Wood, Talc And Mr. J: We Never Had It So Good... (The Rowlings Years, Book 1)

Wood, Talc And Mr. J: We Never Had It So Good... (The Rowlings Years, Book 1) By Chris Rose, Wood Talc And Mr J We Never Had It So Good The Rowlings Years Book Wood Talc and Mr J We never had it so good It s a time of great social and political upheaval industrial disputes and bullying unions racial discord and the National Front it s a Britain on th
  • Title: Wood, Talc And Mr. J: We Never Had It So Good... (The Rowlings Years, Book 1)
  • Author: Chris Rose
  • ISBN: 9781311816351
  • Page: 300
  • Format: ebook
  • Wood, Talc And Mr. J: We Never Had It So Good... (The Rowlings Years, Book 1) By Chris Rose, Wood, Talc and Mr J We never had it so good It s a time of great social and political upheaval industrial disputes and bullying unions, racial discord and the National Front 1978, it s a Britain on the brink It s also a Britain of definite youth cultures, when the wrong attire on the wrong street might equal a beating for your blunder, often regardless of your footbWood, Talc and Mr J We never had it so good It s a time of great social and political upheaval industrial disputes and bullying unions, racial discord and the National Front 1978, it s a Britain on the brink It s also a Britain of definite youth cultures, when the wrong attire on the wrong street might equal a beating for your blunder, often regardless of your football allegiance A look back Without the rose tinted spectacles, but with hindsight and humour, and with poignancy and affection.The North.Phillip sees life in a simplistic if passionate way up or down, us and them, black, white and nothing in between When not doing his thing in Wigan s Casino Club voted The Greatest Disco in the World by Billboard Magazine Phillip hates the world Or at least he thinks he does He longs for the weekend, or a greater, permanent escape from the daily grind of factory life in an industrial town.With a little imagination, he might realise things midweek aren t that bad there s the loving family, the secure job amid mass unemployment, a relationship with the perfect young woman Or maybe he realises too late And all he d deemed important was only ever an illusion, his reflected image included.Coming full circle by way of loss and loss, you would hope lessons are learned The book progresses through myriad dream sequences, interwoven song themes, a father s philosophical ramblings, ever blackening wit, leitmotif or seemingly recurring scenes is someone laughing at our hero And Phillip s own, lyrical, strut like, black or white manner.Dancehall adventures via train rides to Heaven, scooter cruising almost coast to coast Beneath the pier encounters with the opposite sex, et al set against the birth of Scargill and Thatcher feuding
    Wood, Talc And Mr. J: We Never Had It So Good... (The Rowlings Years, Book 1) By Chris Rose,
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      So, I m Chris and it s lovely to meet you.A bit about me, then.I was born and bred in the city of steel Sheffield.I spent or misspent, whichever your viewpoint the majority of my young years on the Northern Soul circuit I say circuit, although that mainly consisted of trips to Wigan s Casino Club just about every weekend, with the odd trip to other venues interspersed One reason I mention this is because it s around this time and place that my first novel is set Wood, Talc and Mr.J.My academic education came much later, from scratch, in a sense.In time, I fell in love with the idea of languages, French in particular, and went on to get a BA Hons in French Language and Literature with subsidiary Spanish at The University of Sheffield.After that, I moved down south mid 90s, and eventually further down to the South of France for a few years, where I taught English I then moved up to northern France to do much the same thing.But it was here where I also began to write, or experiment with writing.I came back to England in the mid 00s and lived in North London for five years, teaching and writing again.And for the last three years, I ve lived in Norwich, where I ve completed a Masters in Literary Translation, at the UEA.I m now working my way toward making a living by writing, with a little translation on the side We ll see To ask me what I like to read and write about is a tough one Fiction, mainly, though I don t necessarily go for detective fiction, or anything formulaic I still recognise there s real skill involved in any composition of the genre, something I don t think I d ever master.I tend to be picky and take my time reading a book I expect each word to count I like something I can come back to, read again and again Things witty, satirical, poetic Things that move me.Favourite writers of late Maybe Markas Zusak Read his The Book Thief last year Susanna Ross, I recently read her Trust In Me Anna Funder, her All That I Am Actually, I ve only just discovered Kurt Vonnegut, and read The Slaughterhouse Five must read of his Writers who manage to pull me into the water with the least effort.Soulful writers, and their soulful things And maybe I try to emulate them Same goes for my taste in films, music and, I guess, people.

