Trompe l'Oeil

Trompe l'Oeil By Nancy Reisman, Trompe l Oeil During a vacation in Rome the Murphy family experiences a life altering tragedy In the immediate aftermath James Nora and their children find solace in their Massachusetts coast home but as the y
  • Title: Trompe l'Oeil
  • Author: Nancy Reisman
  • ISBN: 9781941040034
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trompe l'Oeil By Nancy Reisman, During a vacation in Rome, the Murphy family experiences a life altering tragedy In the immediate aftermath, James, Nora, and their children find solace in their Massachusetts coast home, but as the years pass the weight of the loss disintegrates the increasingly fragile marriage and leaves its mark on each family member Trompe l Oeil seamlessly alternates among severalDuring a vacation in Rome, the Murphy family experiences a life altering tragedy In the immediate aftermath, James, Nora, and their children find solace in their Massachusetts coast home, but as the years pass the weight of the loss disintegrates the increasingly fragile marriage and leaves its mark on each family member Trompe l Oeil seamlessly alternates among several characters points of view, capturing the details of their daily lives as well as their longing for connection and fear of abandonment Through the turbulence of marriage, the challenges of parenthood, job upheavals, and calamities large and small, Trompe l Oeil examines family legacies, the ways those legacies persist, and the ways they might be transcended Nancy Reisman is a master of psychological acuity, creating characters who are wholly unique and yet express our own longings and anxieties Trompe l Oeil haunts not only with its story but also with the beauty of its insight into hopes, desires, and fears.
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    1. We meet the Murphys of New England prior to the horrific tragedy that befalls their family We witness and live through the accident and we share their grief with them But it s the aftermath of the tragedy when we really get to know this family intimately and for some of them, that s saying a lot.Reisman gives us a complex, sensitive portrait of the family members, as each deals with the death of a child in their own way, making sense of their place in the world Some family members lived through [...]

    2. I read this book after it was featured in the NY Times Book Review I read it because I was fascinated by the premise A family of 5, a happy couple with an older boy and two younger girls go to Rome The smallest girl runs into the street and is hit by a truck and is killed How does it affect the family dynamics How does it affect the middle girl, who let go of her hand Well, I though it was an existential nightmare It s somewhat interesting to watch as the wife has not one, but two girls.All of [...]

    3. Thank you for the book, Trompe l Oeil by Nancy Reisman I really debated between giving this 3 stars and 4 stars The book was very well written I love the language the sentence structure The only reason I couldn t give it 4 stars is because it was so depressing I know the author was trying to convey sorrow and at that she does a wonderful job It was just difficult to continue to read about such profound sadness.

    4. Impressionistic story about a child s death and how it affects the family left behind There s relatively little plot, and such plot developments as there are tend to happen offscreen, as it were the main focus is on how the absence of the child changes how the surviving family members think of themselves and their house Children born after Molly s death are sometimes viewed as not Molly, and the parents come to see their present selves as alternative versions of the selves that would have existe [...]

    5. This is, in my opinion, a cautionary tale to living in the past and not moving on or enjoying the present.Yes, a horribly sad event takes places in this book, which catapults the remaining characters into stagnant character and life development I understand that these things are life shattering, and have known many people who have experience horrible events like this What is astounding is that, instead of seeking help, these characters wallow in their misery and choose not to communicate but to [...]

    6. A profoundly sad foundation young family vacations in Rome, 4 year old Molly lets go of her sister s hand, darts into the street, and is killed We follow the stories of parents Nora and James, already born siblings Theo and Katy, not yet born sisters Sara and Delia We see how the loss and ever present threat of loss define each character I especially appreciated mother Nora s development She is neither heroic, nor lost She fashions a life not completely defined by marriage or children, or the lo [...]

    7. As a tale from upper middle class life without a single reference to events apart from the family involved, this is not the type of book I usually like But there was something about it the consistent dreamy quality, perhaps, infused by an author musing on what family life means when there is the loss of a child, the addition of children, various ascents to adulthood, and perhaps the fulfillment of the mother, in the manner of disappearing back into her old new self after all is said and done, a [...]

    8. This book was so different from anything I ve read I took a look at some of the other reader reviews and agree that 1 it was very sad 2 it could have been tightened up a bit and 3 it hovered between good and great The Murphy s are a young family enjoying the American Dream when it all is tragically altered during a trip to Italy What was unexpected and fascinating was the way the author examines the continuing echoes of the tragedy in the lives of the Murphy s The author has great insight into t [...]

