The Warrior Trainer

The Warrior Trainer By Gerri Russell, The Warrior Trainer Scotia knew her duty protect the Stone of Destiny at all costs It was the key to Scotland s salvation the reason she d become the best warrior in the world as had the generations of women who d guard
  • Title: The Warrior Trainer
  • Author: Gerri Russell
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  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Warrior Trainer By Gerri Russell, Scotia knew her duty protect the Stone of Destiny at all costs It was the key to Scotland s salvation, the reason she d become the best warrior in the world as had the generations of women who d guarded the Stone before her Yet those women had never been distracted by a man like Ian MacKinnon.He d journeyed to her castle to learn her legendary skills so he could exactScotia knew her duty protect the Stone of Destiny at all costs It was the key to Scotland s salvation, the reason she d become the best warrior in the world as had the generations of women who d guarded the Stone before her Yet those women had never been distracted by a man like Ian MacKinnon.He d journeyed to her castle to learn her legendary skills so he could exact vengeance against the brutal English mercenaries who d killed his brother On the battlefield, Ian wielded his sword with deadly precision In the bedroom, he became a man of wild passion tempered by infinite tenderness But soon he would be forced to move on and avenge his clan, leaving Scotia to face a conflict for which she had no training her duty to the Stone versus her desire to follow her heart.
    The Warrior Trainer By Gerri Russell,
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    1. Gerri Russell

      Gerri Russell is the award winning author of historical and contemporary novels including the Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars series and Flirting with Felicity A two time recipient of the Romance Writers of America s Golden Heart Award and winner of the American Title II competition sponsored by RT Book Reviews magazine, she is best known for her adventurous and emotionally intense novels set in the thirteenth and fourteenth century Scottish Highlands Before Gerri followed her passion for writing romance novels, she worked as a broadcast journalist, a newspaper reporter, a magazine columnist, a technical writer and editor, and an instructional designer She lives in Bellevue, Washington, with her husband and children.

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    1. 3.5 starsI really liked this book, but the main characters go through such inner turmoil At times, they both seem stuck in their heads and so the book feels stuck at times, too The big reveal isn t such a big reveal not if you re into mysteries But it s still a great moment The training scenes are wonderful I love that Scotia uses Strategy as one of her biggest weapons And that she reads body language so well Scotia reminds me of Xena Warrior Princess, except that this Heroine Warrior definitely [...]

    2. I like the strong warrior heroine and the hero is very sweet I thought the villian and ending pretty cheesey I really hate when instead of killing the hero as deserved, right out when the opportunity arises that a conversation ensues WTF I also felt like the whole star wars Luke i am your father thing was predictable and not reason enough to hold off killing him to have questions answered I also didn t like that there was nothing much said about why this stone is so important to protect and what [...]

    3. Now this is what I am talking about A strong female character right here When she says she wield a sword, she means it I sorry but this is just exciting because whenever I read any books about a women who want to be a warrior or claims to be a fighter They frankly just are not, because all those women still get captured and then are just admire for attempting to be brave This does not happen in the Warrior Trainer The main character actually gives a good beat down to those who challenge her and [...]

    4. From the moment I read the first paragraph of this book I was hooked I was engulfed in the history of Scotland and the imagery of the rolling hills of green I felt the compassion, drive, and determination in one s duty in both the lead characters I yearned for them both and begged for them never to leave my side I am looking forward to reading from this author and becoming seduced by her words over and over again.

    5. 2 3 of the way through the book, the typos began Missing quotation marks and commas, here instead of hear, and one random period in the middle of a sentence and not on purpose Disappointing Otherwise it was an ok read but nothing memorable about it.

    6. A good Medieval romance about love and trust, destiny and honor Scotia strong, independent, smart, warrior trainer, protector of the Stone of Destiny Ian strong but humbled warrior, training for revenge against the Four Horsemen I loved that Ian wasn t a boneheaded brute and pretty much accepted Scotia for who she was The story had its moments but very minor insecurities and misunderstandings grew a little thin , dragged in some areas bit of rehashing stuff we already knew but I loved the ending [...]