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    1. Well, I would categorize author Chris Rose s novel as a satire, a cross between a parody and intelligent poetry You have to admire an author who can pour this much of his brain and guts on a page and make a coherent collage or pictures depicting multiple meanings Now, the author did warn me that I might not get all the cultural references, and he was right Some, I m sorry to say, did zip right over my head Yet, as a diehard fan of Monty Python, and deadpan British humour, I understood the irony [...]

    2. You weren t supposed to be clever where I came from Readers who are used to Walkers Crisps in portioned packets will find opening this unfamiliar shrink wrapped alternative challenging I certainly did The first taste is of something indefinable salty and lime flavoured, with than a hint of sea, of vinegar, of jellied eels and certainly bracing This book takes a willingness to be persuaded, but becomes increasingly addictive, as you bite into separate scenes, and ride a great many buses in pursu [...]

    3. Wood, Talc and Mr J by Chris Rose is a marvel of recent British literature It focuses on the early life of our young hero Phillip with his interrupted dream on the 49 bus and some of his other dreams, his hopes, his crushes, the music of the times all is captured wonderfully with beautiful details and ornamental language and style Although I know the Britain of those days from film and literature only I found the scene setting marvellous and was amazed at the odd similarities with the 70ies in G [...]

    4. You never know where Phillip aka Chris Rose will take you next in this fascinating book An original voice expressed through the main character, Phillip, takes us through the harrowing, surreal world of a young man on the cusp of adulthood Poignant, dark and disjointed one minute, hilarious the next, this book is filled with one surprise after another The best bits play ruthlessly with words, images, places,people and events in the most unexpected ways The simplest everyday things like eating, ri [...]

    5. Mind blowing Prose This is a unique, brilliant, and intricate novel Don t let my description scare you It is also a fun read The story takes place in the late 70s in the north of England, during the time of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher , and Monty Python This is not a tale of a posh Londoner with piles of money and titles Instead it s the story of Phillip and his dreams, his hopes, and his opinions Don t attempt to read this book while waiting for the bus, or if you have only a moment Take th [...]

    6. I found Wood, Talc and Mr J quite entertaining British humor at it s best The main character takes us through his traumatic and bizarre journey towards adulthood circa 1970 s I love author Chris Rose s style of writing, it s filled with bits of humor and unique sayings that cracked me up Though it has some unhappy moments, you will find yourself pondering on it well after reading I highly recommend

    7. Ah, the immediate taste of salt and tang of vinegar on fish and chips wrapped in newspaper What an introduction to Grom, little Sam and Phillip, and the rest of his family.The songs, the hairdos, the clothes all retro now tweaking my memories with nostalgic longing The Hillman Imp raced me back to my first car.A lot of what was going on in England was reflected right down here in New Zealand, where shiploads of Brits were arriving in search of the better life But did they find it Some stayed 2 y [...]

    8. A Storyteller s Eyes Burned Hot With This Intoxicating TaleThe I read of Wood, Talc and Mr J, the engrossed I became in the life of Philip and his story The author, Chris Rose, takes you into the witty world of British humor with scenery and prose Philip, despite all his partying ultimately learns from family bantering, discussions of pride, trusting not by actions but by reactions to what keeping the faith means While reading this well scripted story, I often felt as if I were standing on the [...]

    9. This book is a poetic, lyrical exploration of a boy s formative years ultimately a story that anyone can relate to, it provides enjoyable nostalgia for anyone who actually knows or remembers Northern England and the 1970s, but this is not a requirement if you are going to enjoy what is by turns a funny, warm and touching account of a young man s struggle with family, girls, work and peer pressure in short, finding himself and growing up The writing style is completely original and intelligent, w [...]

    10. Congratulations Chris Laughter, tears, well developed characters Jenny I can completely relate to, Grom I adore, Sam is beautiful God bless our Phil Will there be a sequel Well deserved praise Ps Rambo lives on.

    11. An amazing and highly original book which I really enjoyed It deserves all the good things that have been said about it.

    12. Wood, Talc and Mr J is an unusual book both in the humble yet thought provoking way it explores life, and the beauty of its writing There are far few books of this quality published at any time Don t miss this one, by a talented writer named Chris Rose whose work I had never previously explored.The story is deceptively straight forward on its surface Phillip lives life simply, but with passion he sees his world as a series of binary choices up, down yes, no us,them black or white He does his dis [...]

    13. A GROUND BREAKING NOVEL WITH AN INTRIGUING TITLE Hats off to the author for delivering a story in a writing style so unorthodox that it is immensely appealing Far from the vanilla norm, the style, in a gentle and compelling fashion, urges the reader to imagine between the lines, to diagnose and examine the motives of Phillip, the hero, for behaving the way he did to a vast array of Northern England events.Arguably a factional autobiography, Wood, Talc and Mr J grasps the reader s mind and treats [...]

