Tornado By Betsy Byars Doron Ben-Ami, Tornado A tornado appears in the distance and Pete the farmhand gathers everyone into the storm cellar While they wait for the storm to pass he tells the family about the dog dropped down by a tornado when
  • Title: Tornado
  • Author: Betsy Byars Doron Ben-Ami
  • ISBN: 9780064420631
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tornado By Betsy Byars Doron Ben-Ami, A tornado appears in the distance, and Pete, the farmhand, gathers everyone into the storm cellar While they wait for the storm to pass,he tells the family about the dog dropped down by a tornado when Pete was a boy Named Tornado, Pete s pet was no ordinary dog he played card tricks, saved a turtle s life, and had a rivalry with the family cat By the time Pete tellsA tornado appears in the distance, and Pete, the farmhand, gathers everyone into the storm cellar While they wait for the storm to pass,he tells the family about the dog dropped down by a tornado when Pete was a boy Named Tornado, Pete s pet was no ordinary dog he played card tricks, saved a turtle s life, and had a rivalry with the family cat By the time Pete tells all of Tornado s lively stories, the storm has passed, and another family has been entertained by this very special dog.
    Tornado By Betsy Byars Doron Ben-Ami, Tornado This article is about the weather phenomenon For other uses, see Tornado disambiguation For the current tornado season, see Tornadoes of Violently rotating column of air that is in contact with both the earth s surface and a cumulonimbus cloud in the air Tornado facts and information Aug , A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground It s often portended by a dark, greenish sky Black storm clouds gather Baseball size hail Tornado meteorology Britannica Mar , Tornado, a small diameter column of violently rotating air developed within a convective cloud and in contact with the ground Tornadoes occur most often in association with thunderstorms during the spring and summer in the mid latitudes of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Tornado Fox News After a deadly tornado swept through the heart of Tennessee last week, killing dozens and injuring many, the Nashville area and surrounding communities are pulling together with faith and resilience. Tornado Safety National Weather Service A tornado is a violently rotating column of air extending from the base of a thunderstorm down to the ground Tornadoes are capable of completely destroying well made structures, uprooting trees, and hurling objects through the air like deadly missiles Tornadoes can occur at any time of day or night and at any time of the year. Severe Weather Tornado Basics A tornado is a narrow, violently rotating column of air that extends from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground Because wind is invisible, it is hard to see a tornado unless it forms a condensation funnel made up of water droplets, dust and debris Tornadoes are the most violent of all atmospheric storms Where do tornadoes occur Tornadoes Ready Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air that extend from a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornado Safety Tips Tornado Preparedness Red Cross Tornadoes are violent they can completely destroy well made structures, uproot trees and hurl objects through the air like deadly missiles Although severe tornadoes are most common in the Plains States, they can happen anywhere Learn what to do to keep your loved ones safe. TOP BEST TORNADOES YouTube Nov , Tornadoes manifest themselves in all sorts of shapes and sizes Some are a wondrous bright white, others are dark horrific, monsters Most are Oldsmobile Toronado The Toronado was noted for its transaxle version of GM s Turbo Hydramatic transmission, making it the first U.S produced front wheel drive automobile since the demise of the Cord in The Toronado placed third in the European Car of the Year competition and won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award in the U.S.
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      Betsy Byars has written over sixty books for young people Her first published in 1962 and since then she has published regularly Her books have been translated into nineteen languages and she gets thousands of letters from readers in the United States and from all over the world.She has won many awards Among them are the Newbery Medal in 1971 for her novel The Summer of the Swans, the American Book Award in 1981 for The Night Swimmers, The Edgar for the best mystery for young people in 1992 for WantedMud Blossom and the Regina Medal by the Catholic Library Association for the body of her work She especially values her many state awards which were voted on by the readers of the state.Betsy attended public schools in North Carolina and graduated from Queens College in Charlotte, NC with a major in English She began her writing career five years after her graduation by publishing short magazine articles As she began to read to her children, her interest in writing for young people began.Our Home Betsy lives with her husband Ed on an air strip in South Carolina They are both pilots, and the bottom floor of their house is a hangar so they can taxi out and take off, almost from their front yard The top floor of the house Betsy s studio