    9. There are so many interiors in one life and even in one family This book excels at illustrating these interiors as if they were paintings on a wall coming to life There are very few things happening in terms of action plot, and yet, lives are unfolding and beginning and ending and folding into one another and diverting again and again that you can t help but feel as if it s all swirling around you just the way it does every day without you noticing This book notices everything and echoes it bac [...]

    10. This is a very well written book The first novel by an author who has received many awards for her short stories At first I wondered if this should have been a short story or novella but now that I ve finished I see why she needed that much space She really immerses the reader in this families environment so you almost feel you have been to the house on the coast just before the Cape It seems a simple enough family saga but there is much going on beneath the surface There are just some beautiful [...]

    11. The storytelling is fine and the plot kept me interested as the Murphy kids aged from 10 and 7 and the newborns into their own careers and parenthood 30 years later But as the little one stayed 4 years old forever it was just not credible that nobody sought professional grief counseling The marriage was doomed from the start but the remaining in the past, even for the two kids not born at the time of the trauma, was not reasonable I get that the mother was into art, and the sections describing a [...]

    12. I know I connect with a book when my thoughts start to mirror the narrative style and that is just what happened here An incredibly sad, but beautifully told story simply of a family in the wake of tragedy and beyond, there is not much dramatic beyond that initial tragedy that happens, yet I could not put it down as I fell in love with Nora and in and out of love with the various other flawed but human characters The end came on a bit quickly, time seeming to speed up, but I suppose such is real [...]

    13. Tromple L Oeil hovers between good and great Great in its lyrical prose and indelible descriptions I thought it was a bit too long for the subject matter, and at a certain point I felt I d gotten the point and was slogging to the end That being said, the story is well told and I cared very much about the characters And I loved the interludes about various paintings of women, mostly of the Magdalen I would certainly recommend this book but I don t know that I would recommend it to everyone.

    14. This is a bit over long, I think A very detailed exploration of a family shifting apart, after the tragic accident that kills one family member on a holiday trip overseas.The years pass, the other children grow up, new ones are born, but the family unit is forever altered in ways that are sad and difficult Well written, mostly very interesting and introspective, but I think it could have been tightened up a bit.

    15. This wasn t a favorite for a few reasons I didn t like the short chapters and the sections about the artwork in Rome took away from the story for me The other reason I wasn t feeling positive is that by page 36 we learn that the 4 year old in the family is killed when she runs out in front of a truck I was reading this as I babysat for 2 granddaughters, one of whom turns 4 this week.

    16. Certainly enjoyable Fundamentally puzzling Deftly written Good characters Love Nora Doll s House Like Theo Sara, probably Haunted house s Katy bratty Richard s pale What I fail to understand is what Nancy Reisman wanted to share, or help me understand, beyond the fact that we all travel through time, space and relationships Good read Quick read Puzzling.

    17. I just didn t love this book I never identified with any of the characters I also think that Molly s death did not change the trajectory of their lives Probably Sara and Delia would not have been born but I think Nora and James were headed for divorce before Rome

    18. This book is the breathtaking story of the Murphy family s attempt to rebuild their lives after a tragic accident The writing is luminous and the characters are achingly real Highly recommend this masterful novel

    19. It was hard to put this one down The way a single tragedy shaped every life in this family was fascinating, even those who weren t born when it happened Really well written and the character development was excellent.

    20. Beautifully written but sad The eternal question how do you survive a great tragedy How do you, your spouse, your existing and future kids cope Four year old Molly runs into the street and is hit by a truck during a family vacation in Rome The world cracks and the Repaors itself, sort of

    21. It s a simple but tragic story, very beautifully written The author s insights into the long term psychological ramifications of the tragedy, for each character, are incredible Often she captures so many nuanced details I felt she must have lived through it herself.

    22. Would have been 5 stars, just was grindingly depressing Really well written Awesome how she handled great leaps of time Worth it, even granted the darkness.

    23. Odd, aloof book story told by observations that seem often to come from across the street or outside the house Lots of looking in, for the reader and the characters.

    24. This was an interesting theory that after the death of their third child, the family could not move ahead Everything seemed to come back to that death, over and over.

    25. More like a 4.5, but this is one of the most accurate, moving, cathartic books I ve read about the grief that follows you when you lose a member of your family before their time.

    26. I enjoyed the book, but kept waiting for It felt like a missed opportunity for what could have been a very good book.

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