Emoții date pe față

Emoții date pe față By Paul Ekman Mihaela Costea Silviu Gherman, Emo ii date pe fa Vre i s afla i prin ce difer un z mbet fericit de un sur s for at Dori i s ti i ce sentimente ascunde copilul partenerul sau eful dumneavoastr Dup decenii de cercet ri ale emo iilor i expresiilor fac
  • Title: Emoții date pe față
  • Author: Paul Ekman Mihaela Costea Silviu Gherman
  • ISBN: 9789737075598
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emoții date pe față By Paul Ekman Mihaela Costea Silviu Gherman, Vre i s afla i prin ce difer un z mbet fericit de un sur s for at Dori i s ti i ce sentimente ascunde copilul, partenerul sau eful dumneavoastr Dup decenii de cercet ri ale emo iilor i expresiilor faciale, Paul Ekman i a sintetizat rezultatele n aceast carte, care combin excelent informa iile tiin ifice cu sugestiile practice Psihologul american explic oriVre i s afla i prin ce difer un z mbet fericit de un sur s for at Dori i s ti i ce sentimente ascunde copilul, partenerul sau eful dumneavoastr Dup decenii de cercet ri ale emo iilor i expresiilor faciale, Paul Ekman i a sintetizat rezultatele n aceast carte, care combin excelent informa iile tiin ifice cu sugestiile practice Psihologul american explic originea i modurile de manifestare ale principalelor emo ii umane furie, dezgust, triste e, bucurie, fric , surpriz i ofer instrumente utile pentru mai buna comunicare n familie i la serviciu Cartea include fotografii a zeci de chipuri ce acoper bogatul evantai al afectivit ii umane.Emo iile ne salveaz via a, dar pot s o i distrug Ne mping s ac ion m aparent rezonabil, dar i n moduri pe care ajungem s le regret m Scopul meu este acela de a i ajuta pe cititori s i n eleag i s i mbun t easc via a emo ional M uime te c , p n foarte de cur nd, oamenii de tiin , precum i nespeciali tii au tiut foarte pu ine lucruri despre emo ii, de i ele joac un rol esen ial n via a fiec ruia Paul EkmanOricine va citi cartea Emo ii date pe fa va deveni mai inteligent n privin a vie ii sale afective Ave i aici ghidul perfect vi se ofer o hart fermec toare, echilibrat i bine chibzuit a universului emo iilor umane Daniel Goleman
    Emoții date pe față By Paul Ekman Mihaela Costea Silviu Gherman,
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      248 Paul Ekman Mihaela Costea Silviu Gherman
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    1. Paul Ekman Mihaela Costea Silviu Gherman

      American psychologist that pioneered the study of emotions relationship to facial expressions.

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    1. Probably unsurprisingly, given my interests and passions, I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Paul Ekman, who is the real life inspiration behind Lie to Me s Cal Lightman well, up to the end of s1 anyway The book felt like it was really in two parts one was theoretical and covered the concepts of what exactly emotions are generally and in specific , the research behind claiming that certain emotions are universal, and the possible evolutionary usefulness of both emotion in general, and of specific [...]

    2. It s obvious that many people who read it are fans of the TV series Lie to me Well, yeah, this book is for amateurs I don t mean it didn t worth reading, but I d like it if the author had exposed his researches briefly Anyway, I understand why Ekman wrote it in such a familiar way His readers are very diverse I found Telling Lies a useful book.

    3. O carte din care ai multe lucruri interesante de invatat Paul Ekman e un geniu O recomand 5 din 5 stele Recomand sa vizionati si serialul Lie to me Este foarte interesant

    4. Ekman writes about the emotions These are anger, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt, happiness.While his focus is on universal facial expressions, Ekman has a lot to say about emotions They can go on for minutes Anything beyond a few seconds or minutes is a mood Beyond that they are a personality type Emotions have specific triggers, but moods just happen for unknown reasons Emotions motivate our lives and we organize ourselves to maximize positive emotions and to minimize negative emoti [...]

    5. I wasn t a huge fan of this book I notice a lot of people read it because the author is involved in a TV program I m giving it two stars because it did have a smattering of information buried under all his anecdotes and repetitive reminders I don t disagree with him at all about his main point, which is that facial expressions emotions are universal The best part of the book was probably the pictures of the different expressions or partial expressions I highlighted a few things that I thought we [...]

