Breaking Free

Breaking Free By L.L. Collins, Breaking Free Alexis Carson Nichols has had what anyone would describe as an idyllic childhood She has great parents little brothers and sister that mean the world to her and friends that are always there for her
  • Title: Breaking Free
  • Author: L.L. Collins
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  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Breaking Free By L.L. Collins, Alexis Carson Nichols has had what anyone would describe as an idyllic childhood She has great parents, little brothers and sister that mean the world to her, and friends that are always there for her As she graduates from high school and gets ready to go to college, she feels like she has the world at her fingertips She can t wait to experience life as a young adult MAlexis Carson Nichols has had what anyone would describe as an idyllic childhood She has great parents, little brothers and sister that mean the world to her, and friends that are always there for her As she graduates from high school and gets ready to go to college, she feels like she has the world at her fingertips She can t wait to experience life as a young adult Maybe even get a boyfriend as long as her school comes first What she doesn t expect is to meet Greer Henderson Greer hasn t had a life anything like Alexis Sure, he s had the parents that loved him, but that was about it He s never been understood or even tolerated He s spent his life in a constant state of inner chaos and outer turmoil See, Greer has Aspergers When he finally gets up enough courage to take a few classes at his local college, he becomes lab partners with Alexis He thinks she s the most beautiful person he s ever laid eyes on, but he knows she won t want anything to do with him None of the kids ever do But if there s one thing he s good at, it s science As Alexis tries to break through Greer s tough exterior and understand his idiosyncrasies, she realizes that Greer may just be teaching her than she could ever imagine, and changing her life in insurmountable ways Can Alexis teach others how to love and accept Greer, even if he s different And can Greer, through Alexis, realize that all of his dreams are within his reach and that he s worthy of love after all
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      LL Collins is the self published author of the bestselling Living Again Series, the Twisted series, Back to the Drawing Board, and the Jaded Regret series LL has been writing since she was old enough to write Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out and start writing and try to make her lifelong dreams of becoming an author come true She has been a teacher for over ten years and lives in Florida with her husband and two sons.

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    1. I was so happy to see Alexis all grown up Such a sweet girl deserved her own story This was such a great fast read an awesome way to end the living again series.

    2. I have loved little Alexis since we first met her as a toddler in book one She has turned out to be my favorite character in the entire series Daddy Ben and Kayley did a great job raising our little princess Alexis is away at college now and has turned out to be the perfect all American girl She has a bright future in the medical world and is her mom and dad s pride and joy She is a kind and caring friend Greer is also in college with Alexis and has become quick friends with her Greer is differe [...]

    3. Wow LL Collins is brilliant and a talented author This book was beautiful, heartwarming and sad at times I haven t read all her books yet, but I really wanted to read this book I read this book in one sitting, it is a fast pace book but it is so good Alexis is a beautiful soul, she has grown up since book one and she is off to college, she meets the handsome, loving Greer Greer is a little different he has Asperger Asperger Autism is special to me, my son is autistic So I related to Greer on so [...]

    4. Alexis is all grown up Dr Ben Nichols and Kayley did an excellent job in raising Alexis to be an independent, loving, kind and caring person who loves completely She graduates high school and heads off to college Her social life is not much and she is a cheerleader for the school Alexis is focused in getting good grades and making her parents proud She meets Greer, a college student, that has Aspergers and they become friends Not instant friends because she had to break down his walls Everyone o [...]

    5. OHH MYLL Collins I abso freaking lutely love you Every time I read one of your books I swear it is my absolute favorite and then you come out with a new one and you have me falling in love all over again The Living Again Series has completely wrecked me from the start but I have loved every second of it I am soooo not ready for this series to be over but the way you ended it all was PERFECT Breaking Free is the story of Alexis Nichols I have loved Lexie from the very start Her and Ben together a [...]

    6. This is book 4.5 in the Living Again Series This is the final book It is Alexis and Greer s story I gave this book 5 stars What a way to end the series High five to LL Collins for an amazing ride This is a novella about Alexis who was a baby in Living Again the first book in the series This book is not a standalone When we first meet Alexis we see her as a baby We watch her grow and we fall in love with her almost instantly She is spunky and full of life, she is loving and caring, she is a beaut [...]

