Burning for Revenge

Burning for Revenge By John Marsden Suzi Dougherty, Burning for Revenge The world is in flames When you re on your knees there s only one thing to do stand up again Ellie and her friends have stared defeat in the face They have felt its hot breath They have been bashed an
  • Title: Burning for Revenge
  • Author: John Marsden Suzi Dougherty
  • ISBN: 9781742601427
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Burning for Revenge By John Marsden Suzi Dougherty, The world is in flames.When you re on your knees there s only one thing to do stand up again Ellie and her friends have stared defeat in the face They have felt its hot breath They have been bashed and battered by it, brought to breaking point Now it s time to hit back Now it s time to come out fighting Now they really are burning for revenge Packed with actionThe world is in flames.When you re on your knees there s only one thing to do stand up again Ellie and her friends have stared defeat in the face They have felt its hot breath They have been bashed and battered by it, brought to breaking point Now it s time to hit back Now it s time to come out fighting Now they really are burning for revenge Packed with action The Age Gripping, intelligent and thoroughly entertaining The Sun HeraldDuration 6 hours, 54 minutes Unabridged
    Burning for Revenge By John Marsden Suzi Dougherty,
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      See also John Marsden.His first book, So Much To Tell You, was published in 1987 This was followed by Take My Word For It, a half sequel written from the point of view of another character His landmark Tomorrow series is recognized as the most popular book series for young adults ever written in Australia The first book of this series, Tomorrow When The War Began, has been reprinted 26 times in Australia The first sequel of a new series of books featuring Ellie Linton from the Tomorrow series The Ellie Chronicles was published in 2003, with the second novel and third novels released in November 2005 and November 2006 respectively.

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    1. What is it about Marsden s writing that has you believing a group of teens can save their country Blow up airplanes Kill soldiers and go bush and have you feel every pain, tear, angry and happy there were a few here and there moment These are a Must read if you enjoy action packed, heroic, angsty books They stick with you Thinking about these Aussie teens like they are non fictional Thats Marsden

    2. Ellie, Homer the others are back among the action in this the 5th book in The Tomorrow Series After their failed attempts to hurt the enemy in the previous book, this time they are back with a bang in ways than one Action a plenty the teens dealing with the psychological emotional effects of the war their relationships with each other, makes for another great instalment in this series.Thanks to Mish for recommending I try the audio for this series, you were right the narrator really does suit t [...]

    3. The Tomorrow series continues in this 5th installment of Ellie and her friends trying to make it through the world.There s very little dialogue in this book most of it is action I don t really mind, although I find that the dialogue helps continue to build the characters.The funny thing about why I keep reading these books isn t the suspense I totally peeked at the end of this book so I knew what was coming but it s the way that Marsden writes his action These scenes are so compelling The scene [...]

    4. I think I could read about 20 books in this series if they existed Once again the kids pull off some guerrilla warfare with lots of great explosions and action The relationships continue to develop and I was happy to see Kevin have a bit of a bigger role in this book since he tends to get sidelined a bit It s great to see the characters evolving I kept thinking about why I love this series so much and I decided that it s because of all the little back stories Ellie tells about the characters It [...]

    5. This ends things with a bang and the unfortunately situation where they cannot trust anyone outside the group The book is slow burning this time around, at least they don t leave the country like they did a few novels back They now understand that the fight is far from over and the revolution is only in the beginnings I liked the character development a little better with this story, Leigh finally reveals something about himself that Ellie is shocked to discover The book is a little formulaic th [...]

    6. This review was originally posted on The Moonlight Library After their failure to do anything successful in the last book, our intrepid teens decide it s time to go out and fuck up the war effort some Completely by accident they find themselves inside the very airfield the missing Kiwi soldiers were planning to attack Surrounded by enemies, will our heroes make it out alive, and can they cause some chaos while they do it Lee is completely unpredicatable in this book Half the time he s raging, o [...]

    7. Another good entry in the series, although I m happy there are only two left as this was definitely the weakest book so far Still strong, but minor annoyances from the previous books are beginning to grate a little After the failed bombing of the airbase in the last book, the gang find themselves in the unlucky position of getting taken into the base while hiding in the back of a truck from some troops, suffice to say, craziness ensues The attack on the base, is as always with this series, very [...]

    8. Plot summary After the disappearance of the New Zealand troops in Darkness, Be My Friend, Ellie and her friends are back in Hell But when they re informed that air support can t be spared to get them out, they decide that it s time to take action After finding out what s been happening to their family and friends, they re all out for a little revenge.Thoughts The title of this book is enormously appropriate Yes, they re all still emotionally traumatised by the war But their desire to fight back [...]

    9. AWESOME i loved the nitty gritty stuff this book isnt nice, it doesnt cut back on the details because they make us uncomfortable it gets right up in your face and makes you feel like your the main character going through this war just trying to survive and help get your country back ellie, the main character isnt out there she totally believable with normal teenage flaws actually its kind of creepy for an older male author to get it so right.while im sure many parents wouldnt want there children [...]

    10. Probably the most emotional story yet Whew The teens accidently find themselves right in the middle of the mission that failed in the last book Kevin falls appart and the others have no choice but to drag him along right into the middle of the action.

