Cupcakes & Chardonnay

Cupcakes & Chardonnay By Julia Gabriel, Cupcakes Chardonnay Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B BF O RS A marriage of sweet convenience and intoxicating temptationThree years ago Suzanne Austin dumped wealthy playboy and wine heir
  • Title: Cupcakes & Chardonnay
  • Author: Julia Gabriel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cupcakes & Chardonnay By Julia Gabriel, Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00BF3O2RS.A marriage of sweet convenience and intoxicating temptationThree years ago, Suzanne Austin dumped wealthy playboy and wine heir Daryle Catterton and hasn t regretted it once Now the owner of the hottest cupcake shop in San Francisco, her only relationship is with her business and she likes it tLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00BF3O2RS.A marriage of sweet convenience and intoxicating temptationThree years ago, Suzanne Austin dumped wealthy playboy and wine heir Daryle Catterton and hasn t regretted it once Now the owner of the hottest cupcake shop in San Francisco, her only relationship is with her business and she likes it that way until Daryle shows up with a business proposal she can t afford to refuse.She knows Daryle will hold up his end of the deal, but can she hold up hers without losing her head when their old chemistry gets uncorked INCLUDES extended excerpts chapters 1 5 of Next to You, Drawing Lessons and Falling for the Prodigal Son.
    Cupcakes & Chardonnay By Julia Gabriel,
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      230 Julia Gabriel
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    1. Julia Gabriel

      Julia Gabriel writes contemporary romance that is smart, sexy, and emotionally intense grab the tissues She lives in New England where she is a full time mom to a teenager, as well as a sometime writing professor and obsessive quilter is there any other kind If all goes well, she ll be a Parisienne in her next life She loves to hear from readers and always writes back by email at julia authorjuliagabriel and on Facebook Obsess over quilts with her on Instagram and Tumblr Ogle French men and pastries with her on Pinterest.

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    1. Cute book, probably better as a beach book or plane ride book It ended abruptly in my opinion And of course, a lot of it was unrealistic as far as Miss and Mr Perfect but still its fun to read a book like that sometimes

    2. This was a cute, tame, predictable read Gravitated towards the title who wouldn t but there were some big issues that took away from my enjoyment lack of detail light on Darryl and Suzanne s prior relationship, how come Suzanne never met Alanna What happened during time in between and how long was that How come pregnancy was not addressed since condoms weren t mentioned etc And there were abrupt transitions at times one moment they are one place and the next they are home mentioning heading home [...]

    3. This book was OK Very easy to read, but a bit too clich After all, you can t have a story take place in San Francisco without the typical disastrous earthquake at the end But other than the stereotypical stuff, I liked the characters and enjoyed the fast pace of the book I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    4. I loved this book The story is short and sweet The characters are well developed and interesting The only character I didn t like was Brent, Suzanne s best friend and former boss I thought his inclusion as the voice of reason was overdone and made him look juvenile and foolish, not someone who could provide good guidance to Suzanne or could ever run a successful restaurant Three years ago, Suzanne dumped Daryle Catterton, with no regrets She hasn t really thought much about him lately, until he [...]

    5. 2.5 stars An enjoyable enough read I do think the conflict was silly and that these two are old enough that they should have learned to communicate by now.As a California girl, I always wonder how anyone not indepently wealthy and or a trophy wife vanity careerist can make enough money from cupcake selling to afford San Francisco rents and employee salaries It must be miraculous Good thing she found herself a nice wealthy winery owner.And these ubiquitously solvent cupcake bakers so prevalent in [...]

    6. This story opens with an usual premise, with the heroine s ex boyfriend swanning into her life with a proposal Marry me so I can inherit the family vineyard and I ll give you two million dollars when my mother dies.An offer not many would have to think about in most situations, but Suzanne remembers Daryle with an e as a spoiled rich boy who glides through life cushioned by the family fortune and too lazy to wash his clothes so he bought new ones If that wasn t sand under the toenails enough to [...]

    7. I really enjoyed reading this It was well put together with strong characters and a good story line I liked the fact that Suzanne s best friend former boss was always looking out for her There was lots of brotherly history there that went well with her past with Daryle and her former heartbreak There could easily be an open door with regards to Brent s story does it include Seth for future stories, as well as the sister The fact that Suzanne was a workaholic and had left him because of his lack [...]

