Wake By Anna Hope, Wake Five Days in November As the body of the Unknown Soldier makes its way home from the fields of Northern France three women are dealing with loss in their own way Hettie who dances for sixpence
  • Title: Wake
  • Author: Anna Hope
  • ISBN: 9780857521941
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wake By Anna Hope, Five Days in November, 1920 As the body of the Unknown Soldier makes its way home from the fields of Northern France, three women are dealing with loss in their own way Hettie, who dances for sixpence a waltz at the Hammersmith Palais Evelyn, who toils at a job in the pensions office, and Ada, a housewife who is beset by visions of her dead son One day a young man comesFive Days in November, 1920 As the body of the Unknown Soldier makes its way home from the fields of Northern France, three women are dealing with loss in their own way Hettie, who dances for sixpence a waltz at the Hammersmith Palais Evelyn, who toils at a job in the pensions office, and Ada, a housewife who is beset by visions of her dead son One day a young man comes to her door He carries with him a wartime mystery that will bind these women together and will both mend and tear their hearts.A portrait of three intertwining lives caught at the faultline between empire and modernity, Wake captures the beginnings of a new era, and the day the mood of the nation changed for ever.
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    1. Anna Hope

      Anna Hope is an English writer and actress from Manchester She is perhaps best known for her Doctor Who role of Novice Hame She was educated at Wadham College, Oxford, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, and Birkbeck College, London Anna s powerful first novel, WAKE, sold to Transworld Publishers in a seven way auction Set over the course of five days in 1920, WAKE weaves the stories of three women around the journey of the Unknown Soldier, from its excavation in Northern France to Armistice Day at Westminster Abbey US rights were pre empted by Susan Kamil at Random House The book will be published in Doubleday hardback in early 2014 excerpted from and Felicity Bryan Associates Literary Agency

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    1. Post WWI Two years after the Armistice We are told three separate stories that brings us to the end story of The Unknown Soldier , a soldier coming from France The first three stories center around three English women, Hettie, Evelyn, and Ada , who are grieving and traumatized for the men they love son, lover, brother , dealing with their aftermath since returning home.or not returning home at all.Well researched well written a look at how women s lives are changed forever when they are the ones [...]

    2. staticim sys images BThroughout a period of five days, as the unknown soldier makes its way to Westminster, we follow the lives of three women who have been affected by the war Ava, my favorite, a mother who struggles with guilt over the death of her son in the war and wants only a body to bury, to know the why and where Evelyn, who lost her fianc in the war and also has a brother who was an officer and has returned, but is not the same Evelyn has become an embittered woman, she feels life has p [...]

    3. Why can t he just move on Not just him All of them All of the ex soldiers, standing, begging in the street, boards tied around their necks All of them reminding you of something that you want to forget It went on long enough She grew up under it, like a great squatting thing, leaching all the color and joy from life The war s over Why can t all of them just bloody well move on Oh my heart Once I started this well researched account of a post WWI historical, I was glued to the couch Anna Hope giv [...]

    4. Wake by Anna Hope.On completion of this novel by Anna Hope I came to realise what a wonderful title WAKE really is and what it means to the story Wake Werk1 Emerge or cause to emerge from sleep2 Ritual for the dead3 Consequence or Aftermath This novel is the story of three women in London in November 1920 coping and living in the aftermath of war as the city awaits the arrival of the unknown Soldier from France to his final resting place.This is a quiet book but tells a very emotional and real s [...]

    5. When I read a book on a kindle and keep trying to turn for the next page not realising accepting that it has ended, I truly know that I have been swept up in the writing and the characters Wake has been that type of book for me.Wake is the story of women and men left with emotional, personal loss after WWI and takes place during the few days leading up to the planned internment of the Unknown Soldier in London on the 2 year anniversary of the Great War armistice The city is full of unemployed me [...]

    6. 1920 London, when they have decided to bring home from France an Unknown Soldier to honor on Armistice Day The three female characters all have their own losses and stories to tell about England s participation in World War One France and their own paths to recovery Evelyn s brother Ed came home, not with any obvious physical changes, but changed nonetheless She can t understand why they are not as close as they once were, but then she has turned bitter and hateful also from her personal experie [...]

    7. For those who fought in World War I there were two likely outcomes they would die or they would be damaged, for the women who loved them life was less certain.Anna Hope has written a beautiful book following the five days prior to the internment of The Unknown Warrior at the Cenotaph Each chapter is a day and each of those days follows the journey of the coffin from France to Britain for the ceremony.The depth of descriptions of each the lives of the three women featured is outstanding, Ada, 45, [...]

