Murder on the Naval Base

Murder on the Naval Base By Behcet Kaya, Murder on the Naval Base Beginning with a blurry account of a cold blooded shooting of a couple singled out while having dinner at an Officer s Club the prime suspect is apprehended hours later while apparently attempting t
  • Title: Murder on the Naval Base
  • Author: Behcet Kaya
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  • Page: 249
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  • Murder on the Naval Base By Behcet Kaya, Beginning with a blurry account of a cold blooded shooting of a couple, singled out while having dinner at an Officer s Club, the prime suspect is apprehended hours later while apparently attempting to flee the state With over a dozen eye witnesses collaborating the incident, little was left in the puzzle for the military investigators to piece together especially once iBeginning with a blurry account of a cold blooded shooting of a couple, singled out while having dinner at an Officer s Club, the prime suspect is apprehended hours later while apparently attempting to flee the state With over a dozen eye witnesses collaborating the incident, little was left in the puzzle for the military investigators to piece together especially once it was determined the two victims were in fact the perpetrator s wife and the man she was having an on going affair with After the shocking beginning of the novel, the reader in taken on a journey throughout the life and career of the characters while interlacing the technical jargon and vernacular of naval flight training and the nuances of the military lifestyle Combined with a steamy undercurrent of lust, love, sexual fulfillment, jealousy and primordial desires of the cast of characters, the human condition of married life versus the structure and demands of military careers are juxtaposed against the strength and will of personal upbringing and ethical behavior.
    Murder on the Naval Base By Behcet Kaya, Murder on the Orient Express Nov , Directed by Kenneth Branagh With Kenneth Branagh, Penlope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench When a murder occurs on the train on which he s travelling, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case. Murder on the Orient Express Nov , . X When a murder occurs on the train on which he s travelling, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case Director Kenneth Branagh Stars Kenneth Branagh, Penlope Cruz, Willem Dafoe Add to Watchlist. Sophie Ellis Bextor Murder On The Dancefloor YouTube Aug , Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Murder On The Orient Express All The Versions Their Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express is a classic whodunnit Hercule Poirot, little gray cells and all, is traveling from Istanbul to Calais on the exotic Orient Express After the train gets stuck in a snowdrift, a nasty American named Edward Ratchett is murdered, stabbed times. Soledad O Brien Teases New Podcast Murder on the Towpath May , Journalist Soledad O Brien delves into the unsolved murder of artist and JFK mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer in a new eight part true crime miniseries, Murder on Murder on the Home Front PBS Murder on the Home Front, a minute murder mystery, is loosely based on the memoirs of Molly Lefebure, who was secretary during World War II to the Home Office Pathologist and pioneer of
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    1. Behcet Kaya

      Behcet Kaya is the author of three novels His first literary fiction novel, Voice of Conscience, follows, to some extent, his own life experiences His second novel, Murder on the Naval Base is a fast paced who done it and his recently published third novel, Road to Siran, Erin s Story is the eagerly awaited sequel to Voice of Conscience.Born in northeastern Turkey, Behcet grew up in a very small village with long held traditions His rebellious nature emerged at an early age and by time he was ten, he had read, in secret, all the Turkish translated stories of Mike Hammer In addition, he read several of Dale Carnage s works, and all of Yashar Kemal s novels His world burst out beyond that of his small village and he yearned for a western way of life.Defying his father, Behcet left home at fourteen and travelled first to Istanbul and then on to London His obsession was to complete his high school education and then a college degree in engineering He supported himself by working full time and earning scholarships from Inner London Education Authority His creative side began emerging when his drama and literature teacher cast him in a play in which his performance awed the audience His insatiable appetite for literature widened to include the classics of Dickens, D.H Laurence, and the Russian masters.While at Hatfield Polytechnic, Behcet made his first visit to the US as an exchange student with the British Universities North American Club He made the move to the US in 1976 and became a US citizen in 1985 While living in Atlanta, Georgia he followed his creative yearnings and attended the Alliance Theatre School and studied at the SAG Conservatory of Georgia, which earned him his Screen Actors Guild card In 1994, Kaya and his wife moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his studies at the Roby Theatre Company and the Shakespeare, A Noise Within, Theatre Workshop.In the soon to be released movie, Being American starring Lorenzo Lamas, Behcet plays the part of a Turkish Defense Minister.Along with acting, writing became a natural outlet In addition to his three novels, Voice of Conscience, Murder on the Naval Base, and Road to Siran, Erin s Story, Behcet has published numerous short stories and is currently working on his fourth novel, Body in the Woods.Behcet Kaya received a BA degree in Political Science from California state university channel Island, 2017

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    1. From the start of this novel I was truly hooked Leiutenant Anderson Belguzar has been arrested for the brutal murder of his wife and best friend It seems that from the start you are convinced that he is guilty The puzzle does not need many pieces to fit together and while he is protesting his innocence, dozens of eye witnesses place him at the scene of the crimeor do they The beginning of the novel we are introduced to the main character and the crime he has supposedly committed The author gives [...]