    381 thoughts on “Tornado”

    1. What a great book To sum up why I like it 1 That dog the illustrations he looks JUST like my big old beastie warm fuzzies all around.2 The reading level plot characterization a great fit together This is an early chapter book that will hold young readers interest with a great story and memorable characters not least of which is the dog, Tornado It s not going to feel too young for older new readers, but it will still be understandable for young new readers.I think it will make a good read aloud [...]

    2. 4 1 2 stars This was a short, fun book I started reading it with one of my students who struggles in reading about a 3rd grade level and he enjoyed it so much he actually checked it out of the library on his own and was reading ahead I told another of my struggling readers about it and now she is reading it Good short stories within stories Keeps the interest of those of us with short attention spans.

    3. This book is brief, only 49 pages With large font, this is a great support for beginning readers and, hopefully a disappointment to readers when it ends too soon I love the foundation for the plot a family is stuck in a cellar during a tornado there is additional worry because the father is still out in the fields A farmhand provides the perfect diversion to the anxious group telling stories about his beloved, childhood dog, Tornado, who turned up at his home during a storm similar to what the f [...]

    4. This is a nice quick read for young dog lovers everywhere Each chapter is a short story about the adventures of Tornado, the dog who appeared on the family farm during a tornado The tales come together as stories told by the farm hand, remembering them from his own childhood, when the family that employs him is hiding in the cellar from another tornado and worrying about their missing husband and father The book is endearing and an easy read that would be ideal for making the transition to chapt [...]

    5. I liked the book but didn t It was a short book I wish it would have been larger in pages Also, it was a good the dog came from the town they lived in.

    6. Vignettes about a beloved family pet, Tornado Tornado appears, you guessed it, during a tornado Bobby adopts the dog and becomes good friends with him I like the story of the hole and the cat best Cute little book BOB 3 4

    7. The book Tornado by Betsy Byars is a book about a dog that flew into a boys yard during a tornado The boy got really fond of the dog very quick The dad didn t mind it either, just because it was so well behaved I liked this book because even though it was small it was really intense and great My favorite part was when Tornado came back to the boys house My least favorite was when the real owners took the dog from the boy and the boy s dad I would recommend this book to someone who likes happy en [...]

    8. Read with my third graders, who loved it I thought they would struggle with the story within the story, but they did really well with it.

    9. I love animal stories and this one was unlike anything I had heard before so I had to read it I just can t imagine the strength it must take to live in tornado alley and rebuild your life.

    10. Cute, super quick read I ll say 4.5 stars It almost feels like it needs a little This is a title on our school s Battle of the Books list.

    11. I just read this to my 9 year old daughter when she wasn t feeling so great and we both found it very enjoyable The stories about Tornado were very cute, funny and endearing.

    12. Book 12 A tornado is heading towards Pete s house, so he and his family takes refuge down in their cellar As the menacing storm passes, Pete discovers a dog that has been blown to their house by the tornado So they name the dog Tornado due to the way he was brought to them Pete chooses the name and the two become best friends However, Tornado is no ordinary dog he played card tricks, saved a turtles life, and had a rivalry with the family cat But one sad day, Pete s father takes Pete and Tornado [...]

    13. A very easy read meant for young students reading their first chapter books The tale is told during a tornado while a family is in their cellar The children are distracted by stories about a dog named Tornado who got into funny situations.

    14. there is a part of me that goes awww he got his puppy and then there is a party of me that is utterly repulsed at the fact that rather than return buddy a second time they, they quietly kept him without looking for the owners it s not like the book Shiloh, where the dog was abused it was a little girls dog and she loved him.

    15. While waiting out a tornado, Pete, the farmhand, tells the story of how he found his beloved dog, Tornado With short chapters and easy storytelling, this is a good read aloud This will be a favorite for young dog lovers.