    6. A life time s work studying emotional facial expression, is made accessible to a general reader.Ekman shapes a number of aspects of cognitive coaching, which is how I came to the book, especially the problem resolving map The text supports an understanding that the major emotions have a strong transcultural identity and transcultural, distinct facial muscle movements which is no great surprise but importantly he identifies all the nuances that any normal human being would never pick up on witho [...]

    7. Me resulta dif cil valorarlo en un conjunto porque hay partes que me han gustado mucho, mientras que otras no tanto Lo que m s interesante me ha resultado ha sido el tema de la universalidad de las emociones, la comparaci n con otras culturas Tambi n est muy bien la descripci n de la expresi n de cada una de las emociones, principalmene por ir acompa adas de fotograf as que van representando rasgo por rasgo.Sin embargo, ante cada emoci n hace una presentaci n que me resulta excesivamente larga y [...]

    8. If you watched and enjoyed Lie to Me a television program that ran for 3 seasons you are likely to enjoy this book Lie to Me is based on the work of Dr Paul Ekman played beautifully by Tim Roth in the show , a world expert on facial expressions and a professor of psychology at the University of California medical school Using photographs and stories, Ekman tells and shows us how facial expressions are rich with information He also talks about what triggers emotion and what each emotion sadness, [...]

    9. This is the book on micro expressions and on how to read emotions from people s faces Ekman s research has inspired the TV series Lie to Me , which illustrates his work with reading facial emotions The book gives you a thorough insight, detailing seven different emotions and how they are universally portrayed in the face of all humans The first four chapters were in my opinion a bit of waste as they had a tendency to be sort of self help book ish, and gave the impression of less than serious wo [...]

    10. I simply expected I didn t find the situational examples useful, but I was fascinated by Ekman s research Although it s not totally relevant from the perspective of the main topic, it somehow disappointed me right at the beginning when Ekman wrote, I quote AIDS is such a virus Such a well researched scientist can t leave a mistake like that in his book AIDS is not a virus but a set of symptoms and illnesses that occur at the final stage of HIV infection HIV is a virus AIDS is not I just felt a [...]

    11. Great content, but sometimes dull and slow 3.5 The content is fascinating, but at times, especially the first 4 chapters, it was really slow going and made me nod off than a few times.The chapters on sadness agony, anger, fear surprise, disgust contempt, and enjoyable emotions, however, are excellent and I was all attention as I gobbled up the tremendously practical information about each emotion and corresponding facial expression.The descriptions of some of the photos could have been better s [...]

    12. Ekman shows how facial expressions and emotions are virtually inseparable, even if it s just for a millisecond, and even if we are totally unaware of it, our emotions beam through every muscle fiber in our face Even if we try to control it, these micro expressions peak for just a fraction of second, for most of us He traveled to parts of the world, such as New Guinea, where some groups of cultures are cut off from the rest of the world He found that even these people can recognize the emotional [...]

    13. I m probably one of the few people who found out about the show Lie to Me because I was a fan of Paul Ekman, and not the other way around For those of you who ve never heard of the man, he pioneered the psychological study of emotional displays, showing that there are certain universals across all cultures He also was one of the first psychologists to study the use of emotional displays in lie detection This book was mainly about the first of those two fields, how to recognize the displays of em [...]

    14. A pretty dense read The information can probably be broken down into two components how to understand your own emotions and how to understand the emotions of others I found the insight into understanding and controlling your own emotions most helpful and will certainly apply some of the knowledge to my own life Understanding the emotions of others seemed a bit too nuanced and mechanical for me to put into practice, but this might be easier if I had some formal training Regardless, I think both t [...]

    15. Being on the Autism Spectrum I need a bit of help recognizing some of the complex emotions on other s faces This book was somewhat helpful in this area but I think this could have been handled effectively by using an actor to display each emotion instead of the author s own daughter who is no actor There is to emotions than facial features broken down into specific patterns The eyes give so much away All and all I took away some from this book somewhat.

    16. Ekman s dry prose was hard going, and I felt that, at this moment, the potential revelations weren t worth the slog SKimming through, it seems like it hosts a wealth of interesting information which might be beneficial for people in management or involved in something or another that requires dealing with people on a regular basis.

