Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl By Melinda Haynes, Mother of Pearl Capturing all the rueful irony and racial ambiavalence of small town Mississippi in the late s Melinda Haynes celebrated novel is a wholly unforgettable exploration of family identity and rede
  • Title: Mother of Pearl
  • Author: Melinda Haynes
  • ISBN: 9780743431033
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mother of Pearl By Melinda Haynes, Capturing all the rueful irony and racial ambiavalence of small town Mississippi in the late 1950 s, Melinda Haynes celebrated novel is a wholly unforgettable exploration of family, identity, and redemption Mother of Pearl revolves around twenty eight year old Even Grade, a black man who grew up an orphan, and Valuable Korner, the fifteen year old white daughter of theCapturing all the rueful irony and racial ambiavalence of small town Mississippi in the late 1950 s, Melinda Haynes celebrated novel is a wholly unforgettable exploration of family, identity, and redemption Mother of Pearl revolves around twenty eight year old Even Grade, a black man who grew up an orphan, and Valuable Korner, the fifteen year old white daughter of the town whore and an unknown father Both are passionately determined to discover the precious things neither experienced as children human connection, enduring commitment, and, above all, unconditional love A startlingly accomplished mixture of beauty, mystery, and tradedy, Mother of Pearl marks the debut of an extraordinary literary talent.
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    1. Melinda Haynes

      Melinda Haynes born 1955 is an American novelist She grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi For much of her adult life she was a painter In 1999, she wrote her first published novel, Mother of Pearl, while living in a mobile home in Grand Bay, Alabama Melinda Haynes currently resides in Mobile, Alabama with her husband, Ray Her writing is intimately connected with the Mississippi of the 1950s and the 1960s from

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    1. Set in Petal, Mississippi during the 1950 s, Mother of Pearl is a story about finding love and the connections between individuals regardless of our differences These connections are particularly meaningful in a time and place where racial tensions and prejudice are very pronounced Even Grade is a black man born to unknown parents He builds a relationship with Joody Two Sun, an eccentric woman with Native American roots and an ability to read the past and future lives of the people she encounter [...]

    2. For some reason you want to keep reading it Not because you re hoping for an explanation or a story or a plot But because you want to know what in the world possessed the author to write a book that makes no sense.

    3. I m feeling guilty I m feeling guilty about reviewing Mother of Pearl by Melinda Haynes I m feeling guilty, first, because I didn t read the whole book, finishing only about the first third I rarely don t finish books, driven not only by an inner compulsion to complete what I ve begun but also by the conviction that the author deserves his or her work to be read in its entirety before judgment is passed, and in this case I have failed Haynes I feel guilty, second, for having the temerity to eval [...]

    4. It makes me sad that this is the only book in probably the last 20 years that I just put down and never finished I just absolutely could not get into it Boring

    5. Melinda Haynes has taken on a Herculean task, crafting a multicharacter story that reaches across racial barriers to encompass an entire community She doesn t shy away from the ugliness in life bigotry of every stripe, mean spiritedness, betrayal, thoughtless cruelty, and death but what interests her is the potential of the human heart to find space within itself for the most unexpected people With its strong, lyrical language and fully realized characters, Mother of Pearl is a fine novel and a [...]

    6. I just can t read this book, I probably shouldn t even write a view because I am only 25 pages in I am an avid reader I have read so many books, and I read fastI bought Mother of Pearl at a local bookstore in their used section It caught my attention because it is on Oprah s Book Club I have been trying to read this book for 7 months I can t do it In the meantime I have read many other booksevery time I finish a book I, of course, need a new one to start So every single time I pick up Mother of [...]

    7. I m going to begin my review by quoting from some of the jacket blurbs, to give you a sense of how well received this first time novelist was with her beautiful piece of work.From the Chicago Tribune Remarkable From The Plain Dealer in Cleveland Haynes is the real thing, a true artist, a genuine writer, and in this book, at least, a geniusTHER OF PEARL transports us to the wilds of a different world From Publishers Weekly In prose both rugged and beautiful, Haynes plumbs the secrets of the South [...]