    11. Ich finde diese Reihe wirklich super, aber so langsam sollte es mal ein Ende geben Elli und ihre Freunde erleben immer wieder Neues und stiften weiterhin Unruhe, aber man ist so ein bisschen m de von den Abenteuern geworden.Trotzdem ist die Entwicklung der Protagonisten gro artig ausgearbeitet

    12. Ellie and her friends decide to leave the safety of Hell to journey to the nearby town of Stratton It s a perilous journey not least of all because the enemy s headquarters are somewhere along the way A careless mistake leads the group into the most dangerous situation yet and presents them with their greatest opportunity when they find themselves within the enemy s heavily fortified airbase But how much are the teens willing to risk, and when it comes to revenge or escape what will they choose [...]

    13. Picking up shortly after the conclusion of Darkness, Be My Friend, the teens find themselves back in Hell, feeling like they have been abandoned by the New Zealanders after their failed attempt to sabotage the local airport Each is driven by their own feelings as to what they want to do next, but as a group they once again make a decision and stick to it.After deciding that staying in Hell is not in the best interests of the group as a whole, they decide to make the trip to the nearest big city, [...]

    14. First things first Seriously, the Tomorrow series is better than The Hunger Games Way cooler lead female character who doesn t whine nearly as much.Burning for Revenge is the fifth book in the series and the story hasn t gotten old Granted, the targets that Ellie, Homer, Lee, Kevin, and Fi pick out keep getting bigger and bigger, but it doesn t seem contrived I don t know how Marsden manages it because normally, I would think, Right, a bunch of teenagers are going to take out an airfield But the [...]

    15. After the failed attempt in Darkness, Be My Friend to hurt the enemy, Ellie and her friends are back in the fifth book of this series, longing for revenge and hurt than ever This book is one of the action filled books in the series, but it still gives the characters enough to develop themselves It is written so vividly that you can see through the characters minds and imagine why they take sudden actions and how a long time in a war zone can wear you out, not only psychically but also mentally [...]

    16. Burning for Revenge is the fifth book in the tomorrow series and let me assure you the action and the explosions don t let up in this book As always the book picks up right were it left off,The journey to Stratton isn t an easy trip, especially when the enemy s headquarters lie somewhere along the way And that s exactly where Ellie and her friends unwittingly find themselves With only five of them against hundreds of armed soldiers, escape seems like a suicide mission But Stratton is where Ellie [...]

    17. Stranded in their home country of Australia, Ellie, Homer, Lee, Kevin, and Fi struggle to find a way to make a difference in the war With no sign of the Kiwi soldiers, they know they are on their own once again With security tightening around the area, it is difficult than ever to move around the occupied areas.When an amazing opportunity falls into their laps, they can t ignore it no matter how dangerous Knowing they might not make it out alive Ellie and her friends set out to hurt the invadin [...]

    18. Wow, this one was thrilling I pretty much read it all in one go and couldn t put it down, I was glued to the pages and hovering on the edge of my seat, practically holding my breath Their attack on the airfield at last had me absolutely terrified for them, I was certain that all five wouldn t make it out alive view spoiler And then later on when Ellie followed Lee the traitorous jerk I was certain that he was doomed as well maybe a little sad that he did end up making it after what he did hide s [...]

    19. Damn, this is starting to get boring I think Marsden realised that the only way to keep such a series interesting was to keep ramping up the action, but after a while the sheer repetition and the constant tension gets boring anyway It was pretty obvious at the end of the third book that he at least left himself the option of turning it into a trilogy I wonder why he didn t just leave it there Did he want money, was he under pressure from his fans, did he just feel like writing some of it I can [...]

    20. 5 out of 7 books I should probably take a break and read something else before continuing on with this series because these teenagers are starting to wear me out The action sequences were good but I skimmed many pages of Ellie Mr Marsden philosophizing over anything and everything Being in her head starts to give me a headache No wonder her boyfriend cheated on her and one of the other kids is having a mental breakdown The girl can be annoyingly intense or intensely annoying, either way.I will f [...]

    21. Another great read in the teen series, this book moves at a frenetic pace and is hard to put down Sometimes I find the coincidences get a little grating they are often on the brink of being discovered shot captured and then something miraculous happens and they survive to fight another day, but the strength of these books lies in their development of human relationships and how the teens cope in such a stressful environment Every time I finish one of these books I wish I had the next one to star [...]

    22. This book is the best in the tomorrow seris so far, it had me reading it 9 o clock each night this book was completely unpredictable, crazy, and scary the main character in this book is ellie, homer, fi and kevin who had a nervice break down in this book, normally he has a strong personality and is always perservering, but in this one he just couldn t cope with their biggest attack ever ellie s personality ahs been changing as well, before she cared for everything and anything but now, she doesn [...]

    23. In my opinion this was a great book This book kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to read The other did a great job showing the characters emotions I can t wait to read the other five books That is how good i thought this book was I just want to keep reading I highly recommend this series.

    24. I like the premise of this series, and I did enjoy the first book, but I m pretty sure I stopped reading the series in the middle of this book I just lost interest In my own opinion each book felt similar and I became bored I guess this isn t really my preferred genre I would like to eventually go back and re read the books I ve read and finish the series One day

    25. Menos mal, acci n de nuevo En el cuarto libro no hab a mucha acci n bueno, en realidad no hab a y me aburri un poco Debido a esto tenia pocas expectativas sobre el quinto libro pero, mamma mia, me ha encantado Ha vuelto la esencia de los primeros libros, esa acci n que me enganch.El final ha sido muy akwfsekjdn y no puedo esperar a leerme el sexto libro

    26. Another great read in the Tomorrow series Thrilling events in an airfield The kids bush walking stamina is remarkable My son loves this series and I m enjoying following on after him.

    27. I ve been dragging these books out for a year now, savoring them, not wanting the series to end And each time I read one of them, I fall in love all over again They are brilliant.

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