Stories for Boys: A Memoir

Stories for Boys: A Memoir By GregoryMartin, Stories for Boys A Memoir In this memoir of fathers and sons Gregory Martin struggles to reconcile the father he thought he knew with a man who has just survived a suicide attempt a man who had been having anonymous affairs w
  • Title: Stories for Boys: A Memoir
  • Author: GregoryMartin
  • ISBN: 9780983477587
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stories for Boys: A Memoir By GregoryMartin, In this memoir of fathers and sons, Gregory Martin struggles to reconcile the father he thought he knew with a man who has just survived a suicide attempt a man who had been having anonymous affairs with men throughout his thirty nine years of marriage and who now must begin his life as a gay man At a tipping point in our national conversation about gender and sexualityIn this memoir of fathers and sons, Gregory Martin struggles to reconcile the father he thought he knew with a man who has just survived a suicide attempt a man who had been having anonymous affairs with men throughout his thirty nine years of marriage and who now must begin his life as a gay man At a tipping point in our national conversation about gender and sexuality, rights and acceptance, Stories for Boys is about a father and a son finding a way to build a new relationship with one another after years of suppression and denial are given air and light MartinOCOs memoir is quirky and compelling with its amateur photos and grab bag social science and literary analyses Gregory Martin explores the impact his fatherOCOs lifelong secrets have upon his life now as a husband and father of two young boys with humor and bracing candor Stories for Boys is resonant with conflicting emotions and the complexities of family sympathy, and asks the questions How well do we know the people that we think we know the best And how much do we have to know in order to keep loving them
    Stories for Boys: A Memoir By GregoryMartin,
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      Gregory Martin is the author of MOUNTAIN CITY, a memoir of the life of a town of thirty three people in remote northeastern Nevada, which received a Washington State Book Award, was named a New York Times Notable Book, one of ten Larger than Life Memoirs by NPR s Morning Edition, and is referred to by some people in Mountain City as the book Martin s second book, a memoir STORIES FOR BOYS, is forthcoming from Hawthorne Books in Fall 2012 and is a Barnes Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection for Holiday 2012 Martin s work has appeared in The Sun, The Kenyon Review, Creative Nonfiction, Storyquarterly, The Writer, Witness, and elsewhere For his teaching, Martin has received the University of New Mexico Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award Martin is an Associate Professor of English and serves as Director of UNM s Combined BA MD Degree Program.

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    1. Yet another disappointing Seattle Reads selection In 2013, only a few months after gay marriage was legalized in Washington, it feels really retrograde to read the story of a closeted gay man filtered through the voice of his self righteous, self pitying straight adult son The author was clearly hurt by his father s deceptive behavior and the pain it caused his mother and their family, and he certainly has a right to those feelings But hurt feelings alone do not make a compelling narrative Indee [...]

    2. What an incredibly brave book In discussing issues of identity, sexuality, and gender roles it is often easier to divorce our opinions from lived human experiences Easier to speak from the pages of whatever political philosophical anthology we stand behind and ignore the gut wrenching, confusing and difficult moments when theory becomes practice and the examples involve family members, neighbors, friends, and ourselves Beautifully written, Stories For Boys reveals Gregory Martin s process of let [...]

    3. I really, really wanted to love this book We are doing it for All Seattle Reads, and I was so excited to be doing a memoir, a book about queer issues, and something contemporary I agree with another reviewer that it started out strong but then become too introspective In many ways the father s voice and experience are still in the closet so to speak As a reader I was compelled by the story of the father and would like to read the next installment of that story.

    4. I picked this up at the library thinking it was going to be stories for, you know, boys I have a boy he likes stories Anyway, it turned out not to be that at all, but I checked it out anyway and I m glad I did I ve read a few reviews here and there are a variety of complaints from the author being too introspective which is, to me, what separates a memoir from an autobiography to wanting to know about the dad I imagine he prefers his privacy I didn t agree with these criticisms In the first few [...]

    5. In his soul wrenching introspective memoir, Gregory Martin delves deeply into the whirlwind that shook up his family after his father s attempted suicide and ensuing admission of homosexuality What I admired about Martin s account was his braveness and honesty about his feelings during the whole process, and how he mended no, began anew a relationship with the man who over the course of his life had closeted not only his sexuality but also the trauma of being a survivor of incestual rape Who is [...]

