Ancestor Stones

Ancestor Stones By Aminatta Forna, Ancestor Stones Aminatta Forna whose moving and gorgeously written memoir garnered international attention has seamlessly turned her hand to fiction in Ancestor Stones a powerful sensuous novel that beautifully ca
  • Title: Ancestor Stones
  • Author: Aminatta Forna
  • ISBN: 9780802143211
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ancestor Stones By Aminatta Forna, Aminatta Forna, whose moving and gorgeously written memoir garnered international attention, has seamlessly turned her hand to fiction in Ancestor Stones a powerful, sensuous novel that beautifully captures Africa s past century and her present, and the legacy that her daughters take with them wherever they live Abie returns home from England to West Africa to visit her fAminatta Forna, whose moving and gorgeously written memoir garnered international attention, has seamlessly turned her hand to fiction in Ancestor Stones a powerful, sensuous novel that beautifully captures Africa s past century and her present, and the legacy that her daughters take with them wherever they live Abie returns home from England to West Africa to visit her family after years of civil war, and to reclaim the family plantation, Kholifa Estates, formerly owned by her grandfather There to meet her are her aunts Asana, Mariama, Hawa, and Serah, and so begins her gathering of the family and the country s history through the tales of her aunts Asana, lost twin and head wife s daughter Hawa, motherless child and manipulator of her own misfortune Mariama, who sees what lies beyond And Serah, follower of a Western made dream Set against the backdrop of a nation s descent into chaos, it is the take a family and four women s attempts to alter the course of their own destiny A wonderful achievement recalling The God of Small Things and The Joy Luck Club, it establishes Aminatta Forna as a gifted novelist.
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    1. Aminatta Forna

      Born in Glasgow, raised in Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom and now divides her time between London and Sierra Leone

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    1. Onvan Ancestor Stones Nevisande Aminatta Forna ISBN 871139448 ISBN13 9780871139443 Dar 336 Safhe Saal e Chap 2006

    2. Abie returns home from England to West Africa to visit her family after years of civil war, and to reclaim the family plantation, Kholifa Estates, formerly owned by her grandfather There to meet her are her aunts Asana, Mariama, Hawa, and Serah, and so begins her gathering of the family and the country s history through the tales of her aunts.If you read the description above, you will understand how this is a fixup novel a grouping of stories from the point of various aunts They fit together ni [...]

    3. Through the multiple points of view of 4 daughters, all from different wives, of a once powerful plantation owner, Ancestor Stones tells the stories of a large extended family and at the same time of Sierra Leone It is very powerful and richly detailed By having the very different aunties share their life experiences with their niece Abby, the author was able depict 4 very different women and how they dealt with life s hardships, marriage and just surviving in the world Some of the stories were [...]

    4. Really excellent about three generations of ordinary women from Sierra Leone all of whom were either the wives, daughters or granddaughters of a rich man Whilst it was an excellent depiction of what plural marriage the man had 11 wives does to women and their children, it is also an excellently drawn story of women s life in Sierra Leone from colonisation to independence and civil war But most of all it shows how strong these women were and how close knit their multi families had to be to surviv [...]

    5. I discovered Aminatta Forna when I read her memoir of her childhood in Sierra Leone as the daughter of a Temne doctor and a Scottish mother as well as the search for what happened to her father, who went into politics but refused to be corrupted and who subsequently disappeared After the civil war which nearly destroyed the country, Forna went back to Sierra Leone to visit her family and research her father s fate It was getting to know the women in her father s family that inspired her to write [...]

    6. The story of women in Sierre Leone from the colonisation time until the civil war narrated by four women who are the daughters of different wives of a tribe chief.The language is wonderful and the scenes are unique, each voice able to develop their perspective of a story entangle in the history of their country.Highly recommended

    7. Gostei muito deste livro, as 4 estrelas s o, na verdade, mais 4,5, faltou s um bocadinho para chegar ao 5 Est muito bem escrito e transporta nos para frica, atrav s das mem rias de v rias mulheres, cujas vidas se cruzam entre si Os contrastes entre europeus e africanos, contados do ponto de vista destas mulheres, s o tamb m muito interessantes, assim como a vis o de frica atrav s dos olhos de uma mulher que saiu de l muito jovem e estudou e casou na Europa.

    8. Ancestor Stones was written by Aminatta Forna who is half Scottish and half Sierra Leonean The novel is set in the West African country of Sierra Leone and reads like a heartfelt dedication to the author s homeland The story traces the lives of four half sisters Asana, Mariama, Hawa and Serah , who all share the same father from 1926 up to 1999 Written in a wonderful vignette style, we get to see four women in four different stages of their lives 1 childhood and relationship with their mother, 2 [...]

    9. Any story that involves the story line of a significant percentage of a man s eleven wives and their offspring will take some adjustment I had to flip back to the family tree to keep track of whose who But once I found the rhythm and began to get a feel for who goes where with whom, the story began to pull me in By the end, I was in deep.

    10. Een heerlijk boek Het boek vertelt de geschiedenis van Sierra Leone aan de hand van de levensverhalen van vier Afrikaanse vrouwen zalig om zo ondergedompeld te worden in Afrika Ik vond het boek ook prachtig geschreven vol prachtige beelden Aminatta Forna is een nieuwe ontdekking ik kijk ernaar uit om ander werk van haar te lezen.