    7. Not the most helpful manual on how to forge swords, fletch arrows and bake scones over open fires, but a wonderfully unrealistic combination of alternating hey, whoah, we almost died romance and near death battles, with a smidge of actual Scottish lore tossed in so the English guys riding about raiding would fit in.

    8. Not bad for a.99 pick up on Interesting story idea, but the characters seemed rather inconsistent, often doing things that seemed out of character Not bad for.99, but I wouldn t pay than that.

    9. Ik heb de Nederlands talige versie gelezen In de ban van Scotia Candlelight Historische roman 730.Misschien niet het meest romantische verhaal wat ik ooit gelezen heb maar beslist de moeite van het lezen waard mits je van een sterke vrouw houd die een meesteres in de vechtkunst is Ik hoop dat het 2e deel in deze serie net zo leuk is Ik begin er meteen aan

    10. Excellent Strong characters, whose lives you can t help but cheer An engrossing story, its hard to put down Would recommend

    11. I really enjoined the strong, fierce heroine and our male lead who both accept change Their characterization throughout the book was well done in that I felt like they neither immediately embraced change too quickly or dive their heels in The plot was somewhat original, except for maybe the villains The ending was a bit too predictable in my opinion, and wasn t very believable I liked that there was never the feeling of deus ex machina or a moment where I wanted to roll my eyes at the incredulit [...]

    12. Against all conventions, the Warrior Trainer is a woman with a destiny and obligations which must be kept There seems little room for love in a warrior s life though her heritage demands she continue the lineage of Warrior Trainers and protector of the stone, but somehow Scotia finds her love, one worthy of her A great read It s filled with action, adventure, some hints at mysticism and romance.

    13. 4 a good highland romance Scoti the heroine is a very strong warrior who has buried all her femininity under a tough shell Ian the hero needs to train with her to enable him to get revenge for the death of his brother They are both lonely people who believe they must stay alone to achieve all they must Lots of action some men being taught that brute strength is not always the answer A good read with a difference.

    14. Scotia is a woman who has been trained to teach warriors fighting techniques She is also the protector of the seer stone for her country The problem she has is that just about every male she meets wants to best her to prove that he is the best warrior in the land Ian MacKinnon has been sent by his father to be trained by Scotia Scotia is grateful when she realizes that he is there to learn not to best her in a fight.

    15. I loved this book Scotia is a tough, independent, kick butt warrior Ian is a bent on revenge warrior that seeks the help of Scotia, the fabled Warrior Trainer From the start there relationship is filled with sexual tension Ian is the perfect man to break the icy chill surronding Scotia This is a great story and I look forward to continuting the series

    16. I loved this I loved the plot, the setting, the heroine, and the hero its refreshing to read something with a very strong female protagonist and have her not be an idiot also, as someone else mentioned, the hero is not all wishy washy as they seem to be cast in romance novels really well written and just awesome I loved it.

    17. Interesting to have a woman as the warrior trainer, but she and her initial pupil and love interest are annoyingly stuck in their presumed missions of revenge and neither one bothers to talk about it, so there s too much ignorance from assumption Other than that, not bad.

    18. This book was an EPIC romantic adventure I fell in love with Scotia and Ian s story so beautifully woven into Scottish history and folklore Excellent story if you love medieval historical romances

    19. Fun feisty read with mythic overtones and a nice use of the cult fascination with the Apocalypse at the time Love the strong heroine and a strong hero who acknowledges his weakness and grows Quick and entertaining read.

    20. A Good ReadThis was an exciting tale of Scottish brawn and the strength and bravery of a Bonny lass In the midst of warrior training and village massacre grew a prophetic and timeless love.A romance based on both fact and fiction.

    21. Warrior TrainerThis book Is confusing at first but read on and it is worthy of the score I have given it Two people with Missions that are similar and both with a sense of duty to others finally come to together with a love to last.

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