Born to Magic

Born to Magic By David Wind, Born to Magic Alternate Cover edition of ASIN B QTYHVTOWelcome to Nevaeh a world where technology no longer exists but magic does Long ago the violence and radiation of the terrorist wars killed America Those le
  • Title: Born to Magic
  • Author: David Wind
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  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Born to Magic By David Wind, Alternate Cover edition of ASIN B00QTYHVTOWelcome to Nevaeh a world where technology no longer exists, but magic does Long ago, the violence and radiation of the terrorist wars killed America Those left dwell in a world of ritual and magic where ten dominions struggle for supremacy and a dark power rises to claim all Areenna, the only daughter of the King of Freemorn,Alternate Cover edition of ASIN B00QTYHVTOWelcome to Nevaeh a world where technology no longer exists, but magic does Long ago, the violence and radiation of the terrorist wars killed America Those left dwell in a world of ritual and magic where ten dominions struggle for supremacy and a dark power rises to claim all Areenna, the only daughter of the King of Freemorn, is barely eighteen, yet her psychic ability is strong She is summoned to The Island and learns that the fate of her world is in her hands She must undertake a perilous journey to save Nevaeh from destruction But she will not travel alone Mikaal, the son of the High King of Nevaeh, has as much at stake as Areenna Their quest takes them through haunted wastelands filled with mutants while an evil force does everything in its power to stop Areenna and Mikaal for it wants Nevaeh as its own.
    Born to Magic By David Wind,
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      David Wind has published thirty nine novels, including science fiction Fantasy, mystery, thriller, noir, and suspense novels He lives and writes in Boynton Beach, Florida, and shares his home with his wife, Bonnie, and dog Alfie, a sub standard poodle email David for an explanation His newest novel is A Better Place To Be based on the Harry Chapin song of the same name Not his usual genre, this is a story of love, loss and facing to the worst life can throw at you and still be standing Born To Magic, the first book of his sci fi fantasy series, Tales Of Nevaeh , was released in 2015 All three books have reached into the Top 100 best seller rankings in several categories including Young Adult The first book of the series, Born To Magic , has received numerous 5 star reviews Both the second book of the series, The Dark Masters , and the third Book, TRINITY The Battle For Nevaeh , have all received high praise David s fantasy, Queen Of Knights, was a 2 best seller on the bestseller lists for historical fantasy and medieval fantasy, and his sci fi paranormal, Infinity s Doorway, has received wide acclaim.When David formally left traditional publishing to become an independently published writer, he published Angels In Mourning, his homage to the old time private detective books of the 50 s and the 60 s Angels is a modern day take on the old style hard boiled detective In April of that year, Angels In Mourning , won the Book of the Month Reader s Choice Award.His previous suspense thrillers are The Hyte Maneuver, a Literary guild alternate selection The Sokova Convention, and The Morrissy Manifest , David s Mystery suspense novels include And Down Will Come Baby, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and Out of The Shadows , Follow David on Facebook at facebook davidwindauthor Follow David on Twitter at twitter David_Wind Visit David s Website at davidwind

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    1. Naming is a power given to Adam in the Old Testament Sorcerers and practitioners of magic in tales of power know that to have access to a Real Name is to control the named one Just think of Rumplestiltskin In Born to Magic, names given to lands and characters mostly have the power to disturb and distract the reader Some, like Llawnroc, Nosaj, Tolemac, Atir, and Nevaeh itself, are familiar place and person names, reversed Once I noticed this pattern, each time a new name was introduced I had to w [...]

    2. Tech Details Written by David Wind Narrated by Helene McCardle Length 11 hrs and 41 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release Date 09 17 15 Publisher David Wind Reviewed for AudiobookReviewer This is a post apocalyptic and a fantasy story all in one The year is 5271 and the world as we know it has been destroyed by nuclear war and while the human race has survived it is like medieval times, with castles, keeps, Kings, Queens and High Kings Men are stronger and women can do magic The radiation has cause [...]

    3. A good story will sell itself on each page, without having to rush along as if the reader has the attention span of a goldfish It s subtly evident from the beginning that Born To Magic is worth reading A sci fi and fantasy story showing an humanity with Paranormal abilities enabling them to battle the horror of their past With prose that is crisp and clear, the pages seem to turn themselves The main characters Areenna and Mikaal work well together in the usual boy girl ways, but this is than a [...]

    4. This book had an amazing magical system, and a dystopian setting Who could ever ask for Hopefully I ll be able to find the next one.

    5. Enchanting and simply irresistible This book has astounded me For one, this genre is not my cup of tea Although I love science fiction, I m not a big fan of fantastical worlds, especially when a medieval type of life is involved Yet, this book has been a delightful surprise for me.Other than enjoying the enchanting story of Princess Areenna and Prince Mikaal who set out on a treacherous journey to save their magical world, I was also greatly amazed by the concept of the storyline David Wind has [...]

    6. originally posted on The Writing Hufflepuff Okay so I loved the concept of this one I thought it would be pretty interesting to see the aftermaths of nuclear wars and radiation, which led to magic But it was super confusing They ve got a new language and they have new animals because of radiation but the animals are never described so I m just supposed to guess what they look like Some point later one character does kind of describe them, but I felt like it should have been explained sooner Also [...]