    8. Cute, short and predictable romance, but anything involving baking and wineries always piques my interest Could have been better developed, but then it wouldn t be short The sexual scenes didn t leave much to the imagination, so if that bothers you, be forewarned It revolves around two former lovers who haven t seen each other in years The attraction is still there The female character owns a cupcake shop and he is running a winery A proposition is made that can benefit them both in their busine [...]

    9. Ok, first of all I have to say that I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review, so I read this book and I loved it, it is a sweet story, easy reading, happy ending.I read it today, it was a cold day and I did not have to much work so I started reading this book and I could not leave my kindle away, it got me, I was wondering how it will work between them, Suzanne is just like me, saying no but wanting it hahahaha, I liked Brent and I hated him too Iris is the kind of woman we all [...]

    10. The story starts out when Daryle, the man that Suzanne dumped walks into her cupcakery store He needs her to marry him so that he can inherit the family company She was the only one to dump him He was mega rich and woman flocked to him, so it hurt his pride when she left for that same reason, too much money But his mom wants him to settle down and knew that Suzanne would be the only one to hlep This is their journey of rediscovery that love was really there in the begining Looking forward to wo [...]

    11. Short and SweetThis book should have been labeled a Nivella The pages are listed as 243 pages and I understand that most stories aren t always the amount of pages listed, but to stop the story at 57% and then give us a bunch of chapters of previews, that just wrong I ve read 2 other books by this Author and was very happy with the stories and even though this is a cute story, I feel that it was rushed.

    12. This is a very predictable marriage to satisfy his mother s requirement for his inherence Daryle and Suzanne were a couple until she dumped him 3 yrs ago She needs to expand her business, he needs Suznne to marry him d she s his mother s pick.The story is light fluff and perfect for a mindless beach read The book s writing is without major flaws and far better than many free books from Kindle, but there is no real substance to the plot.

    13. I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review.I m not normally a romance reader, but with two of my favorite things in the title, I was inspired to read it The characters are interesting and the story moves right along, keeping you turning the pages In my opinion, although the outcome is predictable from the beginning, I felt the ending was rushed just a bit I would have liked to see that play out a bit longer Overall, an enjoyable book that I would recommend

    14. I enjoyed most of the book there s nothing wrong with a little bit of angst and tension However, I don t like when people continuously beat around the bush when they could just talk to each other and stop fretting Also, the ending was extremely abrupt and that took me by surprise and left me wanting of an actual ending.

    15. I got a free copy of Julia Gabriel s Cupcakes Chardonnay from Story Cartel It s a short novel, 128 pages long and only took me a few hours to read Still, those few hours of downtime had been enjoyableRead the entire review at dealogy.wordpress 2014 02

    16. A very cute and fluffy story I was able to relate to Suzanne, saw bits of myself in her, and I admired her strength, independence, and work ethic I really liked Brent, not so much Darryl I would read by this author Now I m hungry for cupcakes

    17. Engaging but thenGood story that kept me reading, but all of a sudden story ends Seems like author just stopped and even though plot could have been further developed, too schmaltzie an ending

    18. 3.5 5.0This is a sweet story about two people given a second chance at love.Read full review in the 2013 May issue of InD tale Magazine.

    19. Cute, easy read and well writtenI enjoyed the story very much, except for the graphic sex scenes This book has good flow and character development from start to finish Happy endings are just the best

    20. Nice romanceThis book is nicely written It has a good balance of relationship turmoil and romance The main characters are both strongly attracted to each other while trying to reject each other at the same time.

    21. Wine and sugar sexSure, he s your rich lazy ex, but what harm could a sham marriage do, especially if you end up with a couple of millions afterI kept waiting for the pregnancy announcement, but a cancelled divorce works too A fun and sexy read.

    22. OkDoesn t get much predictable than this But I did manage to finish it Very short, most of the pages are previews of other books I won t be reading.

    23. Goodthe story is one about how two different types of people fall in love and how difficult it be comes to stay happy together.

    24. It s readable, if you don t let the story problems wear you done There just isn t any depth to the story, characters, or emotions The plot is okay, but writing doesn t do it justice.

    25. I liked this one Nice easy read, although I would have like the ending to have been a bit developed It seemed to just stop Would recommend this for a good snow day book.

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