Other Brother

Other Brother By Simon French, Other Brother Kieran wants to be part of the in group at school He wants to be on the football team He wants to fit in But then his cousin Bon turns up Bon doesn t know anything about fitting in he looks different
  • Title: Other Brother
  • Author: Simon French
  • ISBN: 9781921720833
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • Other Brother By Simon French, Kieran wants to be part of the in group at school He wants to be on the football team He wants to fit in But then his cousin Bon turns up Bon doesn t know anything about fitting in he looks different, he wears the wrong clothes, and he says weird things Kieran just wants to ignore Bon, but soon he is forced to make a choice Which is important being popular,Kieran wants to be part of the in group at school He wants to be on the football team He wants to fit in But then his cousin Bon turns up Bon doesn t know anything about fitting in he looks different, he wears the wrong clothes, and he says weird things Kieran just wants to ignore Bon, but soon he is forced to make a choice Which is important being popular, or doing the right thing
    Other Brother By Simon French,
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      318 Simon French
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    1. Simon French

      Simon French began his writing career as a thirteen year old in Sydney s western suburbs, and had his first novel published five years later, while he was still at high school.In the years since, Simon s writing for children has been published in numerous overseas editions, and in Australia has earned critical acclaim and several awards, including the 1987 Children s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award for All We Know Change the Locks was an Honour Book in 1992 Where in the World, Simon s first novel in ten years, is published by Little Hare Books.The characters in his stories often develop from the children he has worked with from babies and toddlers in an inner city crisis refuge to the pupils he has taught over many years at primary schools in suburban and rural New South Wales Simon continues to work as a teacher in a small school in Sydney s rural outskirts.He is unable to imagine life without good books, interesting music and movies, exotic food, travel to new places, old cars but, most of all, true friends.

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    1. Other Brother is an uncomfortable yet important story of displacement, trying to fit in, and bullying.The three main protagonists in this story, Kieran, Bon and Julia, all must confront and deal with these issues in different ways.From their first meeting, Kieran feels both jealous and threatened by his cousin Bon s presence Their grandmother lavishes attention on Bon, as her long lost grandson Kieran is afraid that Bon will ruin his chances of making friends Kieran longs to fit in He is part of [...]

    2. A poignant story of bullying, being different, family life and the differences in what is normal in an Australian country town.This tale struck me as an older yrs 7 9 readers version of I am Jack The adults have little strength or gumption yet they are probably correctly portrayed, in terms of what would really happen , but the roles of the different children in the school yard is a fabulous portrayal of schoolyard social standing the bullies, victims, bystanders and those who are willing to tak [...]

    3. In the story, My Cousin s Keeper by Simon French you are introduced to the three main charters Kieran, Bon, and Julia This book is about bullying and even though it s a good simple story, it has a big overall message My favorite character is Kieran because you get to see how his life unfolds quickly and how he changes, and the challenges he goes through This story is also very good at introducing characters, they show some key aspects at first, but you start to learn even about the reasons and [...]

    4. The main characters in this story are like many of my middle schools students They want to fit in, and be accepted by others in school Looking and acting different make that difficult Associating with someone who is different is just as bad The main character Kieran has been trying to be part of the in crowd since his best friend moved away He is always on the fringe as if he just isn t quite good enough It is usually these kids who get into trouble by going too far to fit in In Kieran s case, h [...]

    5. 11 year old Kieran has a pretty good life until unknown cousin, Bon, gets dropped into his life Bon is a loner and different He doesn t act like the other kids Being friends with him embarrasses Kieran, and when his friends begin to tease and bully Bon, Kieran participates It isn t until he begins to understand the sort of life Bon has had that Kieran starts to sympathize and rebel against the bullies at school.My Cousin s Keeper was an enjoyable book and the language made it a very smooth, easy [...]

    6. Shortlisted in the 2013 CBCA Younger Readers category, Other Brother is a realistic story that deals with friendships,families,the importance of fitting in and bullying.While covering important issues with strong messages Other Brother is a very enjoyable read.

    7. A great book for boys in particular trying to fit in, coping with bullying, making the right decisions An insight into broken families.

    8. i really enjoyed this book Bullying happens everywhere in schools ,workplaces and in homes A great place to start teaching is in schools This book should be a must have for children to read

    9. Short Listed CBCA 20013 Excellent story Bon is dumped with his aunt and grandmother and is bullied by his cousin Kieran and Kieran s friends He befriends Julia a girl with her own problems.

    10. A kid s book which can be enjoyed by young adults and older adults Strong messages about fitting in, belonging, true friendship, and acceptance.

    11. At his dad s birthday party nine year old Kieran meets his cousin Bon whom he has never even heard of before Bon appears to be very different from him and he doesn t really like him Bon wears his blond hair in a long ponytail, wears old, tattered clothes and touches all of Kieran s things without asking Two years later, Kieran sees Bon at his school and learns that he will living with their grandmother and spending regular weekends with his family His sister accepts Bon immediately Kieran and hi [...]

    12. I read this book with my daughters over our vacation, while my husband listened in from the next room It was not like any of the books we ve read together before For one thing, the main characters in this story were boys, and we typically read about girls, for whatever reason This was a tough read tough because at times the main character, Kieran, was almost brutally mean to his cousin Bon, whose life has already been incredibly harsh This does not even include what the bullies at school do to B [...]