    14. Being an American, I have to confess some of the witty, tongue in cheek repartees went over my head, but I still enjoyed the dry British humor I chuckled over grom and the mastication of fish without her teeth A story chock full of wordsmithy and well written I give it 5 stars.

    15. This very English coming of age tale is witty, droll and irreverent, everything that makes English humor so English I m certain that the young hero, Phill, was our taxi driver in Bristol As for the people who inhabit this tale, we have our hero who epitomizes total adolescent ennui except when he s hanging with his mates or hanging with a girl Of course I missed many of the references, but I when his Grom Gran took Phill to the specialty market for tripe, I instantly bonded with the story I ve b [...]

    16. Outstanding stuff Wood, Talc and Mr J is a fascinating book I would go further to say that I am not sure I have ever read anything quite like it.Looking at other reviews I have read the words satire , parody , original , and And while I have to agree we can talk about those elements and a lot but what really peaked my interest is that I think there is something going on that the reviewers haven t yet touched And that is its political slant.I don t claim to know much about 70 80s Britain and I [...]

    17. As an Italian expat in the UK, I have this morbid need of getting the British culture at my best, maybe to feel myself comfortable in the British society Wood, Talc and Mr J is a very interesting book for people like me I ve read the collection of blog posts by the same author to have a better insight about Mr Rose s prose and writing style, since I understood it was very British I liked it, I got everything he meant, so I went for this one Wood, Talk and Mr J is a coming of age novel set in th [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the quiet, narrative tone of this book It is intelligently written and captures an inner monologue that echoes within us all The story is about working class life in 1970s England It s about families, love and just getting by Told in first person our narrator has a whimsical sense of humour and a down to earth quality I found really appealing If you like well written prose crafted around a great story, you ll love this book.

    19. The prose was so laden down with slang and 1976 British cultural references that I honestly struggled to follow even the basic plot of this book From what I gathered, the story didn t really go and I didn t find myself compelled by any of the characters Maybe the other 40% was brilliant, who can say

    20. I read a few reviews, as one does before purchasing a book, and they led me to expect a look backward in time to an era I might not understand, and our friends across the pond even less so However, having lived for the last few years in the north of England I was curious, and as a result I m risking offending many people in the mining villages I live near because life hasn t changed as much as most readers would imagine I ve met a local lad who could almost be the young, soul searching, self see [...]

    21. FACTION AT ITS BEST Take a young Northern lad, Philip, who loves dance Wood soul music, especially Chuck Jackson Mr J and then add in a mix of drugs Talc and raging hormones, and you have the perfect recipe for a story.Mr Rose sets this story in Britain in the 1970s, and 80s and sets great store in expressing the values and morals of the working class throughout Philip and his family, especially Grom and Pete, along with his friend, Jed were typical characters of the era, but each had a unique b [...]

    22. What a meandering, mesmerizing journey this novel is It s poetry in motion, pause and read again worthy Wood, Talc Mr J is unique yet familiar There s elegance in its grit, morality in its liberation, pathos in its humor, discipline in its anarchy It s confident in its vision whether depicting raw reality or taking off on flights of fancy This is storytelling in black and white yet vividly descriptive, rollicking and reflective, street wise with the mark of fine literature in its layered narrati [...]

    23. A Tale of Sex, Drugs, andSoulI ve been wanting to read Chris Rose s Wood, Talc Mr J for quite some time and I was not disappointed It s the story of young Phillip, struggling to differentiate himself from his family and his mates to find his own place in the sun We feel his angst as he seeks to define exactly who Phillip is, apart from son brother factory worker friend Phillip and his merry band find their emancipation in the Soul clubs of late 1970s Northern Britain.Chris Rose s work has been c [...]

    24. A tale of family, friendship, and coming of age.If you re looking for a mindless read, look elsewhere This story tickles every corner of the brain, and coaxes the reader s full concentration The deepest satire is often laced with the simplest scene While reading, my American understanding of the dialogue and inner dialogue was limited to BBC Television shows I d once watched on cable Still, I was quick to catch on and smile with the next occurrence It didn t take an understanding of the dialect [...]

    25. I was reminded of Dream Academy s Life in a Northern Town while I was reading this whimsical and off beat faction book about the exploits, real and imagined, of Phillip,a young lad living in the North of England in the 1970 s I grew up at the opposite end of the country in a similar time and so could relate to all the songs Mr Rose mentioned, and also to many of the events There is much British dry humour in this book, and I particularly liked Phillip s father s reaction to a beachfront meeting [...]

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