Z-Boat By Suzanne Robb, Z Boat The Earth has been pillaged and polluted the sun has not broken through the smog for over a decade The oceans and rivers have all turned toxic Man s last hope for survival is to search the ocean depth
  • Title: Z-Boat
  • Author: Suzanne Robb
  • ISBN: 9781467945745
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Z-Boat By Suzanne Robb, The Earth has been pillaged and polluted the sun has not broken through the smog for over a decade The oceans and rivers have all turned toxic.Man s last hope for survival is to search the ocean depths for alternative fuel, food, and clean water sources If they fail, mankind will die.The Betty Loo, a search and rescue submarine, captained by Iain Kingston, is hired forThe Earth has been pillaged and polluted the sun has not broken through the smog for over a decade The oceans and rivers have all turned toxic.Man s last hope for survival is to search the ocean depths for alternative fuel, food, and clean water sources If they fail, mankind will die.The Betty Loo, a search and rescue submarine, captained by Iain Kingston, is hired for a price no one could refuse The crew must deal with distrust, sabotage, and spies willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want.What they find on board The Widowmaker, the submarine they have been dispatched to help will test each person s will to survive and force enemies to work together.If they don t they will all die, and what rises to the surface will bring hell to Earth.
    Z-Boat By Suzanne Robb, Product Z Boat Teledyne Marine News Teledyne Oceanscience Introduces a New LiDAR Option for its Z Boat RP Series USVs News Teledyne Oceanscience Introduces a Portable, Remotely Operated, Single Beam Survey Boat Z Boat by Suzanne Robb First and foremost, Z Boat is not a zombie book Yes, it has zombies in it, but they aren t fully realized until about the last pages of the book Normally, that would have pissed me off considering that it s insinuated that this is of a walking dead novel than it really is Hell, the title is Z Boat Teledyne Oceanscience Z Boat RP The Z Boat s new ruggedized design is IP rated and incorporates a modular deck structure for antennas, cameras, and additional sensor mounting, making this Z Boat ideal for shallow coastal Z Boat by Zaha Hadid Dezeen Jul , These are the first pictures of the Z Boat an m long motorboat designed by Zaha Hadid for Kenny Schachter The limited production vessel is being built by Shoreteam in France and the first Z Boat Dasco Equipment The Z Boat system is a turnkey survey package, including GPS and echo sounder, remote control electronics, and an integrated data telemetry system. Z BOATS Ruderboote Motorboote Aufbauten Zubehr Sehr geehrter Kunde, danke fr Ihren Besuch und das Interesse an unseren Angeboten Wir mchten Ihnen hier die Mglichkeit geben unsere aktuelle Bestseller Ausgabe zu lesen Selbstverstndlich
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    1. Suzanne Robb

      Suzanne Robb is the author of DEAD BY MIDNIGHT, APOCALYPSE BY MIDNIGHT, the Z BOAT trilogy published by Permuted Press and CONTAMINATED published by Severed Press She is an Active member of the ITW and an Affiliate member of the HWA In her free time she reads, watches movies, plays with her dog, and enjoys chocolate and LEGOs suzannerobb

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    1. SILENT RUNNINGSILENT SCREAMSDEATH CHARGE Too many zombie apocalypse titles around these days, and very little to distinguish them It takes something pretty special to make me pick up a zombie book, but Z BOAT has such a unique premise that this jaded reader couldn t resist.Since childhood, I ve been an avid reader of adventure thrillers as well as horror and historical fiction, and particular favourite authors were Desmond Bagley, Alistair MacLean, and Clive Cussler.Z Boat put me in mind of MacL [...]

    2. Z Boat tells the tale of the Betty Loo, an ancient heap of a submarine contracted out for search and rescue missions several decades in the future The world has changed since the early part of the twenty first century, with massive pollution, tremendous political turmoil, deteriorating food and water supplies, and in general, a pretty messed up world People do live longer and food is genetically enhanced, but large corporations run things along with the new superpowers North Korea, Russia, and I [...]

    3. When one typically says the word post apocalyptic zombie fiction , you assume the former is caused by the latter The first intriguing thing about Z Boat is the zombies are completely unrelated to the fact the world has gone to hell Set in an undetermined time in the future, Z Boat describes a world where the environment has been totally destroyed by pollution and only a few countries remain due to economic collapse While I was knocked out of the book by her, presumably humorous, choice of North [...]

    4. Zombies on a submarine, a small, confined space, thousands of feet below the ocean s surface can it be any scarier than this Z Boat opens with a quick recap on the state of the world, overpopulation has taken its toll, resulting in undrinkable water, overly genetically modified food that has lost its nutritional value, and of course, the fuel is running out The superpowers have been taken over by military regimes and dictators education in Russia is far to superior to that of the American educat [...]

    5. New deadliest catch, long anticipated and well worth the wait This review is from Z Boat Z Boat Book 1 Kindle Edition A horrific ecological disaster above Submarines pushing through deadly waters below Espionage and political intrigue Monsters The premise alone makes Z BOAT attractive, reminiscent of some of the hellish rides from the eighties, DEEP STAR SIX, LEVIATHAN, and even the ALIENS franchise coming to mind There is something about a group of disparate and hostile personalities stuck in a [...]

    6. Suzanne Robb s Z Boat is a unique adventure in the beginning, we re introduced to a group of people, all tasked to head out on a deep sea rescue mission in a submarine called the Betty Loo They re assigned to locate a sunken sub and rescue the survivors or are they Now, while you may find yourself wanting to initially find someone to latch onto and cheer for, it s not easy to do The further into the book you get, you wonder if it s almost fun not trusting any of them, and just waiting for someo [...]