    16. Perfect for 2nd or 3rd graders, this is a book on the short and straightforward side In the beginning, the family has to rush to the cellar due to a tornado Father is missing, and in what seems like an attempt to get the family s mind off of worrying for father, Pete starts telling stories from the past The stories revolve around an old family dog named Tornado The stories are short, but span years I just used this book for two of my low guided reading groups in the end of our 3rd grade year It [...]

    17. Luke s review this book was about a nice black dog named Tornado I loved all of the little stories about Tornado One story made me sad, but then it had a happy ending which was great Momma s review I loved this book because the author obviously is a dog lover in little ways, her words proved that she knows dogs and loves them this book reminded me so much of the black lab I owned as a child whose name was Coal I find it exceedingly difficult to find wholesome early chapter books that are truly g [...]

    18. I think that I would grant this book two and a half stars Betsy Byars is as good as ever in this very short read, but the accompanying pictures by Doron Ben Ami are some of the best that I have ever seen They are so finely detailed and smooth that I could actually believe that they are photographs There have been many stories of loyalty between a boy and his dog, but this one has some very good elements that make it a worthwhile read, and the circumstances under which the tale is told make it pe [...]

    19. I got this book at a garage sale and mainly just because of the black lab on the front of it I have a black lab who I love and adore I am really glad that I picked it up because it was a really sweet story.There was nothing that I did not like about this book I loved all the stories that the children told while waiting the storm out I smiled at some and got teary eyed at others.I think this would be a great book for second graders on up Even adults will like this story It would also make a great [...]

    20. Tornado by Betsy ByarsTornado is a sad, funny and realistic novel The characters are Pete, Tornado, Five Thirty, mom, dad and the dog s original owners The setting of this wonderful novel is the farmhouse near Kansas The story is about a dog named Tornado who gets sucked into a tornado and lands in a pile of rubble until a little boy named Pete finds him and brings him home to keep I liked the part when Tornado was playing card tricks with Pete and when he got riled up about Five Thirty and trie [...]

    21. Read this book with my second grader It s about a family who has to take shelter in a cellar when a tornado hits To pass the time a man tells a handful of stories about when he was a boy, experienced a tornado, and in the aftermath found a dog in a doghouse The stories center around the dog he found he named Tornado This book would be perfect for any primary reader who loves dogs My son prefers Dav Pilkey books and not dog stories so he wasn t much of a fan He read a few chapters and then I read [...]

    22. A sweet story of a boy and his dog perfect for transitional readers A doghouse lands in the yard of a family after a tornado, complete with dog The family take in the dog, name him Tornado, and he quickly becomes part of the family But Tornado didn t simply appear out of thin air he was someone else s beloved dog before This chapter book has a satisfying happy ending Great atmospheric illustrations.

    23. Such a great book Upon finishing, we immediately looked to see if there is another book with stories about Tornado the dog The premise is a family is taking shelter during a tornado and Pete the farmhand entertains them with stories about his childhood dog, who appeared after a similar tornado I m a sucker for a good dog story or two, and the style lends itself to be an excellent read aloud I d round up to 4 1 2 stars if I could.

    24. Drew Baker s Review Tornado is a great book if you love dogs I am not a fan of dogs Ya ll are probley going crazy reding this knowing i dont like dogs Tornado is about this family and there a nice family they live on land A tornado comes and they all have to get in the cellar room Anyway, they recive a dog and it runs away and at the end

    25. This is a great book for third graders It should transition them nicely into advance books chapter books It has less pictures than the books they read in second grade and also has continuity It s possible for a third grader to even read parts of this in several sittings It s a great transition book, but it suffers from a story that is not particularly engaging.

    26. This book is 49 pages, including the 8 pictures that are in it It also has large print Not a book that will take you five hours to read It is still good It s all about a family stuck in a cellar and a farmhand named Pete who tells about a tornado that carried a dog house, complete with a dog inside, to his house Amazing

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