    8. I bought this book used so I didn t know it was an Oprah selection until I read some of the reviews on I was a little confused by some of the bad reviews here until I read a few of them I have to say that I was on the fence with this one for the first 100 pages seems to be a common complaint but after that I was hooked Give this one a good try if you have trouble with it because it WILL come together.I ve lived in the South all of my life and I thought many of the characters reminded me of peopl [...]

    9. What did I think of this book Hm, It was good, I liked the story, I laughed aloud in some places and anxious in others I really didn t care much for the writing style though It didn t flow, it was hard to follow and it switched between first and third person narratives with no warning Several times I had to go back and reread a paragraph or start a section over again just to figure out who was doing the talking or who was being talked about The author not only confused me with the narratives, bu [...]

    10. The plot is woven around the two main characters Even Grade and Valuable Korner and a witch, a goat, and some wise old people who live in a quirky little southern town in the 1950 s The plot is full of twists that are shocking, humorous, and heart breaking.I read this book with a friend and had a blast I loved this book because it was very literary full of symbols, motifs, allusions, and figurative language that allows the reader to explore many levels of interpretation Definitely a book that ne [...]

    11. woof what a tome This was another in a long list of books that I was compelled to add to my Want To Read list a couple of years ago which I can t for the life of me figure out understand Like, Oprah s Book Club Typically, these are three words that would send me in the other direction if only because I often find the books she likes to be overtly preachy, or fanatical, or over the top emotional and I just can t get behind that type of book right naw, you know But it was one of the first books I [...]

    12. The book nearly lost me at the beginning I think it was because I found the language quite difficult to grasp at first Once I got used to it I reveled in the colloquialisms, sayings and conversations, especially between Even and Canaan Such gems as dead as a nob and cold as a witches tit had me chuckling out loud.The cast of characters is large, and at first seem rather random, but are connected nicely as the story goes on The book is really slow at first as wellbut it intrigued me and I was det [...]

    13. I read this book years ago when it first hit the market I fell in love with the characters, their dialogue, and the easy going narration Melinda Haynes tells a sad tale of racial ambivalence, class order or disorder , and the mistakes and sins common to mankind regardless of the era The story charts the lives of Even Grade, a black man, and Valuable Korner, a fifteen year old white girl, the daughter of the town whore Their lives intersect at points neither could have imagined Family secrets are [...]

    14. I read this book for a project in Ms Shakir s class This book was a little bit difficult to follow at some points ,but ultimately it all came together very nicely I admit, that yes, I indeed cried at the end, twice Once because it was sad, and once because it was happy.This story is about a white girl named Valuble Korner, a black man named Even Grade This is a story about Love, morals, and tough choices I highly recommend this book A word of advice, this book tends to get very graphic so if you [...]

    15. I have never been disappointed by books from Oprah s Book Club books Just finished reading MOTHER OF PEARL and I just can t get over the beauty of Melinda Haynes writing, the complex characters and the lives of these people I cried, laughed out loud, giggled, and sobbed and sometimes all this in one chapter I felt love, sadness, hope, and anger, equally toward all of the characters and I want to know them all This book makes me want to go and find these people, because I know they exist Fantasti [...]

    16. This book served me a whole lot of southern vibes Set in Mississippi in the 1950s, it tells the story of a small town where the color of your skin dictated the treatment you got Old family secrets and poor choices are the makings of this story When, Valuable, a sixteen year old girl, gets pregnant and everyone in town knows that she s no stranger to her boyfriend Jackson, because em gray eyes speak of the same father An unlikely friendship forms between Valuable Joody Two Sun who seems to know e [...]

    17. In this world of transient fads and media hype, books endure One can discover and enjoy a book written decades, even centuries ago Time does not diminish the impact of a great story.I happened on Mother of Pearl at a used book sale It was cheap enough that I didn t spend much time debating I just tossed it into my basket with the other dozen volumes I d found I didn t realize I d acquired a treasure until maybe a year later, when I began reading Mother of Pearl is a complex, lyrical, emotionally [...]