    7. A world torn apart by human consumption and greed Pollution destroying our food source, air supply and clean water Governments at war over fuel and power A perfect post apocalyptic world for any novel and Suzanne Robb manages to fit all of that into the very first page I knew immediately that I was going to enjoy this novel.The action all takes place on an independently owned submarine, which is hired out by governments and companies alike to search the depths of the high seas for new fuel sourc [...]

    8. Z boat is an original novel with a great plot The plot for this novel is so different and engaging that it really sets it apart from all the other zombie novels You can say that in the massive ocean of zombie novels, Z Boat really floats to the surface insert pity laugh here The characters were diverse and intriguing The author did a stellar job of projecting the different personalities of all the characters, and she managed to do this without disrupting the story s quick pace Tension Suzanne Ro [...]

    9. Enter contest here thetbrpile.weebly 1 post 2Set in a submarine that spends most of the novel underwater, the claustrophobia and paranoia were very evident and tangible It was a zombie novel essentially but the zombie action didn t come in until very nearly the end The first three quarters of the book were getting to know the characters and their various agendas I loved the dynamics of the two crews open hostility towards each other, until the end when they had no choice but work together toward [...]

    10. Z Boat is not just a zombie book No, it is much, much .It is a genre blend of horror, science fiction, and espionage It is a chimera, parts Firefly, Captain Nemo, Crimson Tide, and Romero Ms Robb s dialogue is tight, fleshing out the diverse characters nicely Readers will easily settle into their dynamic and applaud the wit.The setting is claustrophobia inducing If I didn t know better, I d bet the author served on a submarine at some point in her life Her research on the vessels is extensive, a [...]

    11. Suzanne Robb s debut novel Z Boat is a captivating story of the an underwater search and rescue mission set in a futuristic world full of of toxic pollution Her characters draw you in from the beginning of the novel and make you want them to make it back from the mission well, most of them Some of them make you hope they suffer untold horrors but I m not telling whether they do or not.Ms Robb s storyline drives her readers to keep reading from the very first page and doesn t let go until at leas [...]

    12. I ve read a couple of reviews for Z Boat that mentioned the slow build up as if it s a bad thing Sorry but I m from the old school of introducing the characters so the reader has a genuine investment in watching the story unfold I ve read enough bland kill off the zombies kill off the humans books that use pointless action instead of plot If you want to read a book with great complex characters who have to deal with a realistic depiction of science gone bad , this book is for you And don t worry [...]

    13. Suzanne Robb s Z Boat is a fast paced thriller about a search and rescue team sent to assist a sunken submarine Unfortunately, something sinister awaits the crew of the Betty Loo aboard that derelict sub The crew is joined by agents of multiple foreign powers all vying for the secrets aboard the sub.You d be correct in assuming that the Z in Z Boat stands for zombies However, this isn t your typical zombie novel as the cast keeps you guessing about who s working with and against who.I would defi [...]

    14. Not as many zombies as I was expecting, but a damn fine thriller nonetheless You can read my full review at HorrorTalk Note, the discrepancy in the grades is because does not allow for 1 2 stars.

    15. Fast paced cocktail of spy drama, Techno thriller and zombie massacre Highly original and well concocted Definitely worth a read.

    16. I m always up for a good sea tale so I was looking forward to reading this What I found was a mixed bag.The plot of this book is basically zombies on a dystopian submarine That s not a spoiler because you find that out in the first page The world is declining rapidly thanks to corporate greed, government corruption, and spreading pollution While I love a good dystopian tale, I found parts of this hard to swallow For example, global smog is so thick you can t see the Sun in the middle of the ocea [...]

    17. this is a reread repost of an older review of Z Boat as it has now been picked up by Permuted Press and expanded for this release.Z Boat by Suzanne Robb is not your typical zombie book A lot of time was spent setting up scenarios to give the reader the full picture of the contaminated world in which the characters are living The always highly important, characterization is another big focus and, of course, needs to be well done if we, as readers, are to have some sort of feeling when the brutal [...]

    18. Since 2006, the zombie genre has caught fire among horror readers Unfortunately, a hot genre tends to gather quite a bit of the same kindling, so to speak, and many of the offerings are merely carbon copies of one another Not so Robb s Z Boat Here we have a dystopic, rather than apocalyptic, entry into the zombie horror arena The world isn t overrun with the living dead, it merely sucks A makeshift crew is thrown together to investigate an SOS from a research vessel deep in the ocean and we re o [...]

    19. My full Z Boat audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.If you do not already know this, this is a zombies on a submarine story, makes you think of Snakes on a Plane, right Also the planet earth has finally been decimated by humans in every imaginable way Z Boat had the backbone to be really entertaining and a standalone in the genre However, it did not come off that way to me Starting out very slow with character development that I found myself not caring about after awhile The plot [...]

    20. The prologue had me intrigued It was creepy From there, the book only got better This isnt one of those zombie books where its all about the undead and how ugly they are This novel is character driven, and well done at that There is a mystery that runs throughout the tale that kept me guessing the whole time This book has zombies in it, but it is a book that any horror fan, thriller fan, zombie fan, or the even the espionage fan can enjoy Bottom line this isnt just one heck of a good book, but o [...]

    21. Another interesting contribution to zombie literature This one is adventure packed, but the characters are sometimes less than believable Fun, however, and it s good to see a strong female protagonist Further comments may be found on my blog.Sects and Violence in the Ancient World

    22. Solid story with ample amounts of action, but not a tremendous amount of zombies And that s okay.You can read my full review at HorrorTalk.

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