    7. What a gorgeous read I loved David Wind s world of Nevaeh It was so intricately detailed and beautifully thought out I especially loved the Roth aspect A human from present time that happens upon earth 3000 years in the future and he s armed with the intelligence and forsight to help this new world to better itself and not fall through the same issues as our current world That was my favorite part How hard must it have been for him to decide what to keep and what to lose leave behind on that shi [...]

    8. I received a copy of this book in exchange for review.While the premise of this book was very interesting to me, I m afraid it fell a bit short of my expectations I think the issue for me is that there was too much going on This book was sci fi, fantasy, action, adventure, magical, scientific, historical, futuristic, romantic, and Some books can pull that off, but this one felt like a Jack of All Trades, Master of None type thing.The writing was quite well done The only thing that bothered me [...]

    9. Born To Magic, Tales of Nevaeh 1 by David WindThe story takes place in Nevaeh America is gone by war many, many years before The women there have super strength and psychic abilities One woman Areena, the daughter of King Freemorn is the future Queen.She learns that the fate of the world is in danger and it is up to her to save it Along with Mikaal, the son of Nevaeh s King, they set off to fight to save humanity They face many dangers along the way and secrets are revealed Will Areena be saved [...]

    10. A dystopic fantasy with a feminist twist In the new world that develops long after the old one was destroyed, women have the upper hand They wield the magic while the men wield swords But a strong, dark power is rising from the old world, determined to destroy the cooperation and ties that the kingdoms have painstakingly developed for mutual protection It falls to two young people to ward off the threat Areenna, a woman child with great potential powers, and the young prince Mikaal, who has a te [...]

    11. I received a copy for free in exchange for an honest review.This story takes place in Nevaeh, America was destroyed by war many years ago The Women have psychic abilities and super strength Areena is the Daughter of King Freemorn she is the future Queen When she learns the world is in danger and it is up to her along with Mikaal, the Son of Nevaeh s King to save it They face many dangers along the way and secret s are revealed Will Areena be saved from the darkness Will they succeed in their que [...]

    12. David Wind s Born to Magic showcases a master storyteller s ability to create a world and breathe life into it with compelling complex characters He s written an epic fantasy built around an original mythology and shows he knows how to paint a visual spectacle with amazing action sequences and memorable set pieces Most importantly, Born to Magic is about something greater than a quest, not only exploring the nature of men and women and their reliance on one another, but examining the very founda [...]

    13. I loved this book and can t wait to get into the next one in the series It was great that it was the women in this world who had magic A touch of feminism Of course things always gets turned upside down in a story I see some readers didn t like it, but I loved the use of heteropalindromes Something that spells something else when reversed.The characters, Areena and Mikaal hope I spelled them right were likable and I thought, believable.

    14. This one is a 5 star book for sure It is a great tale of what happens when anger and hatred get the upper hand Very well done This one kept me reading when I should have turned out the light I m ready for the next installment Excellent plot.

    15. Not sure about this one So I like the premise of this book, I m just not sure if I like the whole difference between women and men What I mean is why is it only women have power Is it because Man was the cause of the Apocalypse Not to spoil anything, but then we spend the whole book on a journey where an 18 year old is trying to figure out her powers But she is not alone, she has the prince to accompany her Your gonna tell me the whole ride between this girl and the prince there is no mutual att [...]

    16. Interesting apocalyptic storylineThe storyline is really interesting I do like the strong women in this book The explanation given about the science is reallyapt especially for the men.The world and animal inventions are amazing.I would recommend this for readers of 14 plus.

    17. A Magical AdventureI enjoyed every word I was caught in the introduction and planned to read only a few chapters I did read a few chapters then couldn t put it down But for No reading during dinner I would have read through it A good edge of the seat read Read a few chapters and see for yourself

    18. Ok, the namings of both humans and animal erked me no end And the insistent way we were told it s not magic, it s science, but you have to give up control and let the magic happen bugged me too But when I overlooked that stuff, I actually did enjoy it for the most part, and am tempted to try bk2 It s reasonable priced by my product price scale since there are issues with it.

    19. Thrilling Terrific Awesome These are just a few examples of what this book inspired in me I was captivated from the first chapter and David Wind provided the imagination, with strong, believable characterizations with an awesome plot A must read for the paranormal, fantasy readers This series, Tales of Nevaeh is the one to get for your library.

    20. WowLet me just say that while I don t ordinarily read fantasy of this type I found myself unable to put this one down The characters were so realistic I get I knew them The story flowed so smoothly I was carried along not even noticing the passage of time I look forward eagerly to reading the next one.

    21. Great story This was a great read I couldn t stop until I finished it I loved the main characters of Mikaal and Arena They worked well for this story and I intend to get the others at a later date.

    22. Great book This book Combines sci fi and magic and provides a view of what may be our world s future in the event of nuclear war.

    23. Born to Magic by David Wind is an exceptional read If you want magic and lots of it, this book will do the trick This is a must read for fantasy lovers.Dennis Akin

    24. Now this is the book that you will want to read if you like adventure It makes you want to read I can not wait to read book 2.

    25. Reminiscent of Witch World I don t agree with the Shannara comparisons That was a bit of a slog, the 1st especially where this was a much lively tale.

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