    7. What a brilliant and emotional end to one of my favourite series I was sorry to see the Living Again series finish but am glad that we got to revisit some of the characters in this novella I think that this is a perfect ending and rounds of the series in a way that makes you want to read them all over again.Instead of revisiting a previous couple in the series, we are given Lex s story of her finding her own feet and breaking free into her own life This book is set during Lex s college years whe [...]

    8. Breaking Free is a phenomenal book that I couldn t put down This book was refreshing because it doesn t fall into the typical romance book There are so many issues that children have to deal with growing up and often carries into adulthood Growing up without friends because you are considered different is not right Others should attempt to understand the differences to find away to connect Alexis graduates from high school and goes away to college to follow her dream to be a doctor like her fath [...]

    9. The author makes it clear that this novella is the final book in the Living Again series There will be many fans disappointed at that but they can at least take pleasure in another wonderfully crafted book.Alexis was in the very first book even before she was born This novella takes her from the last months of high school thru college, relationships and into work.The fact that her main relationship could be seen as being controversial, or unusual adds a level of understanding and compassion seld [...]

    10. Yes, I am aware this is the last book in the Living Again series And no I haven t read any of the others in this series I heard about this book from a friend and decided to read it since I enjoy YA and I wanted to see how the topics of this story were handled I was impressed with how easy it was for me to come into this story blind of the past books and not become confused There were times I could tell things hinted at situations in the past books, but never did I feel as if I were missing vital [...]

    11. Wow An emotional end to a super emotional series I can t believe the Living Again series is finally over, but this story was the perfect end to such a powerful series Lex is all grown up and starting college, excited to live on her own She meets Greer who s her lab partner and instantly takes a liking to him, but Greer is different than the other guys she knows.Their friendship progresses and you fall in love with these characters Lex is an amazingly strong character who definitely stands up fo [...]

    12. Another truly amazing read by one of my fave Authors.Breaking free is a Novella about AlexisWho we have grown to love throughout the other books in this seriese has turned into a beautiful young compassionate womanis is her journey of finding herself and finding love with a truly remarkable man.Greeroh Greer where do I start he had an amazing heart and a beautiful soul but he also lived with a fight every single day of his lifehe struggled and fought each day but Alexis saw him and together they [...]

    13. This book was beautifully written from the heart, there is no other way to explain it I loved hearing about what an amazing young woman Alexis grew up to be She had my heart for so long, you couldn t fall in love with her any in Living Again Everybody has obstacles in life, some are harder and some don t seem so bad But everything is always easier if there is someone there who gets you, really gets you This is what this story is about, to me it is anyways Alexis befriends a beautiful boy Greer B [...]

    14. What a perfect end to a perfect series I would have expected no less from L L Collins Alexis is a sweetheart Of course, I expected nothing less from Ben and Kayley s daughter They raised her right She is not only beautiful on the outside, but her inside beauty shines greater than that of the outside Alexis is all grown up and going to college While there she meets Greer Greer has a disability that cause him to be bullied Alexis sees past all of his insecurities and worms her way into his life Th [...]

    15. LL Collins has done it, again This novella brings the Living Again series full circle, showing us how Lexi, from Living Again, grew up into a beautiful, kind woman, who fights for the rights of those being bullied We would expect nothing less of her character You will meet Greer and fall in love with this young man who has his share of hurt and loneliness You will get a look at the life of those bullied on a daily basis a look at the life of those that may seem different to everyone around them, [...]

    16. Another home run for LL Collins Even though this was only a novella, boy did it come with a punch of emotions The author hits home on situations that society has been trying to deal with and solve for the last number of years I loved that she brought it to the forefront and addressed in a very positive and healing way Alexis is all grown up and headed to college There she meets Greer He isn t the same as all the other boys and she likes that about him Greer keeps his distance not understanding w [...]

    17. Wow, Alexis is all grown up She is a beautiful, loving and caring women She is now at college and meets a boy who has Aspergers She tried to break through to him to become friends, he is hesitant since he isn t used to girls wanting to be his friend She discovers what a great guy he is and loves spending time with him Could they become than friends Just like the other books in this series, it is an emotional read Have your Kleenex ready This is a beautiful story and a great way to end the serie [...]