    2. Murder on the Naval Base reviewed by Kristi Benedict for featheredquillBy Behcet Kaya Publisher CreateSpace Publication Date February 2014 ISBN 9781495478598 Reviewed By Kristi Benedict Review Date July 31, 2014Lieutenant Anderson Garret is devastated when he realizes his wife Bevin has been having an affair with a man he considered one of his greatest friends, Charles McPhearson Bevin was the only woman Anderson had ever felt comfortable enough with to share his life, while many great memories [...]

    3. Understanding suspense and the pacing of actionThere is something to be said about the combination of a writer who also is an actor that somehow makes tension scenes credible At least that is the case with author Beh et Kaya who is also known by his stage name as an actor Ben Kaya Fast Food , The Practice , Being American on film and numerous roles on the legitimate stages such as The Noise Within among others Whether it is the fallout of thinking though a storyline or actually taking on the ro [...]

    4. A Masterpiece of a mystery novel Murder on the Naval Base is yet another feather in the cap of the master story teller Behcet Kaya The highpoint of this novel its plot, beautiful narration and most importantly who done it mystery Though a number of sub plots sprout from the main plot, the author takes extreme care to coalesce them all into the main plot Thus, he grips the attention of the readers to the very end The narration and language in this novel synchronize with each other to present a be [...]

    5. Yet Another Master Mystery from Behcet KayaBehcet Kaya s Murder on the Naval Base is a story that grips you right from the beginning When I started reading this book, I was unable to let go of it because I have never read about the armed forces much and I was impressed with how Behcet Kaya has woven his story around some of the best and great fighting forces of the country As I kept on turning the pages of the book I could easily visualize the scenes in my mind It was pure fun, as the mystery un [...]

    6. This book written by Behcet Kaya is one of the best fast paced legal thrillers I have read in recent times I cannot exactly state this as a legal thriller but it nevertheless is a thriller which has a mystery to it that mystifies till the very end And the court room drama is one of the most engaging of all The story has been so intricately woven and very exquisitely narrated The story telling was compelling to the point that I d ended up finishing the book in a day It had all the elements you ca [...]

    7. The book opens with a cold blooded murder and then continue at a fast paced trot giving the reader a wild ride through the military that many don t often see or hear I love the tension woven into the fabric of the novel and how the write intersperses drama, reality and love to tell a story that s both captivating and difficult to put down.The characters created can easily be related too and you come to expect the unexpected as they twist and turn through the story I love the West Point story and [...]

    8. Murder on the Naval Base offers mystery and one of the best uses of flashbacks to tell the story of Lieutenant Anderson Garrett Belguzar, his wife Bevin O Hara Belguzar and Lieutenant Charles McPherson III up to the murders Throughout the story, Lieutenant Anderson Belguzar sets goals and works to overcome his background and reach his goals as a Naval Aviator, yet he is charged with the murders of his ex friend, Charles and his wife, Bevin at the Officer s Club on base Elizabeth, who becomes McP [...]

    9. Murder of the Naval Base by Behcet Kaya immediately turns into an action packed who done it The exposition is short and to the point and goes right into the rising action to keep you hooked Lieutenant Anderson Garrett Belguzar is accused of murdering his wife, Bevin, and former best friend, Charles There were dozens of eye witnesses and the Lt is arrested.This story doesn t stop with the murder It is filled with a plethora of emotions to keep you wanting Flashbacks are used frequently to furthe [...]

    10. Trust betrayal This story is about an innocent man Anderson Garrett Belguzar , who got accused for the murder of his wife Bevin and his friend Charles Right from the beginning the story keeps you intact and certainly takes you to the extreme of emotions The role of Lawyer Alpine was scripted very well One character that caught my attention was of Elizabeth, author Kaya had brilliantly weaved the entire set of characters to the core of the novel The narration was amazing, especially the flashbac [...]

    11. Murder on the Naval Base has all the elements of melodrama, suspense and thriller to form a tightly structured human drama The novel describes the murder of Bevin and Charles McPhearson Bevin was the wife of Lieutenant Anderson Garrett Belguzar and Charles McPhearson was the former friend of the Lieutenant The victims were having an affair with each other despite the fact that Bevin was a married woman Lieutenant Anderson Garrett Belguzar was charged with the murder of his wife and friend due to [...]