    13. Originally published in Australia, this moving story reveals a great deal about good intentions and fitting in Eleven year old Kieran wants desperately to fit in with the popular set at his school Because his best friend moved away, he feels disturbingly at sea when it comes to his social standing, and as a result of that insecurity, he s willing to behave in ways that aren t typical of him A case in point is his cousin Bon Being the new kid in class and wearing his hair in a long braid mark him [...]

    14. My Cousin s Keeper is a problem novel The problem eleven year old Kieran s best friend moved away two years ago and ever since then he s been struggling to gain a place in the in crowd, but the arrival of his weird cousin Bon throws his life off kilter Bon is living with their grandmother, sleeping over at Kieran s home, and attending Kieran s school To complicate matters, Bon has somehow managed to become best friends with the cute girl Kieran has a crush on.Because such novels usually end happ [...]

    15. Reviewed for School Library Journal in their June issue.Gr 4 7 Eleven year old Kieran can t catch a break He has just begun to make inroads with the popular crowd at school when his conspicuously odd cousin, Bon, moves into town Having lived a vagabond life, Bon is a virtual stranger to Kieran, but his appearance speaks volumes he has long, braided hair, talks in a clipped fashion, and dresses in clothes for a much younger child Kieran wants nothing to do with him and is horrified when Bon enrol [...]

    16. 6th grader Kieran is working his way into the popular group at school when his weird cousin, Bon, shows up at school, even in the same class Bon s flaky mother isn t successfully able to care for him so leaves him with her mother Kieran s parents agree to share responsibility for caring for Bon.Bon, with his long, braided hair, his worn out clothes, and what appears to be spaciness, quickly becomes the scapegoat for bullying and teasing, even by Kieran If it weren t for the lovely Julia, a self [...]

    17. Kiernan wants to fit in with the cool kids at school and he does just barely That could all change when his strange cousin Bon comes to town Bon has long, girly hair, wears old, raggedy clothes and likes to draw He and his mom Renee have moved around a lot and the family has barely seen them Bon gets bullied at school by Kiernan and his friends Bon s only friend is the other new kid Julia who seems to be attending school for the first time and has a secret past As Bon becomes a permanent part o [...]

    18. Taken from the inside cover Eleven year old Kieran wants to be a part of the in group at school He wants to be on the soccer team He wants to fit in But then his weird cousin Bon shows up, both at school and at home Bon s mom hasn t taken bood care of him, and with his long braid, babyish hand knit hat, and funny voice, he doesn t fit in Bon doesn t play sports instead he likes to draw imaginary maps and write stories about Bon the Crusader and Kieran the Brave No wonder the boys call him Rapunz [...]

    19. Do not be ashamed for who you are This book is about a boy and how he interacts with his strange cousin The book is a realistic fiction and is for kids my age to maybe about 11 I believe this book is an important book because it tells a story of bullying and how Kieran sticks up for his cousin Bon I really liked this book because it seemed like a real story when reading it The book was filled with emotion and made me cry sometimes because I felt like the boy in the story Kieran is a boy who show [...]

    20. Kieran an 11 year old boy comes from a solid family Mom, Dad, little sister and Nan His life gets turned upside down when the black sheep of the family, Aunt Renee comes into town and leaves her son, Bon with the family Though the boys are the same age, Kieran has never like Bon after an incident with his toys over 2 years earlier Bon is has differnt interest than the other boys in the school, wears a braided ponytail, and his clothing is disheveled To make matters worse Julia a girl Kieran like [...]

    21. It s a decent book The theme is bullying There are two cousins, Kieran and Bon Kieran doesn t like Bon who comes to live with him Bon is different, he looks and acts different Kieran wants to be popular so he joins the bullies and picks on Kieran Julia, a newcomer to school becomes friends with Bon Kieran likes Julia but she doesn t pay attention to him, or want to be his friend because he picks on Bon Eventually, Kieran overcomes his prejudice when he goes too far in bullying Bon The plot isn t [...]

    22. Wonderful middle grade read for boys and girls dealing with or participating in bullying at school When Kieran s wierd cousin, Bon, comes to stay Kieran has trouble accepting Bon for who he is In the course of the next few months Kieran and Bon grow apart and together This would be a great read in the classroom for the start of the school year Lots of intriguing conversations will ensue For ages 9 12.

    23. Loved loved loved this book Very important story for kids to read, I really liked the main character as he is probably like a lot of kids that age, trying to fit in and finding it hard to do the right thing if it means being left out by the cool kids It was very realistic and a must read for school going kids as it deals with important issues like bullying, fitting in, acceptance, friendship and loss.

    24. Everyone deserves to be wanted A quote from the book that expresses one of the key ideas in this thought provoking and heart warming novel It took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions from getting teary eyed out of happiness, to angry, frustrated and sad, yes, even guilty at times, thinking back to some of my own childhood experiences in school It takes a lot of courage to go against the crowd and to stand up for what is right.

    25. This is a coming of age story of 11 year old Kieran and his cousin, Bon, who doesn t fit in in Kieran s world Their journey is thoughtfully and realistically told, in part, due to the fact that French has worked with children like Kieran and Bon in his job as a teacher I think my almost 13 year old grandson would like this.

    26. I think that Other Brother overall is a book about where you think you belong and where you really belong, my favourite character is Bon ever since he first appeared in the book, even though I hated him for a bit Other Brother is also very realistic and made me self conscious in parts, so even though there is room for improvement, I loved it

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