    6. Really don t get why this book was published It s a series of journalistic blog posts at best, the writing very pedestrian Packaged as a memoir, it consists of short chapters of the author coping with his father s recent suicide attempt after coming out to his family The author works hard to blame his father for a lack of honesty and his many years of deception, but comes off as an insensitive, self righteous, whiny little jerk Felt empathy with the father, who was dealing with a gay hating cul [...]

    7. After the chapter dedicated to the author s triumph in building a tree house boh ring , I m done My kindle shows I ve read 50% and that s a fair trial The book started out promising, even inspiring It could have been an interesting tale of a closeted older man coming out after a suicide attempt Instead the author, the son, blathers on about his FEELINGS about how it affected him I get he was trying to be honest, struggling with his true ugly feelings but he came off unlikable And not the good un [...]

    8. I echo what many reviewers have said I felt the real focal point of this book was with the father, whom we only glimpse in a few letters and through the wounded eyes of his son, the author As a father myself, I was at times challenged to think about how I would have handled talking to my son about the events that transpire in the book or similarly difficult topics but that alone was not compelling enough reason to stay engaged I do feel that Martin understands and struggles with the fact that he [...]

    9. I loved Greg Martin s first memoir, Mountain City, but I love this one even It s a beautiful book about how, despite a long marriage and seemingly happy life, the author s father attempts suicide when his wife the author s mom learns that he is gay Like life, what follows is painful, messy, confusing, funny, and real It asks the thought provoking question what happens when the parent you thought you knew turns out to be hiding the truth Full of humor, sadness, and ultimately love, this is a fin [...]

    10. This book started off strong, but soon devolved into rather trivial introspection and navel gazing.I would have liked information about Martin s father, since he was the center of the narrative, but it seemed as if Martin didn t want to ask the questions he needed to or that Martin s father was unwilling to answer them And this book should have waited until they were both ready to ask answer these questions.

    11. I read this touching memoir in one sitting Beginning with the suicide attempt of his father, Gregory Martin discovers why the man who raised him has reached this point Not only was his father sexually abused as a child, but he has also been a closeted gay man throughout the entirety of his 39 year marriage He has admitted to Martin s mother that he has sought out hundreds of unknown partners at parks and rest stops while traveling and while the rest of the family slept at home Because they lived [...]

    12. I d say this memoir way about father son relationships than it is about gay issues the latter seems to be the main pitch in marketing , and I think that reading about family dynamics would interest many readers Lots of author provided family photos and email excerpts are included, which adds a visual aspect to the memoir The writing style is very introspective The book starts off strong, maybe because there s a combination of character and story development but towards the end both peter out an [...]

    13. Go read this book now Yes, it s true, it is the Seattle Reads book for 2013, but all the reason you should pick it up It s a great read, movingly told and extremely well written about a man who gets a phone call one day about his father having just attempted suicide and the fallout from that moment as everybody picks up the pieces It s honest and hard to read at times sadness, loss, anger, etc are not great subjects for bright summer days, but put it on your to read list and do it.

    14. Absolutely extraordinary I gobbled it as much as read it As the gay son of a later in life lesbian mom, I ll admit STORIES FOR BOYS may strike chords for me that are different than for other readers, but I can t imagine somebody not being sucked in by Martin s engaging, heartfelt prose Won t spoil it by saying much than that but it is an incredible read Lovely, sad, personal and universaljust read it.

    15. A graveyard is a wilderness, a place beyond boundaries, a home for unknowns and loss I could not wait to be there with him I loved those mornings with him, the two of us driving there and back in the quiet of that big car Or at least I cherish those memories now Research shows that I have very little authority to speak on behalf of the fleeting emotional states of my formal self That was thirty years ago Even writing this paragraph damages my ability to act as credibly proxy for that brown haire [...]

    16. Somehow I missed this last year as the 2013 Seattle Reads the Same Book pick So glad it crossed my path in 2014 It s an important reminder, especially for those of us who imagine and write the romantic side of m m relationships, of how far our society has come in such a short span of time, and of the very human price paid in our culture by those who struggle with being other Coming out and living openly as a gay man was not an option for the author s father when he was young, by time or geograph [...]