    18. 2.5 stars Mother of Pearl is set in a small town within the South during the 1950 s Petal, Mississippi has plenty of drama as the story goes on Namely, a woman has suffered a crippling stroke giving birth to her son the child s father hides his identity but sends money for support White teen agers who fall in love turn out to be half siblings when the girl gets pregnant and dies in childbirth, a black man raises the child a lesbian whose brother is a priest, and a cranky lady who falls in love w [...]

    19. This book I came upon in advisory, randomly I picked it up, saw it was in the Oprah Book Club and also saw that it took place in the South while segregation was still occurring, which interested me After reading this book, I do not regret picking it up because it has such an interesting story of these people who are basically trying to find themselves Haynes uses a lot of Character Nyms, imagery, and characterizations to develop the novel in a way that is classic The story is mainly about a man [...]

    20. I thought that this book was amazing It has everything that I am looking for in a novel a plot that doesn t go the way I would expect interesting characters who are fully formed and really differentiated from each other a rich sense of the time and place that the story is set in and interesting insights about social issues that makes me think about issues in a way I might not have previously This is Haynes first novel and I was really surprised because of the skill she displayed in creating the [...]

    21. I m not a big Oprah Winfrey fan, but I will say this The Oprah Book Club sure picked a lot of great novels Mother of Pearl is one of those reads I chose it based solely on the Oprah seal of approval on the cover.What Melinda Haynes accomplished with her debut novel is nothing short of brilliance There is a subtle undertone of sadness running through this story set in the deep south during the 1950s Lives are never going to be what those who live them hope they d be expectations unless negative a [...]

    22. Wow, I almost kept a journal while I was reading this book just to keep track of my thoughts about it I generally do not like to read Oprah books but I really found this book full of great characters that you wanted to know about It took me about 50 60 pages to really get into it and once I was I didn t want to put it down I felt so awful for the majority of the characters and the issues they were dealing with don t want to give anything away till Katie reads it I loved Valuable and her sadness [...]

    23. I must admit, I bought this book used for 2 because the book jacket is simply gorgeous Shallow, I know, but I like to let these impressions lead me where they will A review I read of the book described Melinda Haynes writing as exquisite prose Exactly I found her descriptions delicious Who ever knew that brown could be such a rainbow LOVE that A little research revealed that she was a artist painter first Makes perfect sense Some of the story lines spoke to me Some didn t I will also admit that [...]

    24. Love Melinda s use of archaic language from a time long ago.I must agree with many of the previous reviews Haynes pulls no punches and launches her first book with a broad menagerie of characters from all walks of life during the 1950s Unique characters with an Oh Brother, Where Art Thou feel to it.The tragedy and triumph of the novel s characters may be too expected, but the effort and excellence of Haynes skills as an author are obvious.

    25. This book took me forever to read It is not worth your time I don t usually leave comments but the author is all over the place in this book It is hard to follow and the only good part was the last five chapters

    26. This book came recommended I tried really hard to get into and finally gave up Too strange for me I could t connect with the characters.

    27. The story unfolds in small town Mississippi circa 1956 populated by a colorful community desperately trying to overcome their sordid past Valuable, a teenage girl and daughter of the town whore, doesn t know she s pregnant by Jackson, the boy she considers her best friend and the boy she doesn t know is also her half brother The two seek out Joody, a woman that lives in the woods by the river and is rud to possess mystical powers Joody is often visited by Even Grade, a man that grew up as an orp [...]

    28. Even Grade is an orphan and Valuable Korner may as well be, her mother being a whore and her father unknown to her Both of them live in a small town in Mississippi and this is their story And the story of Jackson, who was Val s friend and became her lover and her two queer aunts who mother her and of Grace who mothers Joleb, who loses his brother and almost loses himself and of Canaan, who knows much with his head and learns from his heart and of Joody two Suns, who reads people but not herself [...]

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