    8. I have no doubt that Wake is going to be included in my Top Ten books of 2014, I know that it s only January, but this is a book that has had a huge effect on me The writing is sublime, but the story is one of horror and shame, and of ordinary people whose lives were left devastated by what was supposed to be the war to end all wars Told over just five days and ending on Armistice Day November 11 1920, Wake is a portrait of the lives of three women Hettie, Evelyn and Ada Each of these women bear [...]

    9. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I wont lie, when I finished Anna Hope s Wake, I was just happy to be done with it The frequent shifts between characters and the emotional drama of their individual stories left me mentally exhausted In point of fact I set my review aside, determined to clear my head before trying to compose my thoughts because I was so put out with my reading Thing is, the longer I let it sit, the I seemed to appreciate it On the surface Hope is depicting a t [...]

    10. Wake 1 Emerge or cause to emerge from sleep 2 Ritual for the dead 3 Consequence or aftermath The basics it s 1920 and focuses on the lives of three women impacted by The Great War and the preparations for the burial of the Unknown Soldier I think the book blurb and other reviews cover the individual stories enough, and I don t care to rehash it again Besides, 24 hours after finishing it, I feel like I m the one who has wakened from a dream and their stories are fading as quick as any dream I ve [...]

    11. Coming January 2014 from Randomhouse TransworldThank you kindly to the author and publisher for the unexpected pleasure of a copy of this book in the post.Wake 1 Emerge or cause to emerge from sleep 2 Ritual for the dead 3 Consequence or aftermath.The lives of three women are braided together, their stories gathering tremendous power as the ties that bind them become clear, and the body of the unknown soldier moves closer and closer to its final resting place.Right well the first thing to say is [...]

    12. Anna Hope s Wake is a touching and moving account of the affects of war on men and women alike The book opens by defining what the word wake means 1 Emerge or cause to emerge from sleep 2 Ritual for the dead 3 Consequence or aftermathEach definition can be used in one way or another to describe the characters Ada, Evelyn, and Hattie as we watch their stories unfold as the unidentified body of a World War I soldier is brought home to be buried It is the two year anniversary of Armistice Day and t [...]

    13. Not sure if there s another book out there that tells the story of the women of WWI as well as this one does Of course, the horrors and the trenches and the atrocities have been covered Perhaps never before in its reality by a female writer It was a horrid, horrid war One that will, hopefully, never happen again This is about the women living in post war Britain They ve lost sons, brothers, and loves to the war Dead or alive they are not the men and boys they saw go marching off They are now she [...]

    14. The setting is the 5 days before the burial of the unknown warrior in London in 1920, 2 years after the war ends Hettie is a 19 year old dancer for hire who is hoping the future will find her Evelyn is a 30 year old whose fiance was killed in the war, and her bitterness is eating her alive Ada s son was killed in 1917, and she sees his ghost around every corner Each of these women share a bond that they are not aware of as they try to find some sort of hope and ability to move beyond the grief a [...]

    15. Un tr s beau roman qui retrace la vie de trois femmes anglaises, toutes touch es par la premi re guerre mondiale, durant les cinq jours pr c dant l arriv e du Soldat Inconnu sur le sol britannique.Anna Hope donne superbement vie ses personnages touch s par la guerre, tentant de continuer vivre malgr la douleur L histoire est prenante et les pages d filent sans que l on s en rende compte Et plus a va, plus c est mouvant J ai vers ma petite larme la lecture d un chapitre o l auteure d crit une atr [...]

    16. 20 20Le chagrin des vivants c est la difficile reconstruction de tout un pays, de tout un peuple C est les ravages de la guerre dans tous les foyers, dans tous les coeurs C est les tapes progressives par lesquelles chacun va passer pour petit petit retourner la vie, sans jamais oublier, sans avoir bien souvent de r ponse, mais en acceptant malgr tout que la vie continue Un roman sublime.Ma chronique myprettybooks.wordpress 2

    17. How could I resist a novel written by the actress who played Dr Who s Novice Hame I wanted to love this I really, really did It had so much going for it the writing is charming in its simplicity, the connectivity is clever and, for the most part, appropriate It s clearly been well researched and the choice of title is perfect it completely encapsulates the mood and central concerns seems I needn t elaborate on this last bit since 90% of reviews have already rattled off the three definitions of w [...]

    18. Very good read, but a very depressing and heavy book overall If you need a pick me up this may not be the book to read at that particular time However, I recommend maybe when the days have sunshine than dark.