    17. Dobar uvod u temu, zapravo najkorisniji dio knjige je to da te natjera da pomno gleda lica oko sebe i aktivno tuma i zna enja.

    18. I have yet to read up on the rest of Paul Ekman books but this book of his was recommended to me by and so I made up my mind to have a good look at its content Emotions Revealed Recognizing Faces and Feelings to Improve Communication and Emotional Life marks the first time I read up a non fiction book that discusses the topic of emotions and behavioural psychology.There s no dispute that Paul woman has conducted his homework while writing this book through decades of meticulous research and exte [...]

    19. It was ok s , no estuvo mal Antes de dar mi peque a cr tica debo decir que no tengo ni idea de la serie Lie to me , por lo cual la correlaci n entre lo uno y lo otro simplemente no estuvo ah.Debo empezar diciendo que es de valorar el enfoque de investigaci n que Ekman propuso el tema es interesante, y los argumentos que plante para los puntos esenciales de sus teor as est n muy bien estructurados Uno pensar a que teniendo buenos argumentos y un tema atractivo un libro dif cilmente puede fallar, [...]

    20. A book on emotions with a scientific background Yes, please Emotions Revealed is great resource for learning about your own emotions, recognizing emotions in others and reading emotions in facial expressions Think of this book like the Thinking Fast and Slow for emotions The author a professor at UCSF has spent his career studying the recognition expression of emotion across cultures This book is an introduction to the results of his research Some of the major topics include the stages of emotio [...]

    21. Dobr p r stek do m poli ky funk n sociopat z kladn p ehled z kladn ch emoc , zp sob, jak m se prom taj do tv e a jak je rozpozn vat Autor je v dec, postupuje metodicky a uv d , kter poznatky jsou ov eny a kter jsou jeho n zorem Kniha p esto trp standardn mi vlastnostmi americk literatury tohoto nru n kter v ci se opakuj do zblbnut e rozpozn te emoci neznamen , e v te pro byla vyvol na , nekone nou relativizac a protk n anekdotami nevaln hodnoty, kter knihu zbyte n nafukuj.Bonusov koulen o ima au [...]

    22. A stalwart in the field of emotion research, Ekman does well to summarize his body of research This book would serve well those interested in understanding how to interpret emotions from a purely physical level, possibly increasing empathy and compassion In truth, this book does an amazing job of summarizing the muscular contractions in the face that depict emotion However, I find that the other parts of each chapter how to regulate and respond to emotion in this edition lacks some of the update [...]

    23. This book has too many mistakes to be made by a social scientist and for having a published date of 2003 I actually went back and checked if the book was written in the 50s 70s, given the way it talks about non western people As someone mentioned in another review, AIDS is not a virus Constantly referring to societies and groups as cultures The Stone Age terminology reads condescending and inappropriate I have studied normal people Page 15 IAs an anthropologist, I don t mind the conversational n [...]

    24. Jednego jestem pewien Audiobook, z kt rego korzysta em to nie by dobry pomys bo 1 2 1 3 ksi ki to odwo ania do zamieszczonych w niej ilustracji Prawd powiedziawszy to dziwi si wydawcy, e sk ada taka ofert Czytelnikowi, a je li ju , to e wraz ze cie ka audio nie oferuje plik w z ilustracjami jako immanentnej cz ci ksi ki Sama pozycja warta przeczytania choc ci, kt rzy oczekuj nabycia umiej tno ci a la filmowy dr Lightman z Lie to me mog si ciut zawie Dobra pozycja dla wszystkich kt rzy ceni przys [...]

    25. Interesting book on emotion and reading facial expressions I found the author s discussion of the various emotions to be very thorough He delicately explored the context and the subtleties of each My only criticism is that the final chapter lumps all positive emotion together but only seriously discusses enjoyment I would be interested in knowing the author s observations of the other positive emotions.

    26. Ne jsem kn ku p e etl, myslel jsem si, e je jen o tom, jak emoce poznat M lil jsem se Dozv d l jsem se nejen, jak emoce pozn vat, ale i jak jednotliv emoce funguj a jak se li dal ch fenom n n lady, psychopatologick jevy.

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