    17. This is the latest installment in the Seattle Reads program This memoir by Gregory Martin chronicles his parents divorce and the impact of his father s secret life For 39 years, Greg s parents seemed happily married, raising a family, and going through the rituals of family life But Greg s dad had a very private side, no one knew he was gay For years, he had sexual encounters with hundreds of men, unbeknownst to Greg s mother and the family.Once discovered, Greg s father attempts suicide, and th [...]

    18. What is it about this book A Seattle Reads selection, it got glowing reviews by most folks sadly, it was not the book for me The writing seemed awkard and disjointed, almost skitterish I tired of the author s relentless badgering of his father The constant questioning was unkind and the information he was seeking probably best received in a time that his father chose, not the author Page 82 One night, I interrogated my father on this issue Really As if his father didn t have enough feelings of g [...]

    19. I typically don t write reviews, but I loved this book I saw a compassionate account of a father son relationship where everything the son thought he knew about his father was turned upside down It starts out rather depressing, but there are many memories that are uplifting, intertwined with observations and side stories, that give the reader a break from the reality of what the son has just learned about his father Many of the reviewers judge Gregory Martin as harshly questioning his father, bu [...]

    20. This is an interesting read of coming to terms, growth and acceptance Gregory relates his own growth and acceptance of new knowledge about his father Over a four and a half year span he learns much about his father s painful youth, and resulting self destructive behaviours Behaviours which have lead to attempted suicide, and divorce Gregory works through his anger at his father, suicide attempt and his infidelity to his wife with other men In the process he recognises his own prejudices and sees [...]

    21. I loved this memoir and felt that it touched on a heretofore taboo subject in a realistic way Many readers seemed to fault the author for making it about him, but isn t that what a memoir really is While I have infinite sympathy for the father who was forced into a lie by an intolerant society, I also empathize deeply for the author whose entire world was rocked by his father s revelations and suicide attempt Rather than fault the author for struggling with this, I thought his emotional journey [...]

    22. I guess I am kind of a sucker for memoir This was the book chosen as the shared reading book by Seattle Public Library this year I thought it was pretty tough content to promote for such wide reading, but I imagine it started a lot of conversations Beyond the obvious topics of suicide, living in the closet,coming out, and broken families the real heart of the story is in how we, as adults, are in relationship with our parents And that is a hard nut to crack, so this was a good way to put some th [...]

    23. Everyone got something out of this book, even those who didn t quite like it at first The process of growth and acceptance the author went through rang true and brutally honest Finding out your father was not only gay, but had been having frequent middle of the night trysts kept secret from absolutely everyone, would be a real blow to anyone Writing about his feelings as he had them, even those he later regretted, was a brave decision Beautifully written We liked the book and hated the title.

    24. This was uncomfortable to read like I was snooping in somebody s diary Martin had a devastating discovery about his father, and the book is about him processing the information and how it alters their relationship I never had a clear understanding of why Martin wrote the story Cathartic unleashing of his rage resentment Vehicle for punishing his dad I d be interested to hear his dad s story.

    25. I read this book for our annual Seattle Reads Written as if the author had kept a daily journal of his emotional struggles This book could be of value to any adult who must face the challenge of accepting a parent, friend, their own children whose life path has differed from their own The curious reader will not gain insight into a gay man s life for the purpose of this book is Gregory s raw emotions, growth and resolution in accepting what he could not change.

    26. I liked this books and appreciated the exploartion of controversial and sometiems difficult topics However, I felt at times that it got slow as the author struggled with his inner battles around his feelings about said topics Don t get me wrong, that added to the book too, I guess it was just a little reflective than I prefer.

    27. This was an incredibly honest and raw portrayal of a son coming to terms with his father s secret life and in a much smaller way, a father coming to terms with his secret life no longer being secret A lot was missing from this story, but it was worth reading.

    28. A well written exploration of a painful episode in one family s life and what it means to know our parents I found this particularly moving as my daughter processes what it means to know the father of her child and the truth about decisions he has made.

    29. Greenwood library book club April 2013 and Seattle Reads 2013.Wish I could give this 2.5 The first few chapters I was instantly emotionally vested Along the way I lost connection with the characters.

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