    19. Excellent, wonderful riveting read Why this book wasn t on the lips of everyone the year it came out is beyond me How do such amazing books get lost A compelling, emotional narrative about three women grappling with grief and change after WWI Gorgeously written, I will read anything by this author from now on Really impressive I COMMAND YOU TO READ IT

    20. Wake by Anna Hope is a novel set in the aftermath of World War I, intertwining the stories of three women who were affected by the war Hettie, Evelyn, and Ada All three women had men in their lives who were either killed, injured or emotionally affected by the war As they all attempt to move on with their lives, it is obvious that though the war may be over, its effects will last for a very long time.There were moments when I thought this could be a really good novel At times, pieces of each wom [...]

    21. When Alison Barrow at Transworld offered an advance reading copy of and I quote the debut I am most excited about for 2014 , I got all excited too how could I resist I devoured Wake by former actress Anna Hope in one glorious sitting I loved the strapline on the cover of my version a novel of loss and longing and learning to dance again who wouldn t be drawn in by that I m delighted to tell you that I absolutely loved it The writing is effortless, and the reading equally so this is a book to imm [...]

    22. I received this book as a digital ARC from the publisher through Net Galley in return for an honest review.Title WakeAuthor Anna HopeHardcover 304 pagesPub Date February 11th, 2014Publisher Random House NetGalley kindly sent this uncorrected proof of this book Thank you so much Wake is a multilayered story of three women, Hettie a dance instructress at the Palais, Evelyn, who works at the Pensions Exchange and Ada who is trying to find her son alive after the end of the Great War In the meantime [...]

    23. 25 OCT 2013 Whee for me I won this here on GR I am so excited and grateful A very nice letter came with the book from Erika Greber of the Marketing Department, The Random House Publishing Group She hopes I enjoy the book as much as she did Well, you know what I hope I enjoy it This is my sort of book a post WWI novel telling the life stories of three women and how the war changed their lives Happy, Happy, Happy Me 2 NOV 2013 Review under Thoughtful Construction 3 stars to hold a place And, reme [...]

    24. My attention was caught, first by a beautiful cover, and then by a title that appeared simple, but was actually full of meaning Wake is a word that speaks of both beginnings and endings of the very first moment of a new day, and of the final ritual at the end of a life It suits Anna Hope s first novel, a compelling account of lives that had been changed by the Great War, so very well Wake tells the story of three women s lives over the course of five days in November 1920 And it sets their stori [...]

    25. Over the last twelve months I ve read several novels about the First World War that have left me feeling a bit short changed and cynical writing that s like painting by numbers, lacking in energy, originality and effort to observe So much that s all the same so much that s cheaply sentimental so much that s dare I say it cashing in on the centenary How nice then pop goes my cynicism to find a writer who brings this era off the page with freshness and observes from interesting angles From the get [...]

    26. It is a rare thing when I read a three hundred page novel in two sittings, but I did so for WAKE.The story is a bit difficult to grasp at first it introduces three women who are strangers, each living in the wake of WWI, bearing their losses, their shell shock, their injuries to body and soul as the thousands of others in London do But as the novel progresses, the circles of the women begin to overlap and to intersect in startling ways, drawing ever closer to a dramatic and perfect conclusion.WA [...]

    27. I read a review of this book that said something like this For the men of WW1 there were two choices to die or to be damaged for the women at home the future was much less certain This is a beautiful book written about a period of five days in London 1920, 2 years after the Armistice , as the body of the Unknown Soldier ,which has been exhumed , is moved from France to London for the interment A ceremony which is intended to somehow diminish the suffering of those who mourn their devastating los [...]

    28. And she is alive For what She has endured Is enduring Killing time A lovely, elegiac novel about the ongoing effects of World War I on three English women who were left behind The narrative, set over five days in 1920, interweaves their three plot strands which eventually intersect in unexpected ways with the transport of the remains of the Unknown Warrior from France to London Compassion is a swamp It s better not to get stuck in it, Evelyn thinks but this is about how compassion elevates us ab [...]

    29. WakeSince the beginning of the year I have seen so much about this novel on Twitter and book blogs that eventually I had to just give in and buy it for myself No one seemed to have anything but praise for it, and so I was eagerly anticipating it as I sat down with it after a hard afternoon of gardening on Saturday Wake is such a brilliantly compelling, engaging novel that a little over twenty four hours later I finished it I love the title, beautifully apt the word wake with its associations of [...]

    30. I won this book in a First Reads giveaway, so thanks to Transworld Publishers for their generosity I m really not sure what rating to give this book I found it interesting reading and I m tossing up between 3 stars which would actually be 3.5 and 4 stars I think I might need to let it sit for a while before I can decide There are 2 angles to this book One angle is the selection and transport back to Britain of the remains of a soldier from WWI, which becomes the Unknown Soldier a memorial for al [...]

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