    12. A racy novel that will develop into a full fledged movie in your mind I loved the way the story begins with two bangs Initially the story gives the readers a sense of an apparent love triangle gone all wrong, but wait a minute there is to it than that.The novel is divided into two parts In the first part the main characters Anderson Garrett Belguzar, Charles McPhearson, and Bevin O Hara are introduced with aplomb I was straight away transported to the world of Navy The grandeur and traditions o [...]

    13. Behcet Kaya s Murder on the Naval Base is a suspenseful and entertaining murder mystery adventure Readers instantly become entrapped as protagonist, U.S Navy Lieutenant Anderson Garrett Belguzar s life turns upside down when he is charged with the murder of his wife and former best friend Comprised of flashbacks, Navy life, and court room drama, readers meet a variety of characters, all intertwined to one another through the tragedy of murder.Behcet Kaya paints a vivid picture with each descript [...]

    14. Interesting Story LineI just completed reading Behcet Kaya s book Murder on the naval base , I could not resist writing a review as I found deeply moved by his work It was indeed one of the best books I ever read The crux of the book is a murder mystery and the story begins with a double murder, one being Lieutenant Anderson s wife Bevin and another, his former friend Lieutenant Charles McPhearson.The description of each and every character was complete and made to the point The introduction of [...]

    15. A brilliant account of murder, jealousy, sexual tension and dysfunction rolled into one Lieutenant Anderson is charged with cold blooded murder of his ex best friend, witnessed by a dozen people, but pleads innocence Is he really innocent What is his story What is his former best friend, Charles s story Did Anderson really murder him Kaya explores these parts of the story in flashbacks and beautifully written relationship dynamics A thorough exploration of the military academy and fighter jets h [...]

    16. With his second book out Behcet Kaya paints a vivid picture and shows how he has grown as a writer When Anderson is accused of murdering his wife and best friend you will rivet with the finding of who really did it With military intrigue and twists and turns than a windy road Murder on the Naval Base will keep you turning the pages and wanting from the author Kaya s brilliant way of incorporating flashbacks makes the characters jump off the page and keeping you routing for the characters, this [...]

    17. This is a murder thriller, as well as a romantic jaunt, and just as interesting about naval protocol, and court marshall procedures I enjoyed it It s an easy read and quick I figured the murder about 3 4 through, but the story itself was interesting as to the psychological issues the characters each had I would recommend it for the story Murder goes on all the time, but reasons for it are always much complicated in peoples minds

    18. Can you imagine waking up and being accused of murder yet not being able to remember the act On top of that, add the fact you have one heck of a motive, and this is big trouble Not only will you follow along this harrowing tale and hang on for the ride, but you ll be surprised at the many twists and turns in the road along the way This is a great mystery to read and share with other action lovers and I highly recommend it

    19. In Murder on the Naval Base by Bechet Kaya, the readers are drawn in with immediate action the murder of a couple while they are dining the story only gets better from there Kaya takes the reader back in time to tell of the events that led up to the grisly murders The investigation and trial are riveting and will keep readers guessing with the turn of every page This book is a must for every crime drama fan who likes to be drawn into a story from the first page until the last.

    20. posting review By Glenda Bixler since she doesn t have a accountKaya s move to the murder mystery genre for this novel was a welcome addition for me, since everybody knows a great murder mystery is one of my favorite reads And Murder on the Naval Base certainly presents a well plotted, tough mystery that I didn t even begin to get a handle on until late in the game You can safely think this is one mystery you won t be able to easily solve so I do encourage mystery fans to check it out Right away [...]

    21. A PERFECT VERDICTThe story Murder on the Naval Base written by Behcet Kaya is a devastating thriller The book initiated with Good pace and power packed suspense scenes It made me curious to continue reading the book until the fulfillment The story starts with a cold blooded murder in a club where an officer and a woman shot dead without mercy.Anderson Attorney James Alpine were most incomparable characters in the book and it was well narrated with their physical appearance Anderson gets disguste [...]

    22. Suspense, drama, lust and thriller, all in one.When Lieutenant Anderson Garrett Belguzar is apprehended for killing his wife and her lover, he pleads not guilty, claiming he wasn t in any vicinity of the alleged crime but circumstantial evidence points solidly his way.The author accomplished a true masterpiece with believable characters placed alongside streams of thrilling suspense, drama, of course sexual desire.I have read other books by Behcet Kaya and this time he didn t disappoint Not that [...]

    23. This is my second novel from Author Behcet Kaya Quite different from the first one Road to Siran but the entensity, rendition of the subject and the thrilling experience is out of this world A fine mixture of the movie Top Gun and the series of Columbo that clearly places Mr Kaya on my top ten of the finest contemporary Authors.

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