    11. An absolutely beautiful book I m not sure what else i can say about itories through time, family, home, identity, change, love

    12. Aminatta Forna is one of my favorite authors She has the ability to truly give a sense of place and culture Abie returns to Sierra Leone to claim her inheritance, the Kholifa Estate While there she asks her four aunts half sisters from the same father their life stories, from childhood to old age From village life, to city life, and beyond I gave it three stars because I had so much trouble distinguishing the characters I had to keep going back to the chapter title to determine which character w [...]

    13. This is a novel, but it feels like a family oral history project in which four aunts from rural Sierra Leone tell the story of their lives starting in the 1920 s through 1999 It is the story of the struggle of a culture to survive western colonial and eastern Islamic pressures The stories provide the clues and the sparks to allow the original culture to have a chance to survive.By chance, I read this book right after reading Confessions of a Pagan Nun which tells the same story of colonial outsi [...]

    14. No, life isn t a straight line It is a circle, whose slow and gentle bend we fail to spot, until we realise we are back where we started Abie asks her aunties Asana, Hawa, Mariama, and Serah the story of their lives, growing up the daughters of the wives of a wealthy, African plantation owner Spanning almost 80 years, I was fully immersed in not only their culture but their country s history Watching as Islam and Christianity infringe on their Pagan beliefs, as wives wrestled with or settled int [...]

    15. A re read of this book was not only helpful in understanding the people and the area, but a soul stirring way to spend my days The beauty of the words and the stories of the lives of these women was very enriching Ancestor Stones is a sensually and beautifully written character driven story about five women from two generations whose lives have remained tied to West Africa, even though three of them have traveled far from home Aminatta Forna does an excellent job of giving individual voices to e [...]

    16. Esta obra formada pelos percursos de vida, contados na primeira pessoa, de quatro mulheres da Serra Leoa Abie uma jovem natural deste pa s, cujo pai viajou para a Europa, o que fez com que ela recebesse uma educa o de car cter ocidental Embora visitasse esporadicamente a sua terra natal, acaba por adiar constantemente uma nova visita, devido instabilidade pol tica vivida no pa s, at que recebe uma carta de um dos seus primos informando a de que herdou uma planta o de caf do seu av , um rico guer [...]

    17. I loved this book s setup with its many narrators I was surprised I hadn t heard of this novel before but am happy I randomly picked it up at the library I really enjoyed it I read this shortly after I read Edwidge Danticat s The Dew Breaker and I thought the two complemented each other well in both the format interwoven short stories and theme both books focus on women attempting to reconcile their familial past and I would think that most people who like one would also like the other I also th [...]

    18. I can still taste this book like a delicious morsel I am rolling around on my tongue and want to go back over again and again Suffice it to say that I really enjoyed Forna s Ancestor Stones this story of Sierra Leone told through the eyes of 4 sisters and spanning the whole 20th century from pre colonial territory to post war nation Forna, in an interview, said she was trying to explain how the civil war in Sierra Leone came about how many small actions build into a storm I found the book to be [...]

    19. I liked the stories of these 5 sisters from Africa The fact that they all had the same father, but not the same mother was interesting They all came from the same era, the same village, but their stories were very different However, I didn t like how the book was constructed, with one sister s story in one year, then another sister s story about the same year Then skipping ahead in years but going back to the first sister, etc I got confused about whose story I was reading, what was the first in [...]

    20. Beautiful prose, full of rewarding scenes and images, even if it does get a bit tedious at times It s a story of what it meant to be an African woman at the turn of historical tides and of a courage to live your life I loved Forna s storytelling, which successfully draws from the oral storytelling traditions of Africa I wouldn t worry too much about keeping track of different perspectives at the beginning of the book, just let yourself be drawn into the story and everything will fall into place. [...]

    21. This is the best book I have read in a long time I absolutely loved it A warmth envelops this parcel of gems that is each story As long and deep as it is thought provoking, a novel that can move you to laughter and tears in the same chapter I entered this garden of enlightenment a stranger and left with a new family Lovely in every way

    22. There s divination with ancestor stones, matrifocal viewpoints on the history and culture of Sierra Leone and endangered Paganism in the midst of an Islamic community It should be fabulous, but not all the content was so interesting I spent a great deal of time just turning pages looking for something that would anchor my attention.

    23. Beautifully written novel which explores several generations of Sierra Leonean women INcludes one of the most undernarrated themes around women s political agency Some stirring scenes in the book will stay with me for a long time including one which the writer says is modeled after a true experience of her mother.

    24. Good book if you are interested in West Africa Found some of the character plots hard to follow, mainly because of the rotation of characters between chapters, the different time periods, and as some characters had similarities between their life stories.

    25. I have a feeling that my reaction to this book is very personal, so don t take this as a warning not to read it It s set in Sierra Leone, which reminds me very much of Nigeria where I spent four years as a kid I found it extremely depressing, and have put it away, at least for now.

    26. Reading this book made me feel nostalgic I yearned for my grandmother s cooking and story telling by the hearth The wording and descriptions in the book created a vivid picture of the past and most important of all the stories of emancipation of the women in the book, gave me food for thought

    27. Definitely worth reading for what it says about Sierra Leone, about its history, about its women, its politics And for some beautifully written passages.

    28. Great premise but disorganized structure that makes all the women s narratives run together It s hard to identify with anyone, let alone keep all the names and dates straight.

    29. Gorgeous family saga focusing on four women of a family in Sierra Leone, and their lives going through the decades of the twentieth century It s nice to read something of Sierra Leone than just civil war and ebola you can almost forget that in the meantime there are familes and people trying to get on with their lives.The story kicks off with Abie, granddaughter, inheriting a coffee plantation back in the homeland She s settled in London with her Portho ie European husband and two kids, so her [...]

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