    18. Love this whole series Breaking free closes out the loving again series we get so see Alexis all grown up and going have to her dream college Lexi gets partnered with Greer, he has Aspergers and isn t a fan of being touched Greer and Lexi become close I loved following the budding relationship and seeing where everyone from books 1 4 are now I m going to miss everyone In this series but I know L L Collins will give us something wonderful to follow

    19. Will write a better review when Breaking Free releases But for nowAll I can say is this book is special and it s truly the most sweetest book I ve ever read Alexis is all grown up and we get to see the amazing woman she is growing into Highly recommended for any age group

    20. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.This book is all kinds of wow I loved the romance, the friendship and the overall message of tolerance Absolutely fantastic Highly recommend the entire series Each book is extremely worth reading.

    21. This one will probably touch a little too close to home for me because my son is autistic but I can t wait to read it

    22. Awww this is gonna be so cute to read, can t wait

    23. Just wow Bittersweet story after having read this whole series Reading Alexis and Greer s love story had me in happy tears Reading Alexis all grown up, had me in reminiscent tears Reading about Greers story and bullying had me in sad and angry tears You must definitely read all the books in the series prior to this novellabut I highly recommend I m going to miss the whole gang so very much

    24. Breaking Free is the final story in the Living Again Series And while it s only a Novella, it sure packs one hell of a punch This story is one of true acceptance, learning to be comfortable in your own skin and be comfortable in who you are, and finding someone who s willing to love you for simply just being you Differences and all.Alexis was first introduced to us in the first book in this series Living Again , as a baby She makes an appearance in all the books in the series, and throughout the [...]

    25. 5 Break Out Stars Well, I sound like a broken record when it comes to LL Collins This series is one of my favorites I fell in love with Alexis AKA Lexie in the 1st book of the seriesLiving Again about her mom Kayley I felt like from page 1 to the very last page I cried And, somehow it doesn t surprise me that Alexis is all grown up and I m crying again Now, Alexis is all grown up and headed to college Her relationship with her father Ben still brings me to tears Ever since the day he met her the [...]

    26. Very good series, but took a little bit to get through all five books I think that I experienced every emotion while reading the box set L.L Colin s came through again with awesome writing and it seems like she transfers you into her books All five books had very strong characters and each situation was different You will want to rad all five because they build off each other.Living again is the first book and it is a heart wrenching story This book is the foundation of the box set Kayley is a v [...]

    27. This is all about a young girl s will to break free from her home and family to find independence at a college university Right away, I applauded the pursuit of higher education and growing up I agree that high school is nothing like college it s better On first impression, Alexis seemed too perky and perfect valedictorian, cheerleader, lots of friends, guys asking her out, and wanting to be a doctor And then there was Greer, who was the opposite the nerd, the tech geek, the friendless, the one [...]

    28. This series is one of my all time favorite series I am so sad to know it is over, but am glad I rode the ride If you haven t read this series, I highly recommend it Just be warned you will need massive amounts of tissues LL Collins can write one hell of a tear jerker, but the stories are always amazing.This is a novella about Alexis You can read it as a standalone but to get the full impact of the story, you should read the series first We met Alexis in the first book of the series, Living Again [...]

    29. This novella was a fantastic ending to the Living Again series It was also bitter sweet I m going to miss all of these characters so very much.Seeing how Alexis Nichols has turned out was awesome She has always been a very special, intelligent, caring and exceptional girl and growing up hasn t changed that in the slightest It was a foregone conclusion that she would find someone just as exceptional to spend her life with and Greer Henderson didn t disappoint Everyday life was a struggle for Gree [...]

    30. What a beautiful book WARNING This is a novella and not intended to be read as a standalone This is one of my all time favorite series Every single book in this series is full of emotions, heartwarming stories and amazing characters Breaking Free is no different This is Alexis and Greer s story Little Lex is all grown up and Dr Ben and Kayley have done an amazing job raising a beautiful, smart, kind and caring young woman Alexis meets Greer in her first college class when he is assigned as her l [...]

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