in such a way that the reader actually felt that they were there I could al [...]

    15. I have known Susanna Craig since 2001, when both of us came to our university as new faculty members Over the years, she and I have worked closely, often on the same page when it comes to standards of writing and research, despite our pond crossing affiliations with British Literature and American Literature When I found out she was moonlighting as a romance novelist, I had to check the calendar Was it an April Fools joke Good one Then I realized she was serious I was probably one of the colleag [...]

    16. Sarah thought that her marriage to St John would be one of the best days of her life, but little did she realize that it would all quickly be snatched away from her, and she had no idea how everything transpired Within a day of their nuptial ball and accusations thrown at her of thievery, Sarah is whisked away to a small and poor seaside village where she is left to survive on her own Several years later, St John finds his wife and is determined to prove she stole from his family, but what he fi [...]

    17. Susanna Craig s debut novel, To Kiss a Thief, is the first in a new series Her writing is strong and the story entertains though it s a tad too predictable, and relies on two of my least favorite romantic tropes the Big Misunderstanding and the good, but really bad relative before it concludes I wish the author had spent a bit time developing her characters before introducing the Big Mis, mostly because I struggled to like two protagonists with such poor decision making skills and cavalier atti [...]

    18. Received an ARC via NetGalleySt John and Sarah are pressured into an arranged marriage because St John Sutcliffe s family needs money and Sarah s family wants her to have a title Though it was not a love marriage Sarah dreams of having a husband that she loves like in a fairy tale After a very short courting and engagement time they are married St John knows that he will not love her and Sarah overhears him say that to a beautiful woman that is his friend They are at the first ball of their marr [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsI loved this beautiful story of homecoming and redemption, set in Georgian England The author s writing is elegant and emotion inducing, the main characters are engaging and likeable This book is a great debut by an author I will definitely follow in the future.Newly married Sarah Pevensey is accused of infidelity and theft by her husband s family Unfortunately, appearances are deceptive, she was caught in a compromising position with another man and a family heirloom in her possession [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsTo Kiss a Thief is a decent debut that has me interested in what Susanna Craig will do next even if it was a bit flawed It focuses on Sarah, Lady Fairfax, whose dream of a happy marriage with her new husband is dashed when she is forced to leave London after being accused of stealing a family heirloom She tries to forget about her past life, but things get complicated when her husband goes hunting for her three years later.I really liked Sarah She was innocent and naive at the beginning [...]

    21. All is not as it seems What do you do when your husband and others discover you in the arms of of a handsome officer, apparently somewhat tipsy, disheveled and with the family heirloom necklace missing from around your neck Sarah Pevensey Sutliffe tried to proclaim her innocence No one believed her, including her husband And so she left, assisted on her way by her mother in law, with hints of transportation ringing in her ears.Sarah s marriage had been arranged She had fled to the library on hea [...]

    22. Thought provoking and different this book made me think and think hard about marriage, love, money, family, trust, responsibility, status, expectations and how difficult and strange life in England during the late 1700 s must have been Knowing that if I had lived back then who I could marry and what my life might have been like would all have depended on what rank I had in society or perhaps the coin in my father s coffers is rather unsettling to contemplate On top of these facts expectations of [...]

    23. This debut historical romance charms and sizzles with its colorful locales, engaging characters, and sweet and sensual love story St John Sutcliffe, upon finding out that his wife is still alive, sets out to recover the family treasure a beautiful sapphire necklace she had stolen What he finds, however, is a gifted, stubborn, complex woman plus a surprise making her way as best she can, a woman capable of stealing his heart Enjoy reading this captivating romance and discovering a wonderful new a [...]

    24. Title To Kiss A ThiefSeries Runaway Desires Book 1Author Susanna CraigGenre Historical RomanceBlurb Can a marriage made for money blossom into something Sarah Sutliffe, Lady Fairfax, dreams of love until she overhears her new husband proclaim his heart will never be hers Devastated, she offers no defense when a sapphire necklace disappears during a ball and she is accused of its theft Instead, she runs away from the scandal and the heartbreak.St John, Viscount Fairfax, has sworn never to love a [...]

    25. To Kiss a Thief is my first Susanna Craig read and it s a show stopper Sarah is an innocent in a world of betrayal, heartache and manipulation Fairfax is forced into a situation that brings about scandal, resentment and a rush to judgement from his peers A forced marriage and missing necklace leads to suspenseful romance that is crafted masterfully and a lyrical sonnet that s melody lingers after all is said and done.

    26. This story popped up as an also bought recommendation from and the title intrigued me I am wary of buying books by authors I don t know , so I read a sample and was hooked Sarah Pevensey is the daughter of a wealthy merchant and has recently married St John Sutliffe, Viscount Fairfax It is an arranged marriage and neither parties are particularly happy about it Her father wants a title for his daughter and St John s father needs her large dowry as the family are broke Sarah and St John have only [...]

    27. I sometimes tell myself that I should expand the genres I read Reading this book is one of my attempts.I don t know if this is standard fare for romance There s misunderstandings, conniving people, and explicit sex in it I didn t really care for any of the characters or the setting Sarah is plain but passionate St John is hot and well muscled His muscles must have been developed by the endless leaping to conclusions that he does.2 5 I didn t like it, but I gave it an extra star because it s not [...]

    28. This romance evokes a vivid sense of place and time The dialogue, descriptions of landscapes, the period clothing and customs combine to take the reader away to the coast of England in the 1700 s The sexual tension sizzles between the two main characters, and both the characters and the images stay with you long after you put the book down The opening scene alone was enough to hook me.

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