Rose in Bloom

Rose in Bloom By Louisa May Alcott, Rose in Bloom For a time everything went smoothly and Rose was a happy girl The world seemed a beautiful and friendly place and fulfillment of her brightest dreams appeared to be a possibility Of course this coul
  • Title: Rose in Bloom
  • Author: Louisa May Alcott
  • ISBN: 9780440475880
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rose in Bloom By Louisa May Alcott, For a time everything went smoothly, and Rose was a happy girl The world seemed a beautiful and friendly place, and fulfillment of her brightest dreams appeared to be a possibility Of course this could not last, and disappointment was inevitable, because young eyes look for a Paradise and weep when they find a workaday world which seems full of care and trouble till oneFor a time everything went smoothly, and Rose was a happy girl The world seemed a beautiful and friendly place, and fulfillment of her brightest dreams appeared to be a possibility Of course this could not last, and disappointment was inevitable, because young eyes look for a Paradise and weep when they find a workaday world which seems full of care and trouble till one learns to gladden and glorify it with high thoughts and holy living.
    Rose in Bloom By Louisa May Alcott,
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      As A.M Barnard Behind a Mask, or a Woman s Power 1866 The Abbot s Ghost, or Maurice Treherne s Temptation 1867 A Long Fatal Love Chase 1866 first published 1995 First published anonymously A Modern Mephistopheles 1877 Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on November 29, 1832 She and her three sisters, Anna, Elizabeth and May were educated by their father, philosopher teacher, Bronson Alcott and raised on the practical Christianity of their mother, Abigail May.Louisa spent her childhood in Boston and in Concord, Massachusetts, where her days were enlightened by visits to Ralph Waldo Emerson s library, excursions into nature with Henry David Thoreau and theatricals in the barn at Hillside now Hawthorne s Wayside.Like her character, Jo March in Little Women, young Louisa was a tomboy No boy could be my friend till I had beaten him in a race, she claimed, and no girl if she refused to climb trees, leap fences For Louisa, writing was an early passion She had a rich imagination and often her stories became melodramas that she and her sisters would act out for friends Louisa preferred to play the lurid parts in these plays, the villains, ghosts, bandits, and disdainful queens At age 15, troubled by the poverty that plagued her family, she vowed I will do something by and by Don t care what, teach, sew, act, write, anything to help the family and I ll be rich and famous and happy before I die, see if I won t Confronting a society that offered little opportunity to women seeking employment, Louisa determined I will make a battering ram of my head and make my way through this rough and tumble world Whether as a teacher, seamstress, governess, or household servant, for many years Louisa did any work she could find.Louisa s career as an author began with poetry and short stories that appeared in popular magazines In 1854, when she was 22, her first book Flower Fables was published A milestone along her literary path was Hospital Sketches 1863 based on the letters she had written home from her post as a nurse in Washington, DC as a nurse during the Civil War.When Louisa was 35 years old, her publisher Thomas Niles in Boston asked her to write a book for girls Little Women was written at Orchard House from May to July 1868 The novel is based on Louisa and her sisters coming of age and is set in Civil War New England Jo March was the first American juvenile heroine to act from her own individuality a living, breathing person rather than the idealized stereotype then prevalent in children s fiction.In all, Louisa published over 30 books and collections of stories She died on March 6, 1888, only two days after her father, and is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord.

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    1. Onvan Rose in Bloom Eight Cousins, 2 Nevisande Louisa May Alcott ISBN 316030899 ISBN13 9780316030892 Dar 302 Safhe Saal e Chap 1876

    2. For many years until I read Jane Eyre the second time , this was my absolute favorite book It is perhaps the reason I love nerds While many women grew up loving Mr Darcy, I grew up loving Mac He was my ideal love interest He suffered long and noblely for love of Rose and I admired that with all of my little heart I dreamed of being Rose Of course, I would have accepted him at once instead of stringing him along so Regardless, after over fifteen readings wearing out my old copy so that I had to b [...]

    3. Well, what can I say Instead I ll quote Miranda s fist diary entry from The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, Today, I fell in love since it was the first thing that crossed my mind after I finished reading this book.FYI, I ve never had a fictional crush before, no matter how perfect the heroes are I still didn t feel anything for them I m not crushing on the perfect Mr Darcy, and I am definitely annoyed with a certain vampire you know who out there instead of squealing at the mention of h [...]

    4. So, I kinda thought the preaching was done when I started this one Rose is grown up, she and Phebe and Uncle Alec have just returned from a year abroad, where Phebe has trained to be a singer Now Rose is ready to be launched on society, and most of the boy cousins are grown It starts out very promising, and though I never normally root for cousins to marry, here you re rooting for Rose to choose one of her brilliant cousins and live happily ever after But of course it s not that easy First Rose [...]

    5. I have several aunts who are readers And they have always looked after me when it comes to sending books they think I d like my way Particularly during my formative reading years To this day, many of the books nearest and dearest to my heart came to me in the mail from one of my aunts When I was twelve or so, my Aunt Becky sent me a lesser known book which I had never heard of by a very well known author which I had The book was ROSE IN BLOOM and it was actually the first book I ever read by Lou [...]

    6. This is a comfort read, one I ve always had warm feelings for Rose in Bloom picks up a few years after Eight Cousins Rose is around 20 now, and returning from a trip abroad with Uncle and Phebe Naturally, everyone assumes that she will marry soon, but she wants to look around a little first and do something worthwhile.She settles on philanthropy as a career, but not before trying some of the pleasures of the high life, the parties and late nights of frivolous society This does her no real harm, [...]

    7. Louisa May Alcott s novels are perfect reading for children Her heroines are great role models for girls And her stories are very real, and also very charming and innocent.Rose in Bloom, the sequel to Eight Cousins, should serve as a guidebook for every young lady It is a story of Rose, an orphan, who goes to live with her uncle and seven boy cousins Her uncle experiments with raising her up and the result is a lovely young woman Rose in Bloom is a coming of age novel As Rose matures into a youn [...]

    8. This has a vague spoiler in it Fair warning.Much as I love Eight Cousins, I find my pleasure in Rose in Bloom lessens as I age Not so much for the preachiness of the virtues you find in all of her books they are, after all, meant to be pleasant ways to learn to be a good person But I felt her decision to remove the one love interest from the story was taking the easy way out in resolving both the love triangle and that character s personal faults Most of Alcott s books deal with the loss of love [...]

    9. In my somewhat limited experience, all Alcott s main characters are exactly the same I swear you couldn t tell them apart I also swear that one of the matronly women in this book had the same line regarding her children as Jo did in that peasant festival Jo s Boys But regardless of the lack of originality, I gave up trying to like this book when the rich and nearly perfect and naturally gorgeous and abysmally dull Rose has multiple men literally throwing themselves at her Just as a note, I detes [...]

    10. Childhood classic My grandmother had it tucked away when we came through on a cross Canada trip, and offered it to me The book had a broken top cover, but I didn t care Owning any book was like owning a jewel.

    11. 4 5 starsThe ridiculously slow pace at which I read this book might seem like evidence to the contrary, but I enjoyed this book so much than the first Eight Cousins was cute, it was very sweet and I think it gave a very necessary introduction to the personalities and relationships between the characters of this story, but in retrospect that entire book just feels like a setup for this story to be told.I think much of what I said in my review for Eight Cousins holds true for this book as well Ro [...]

    12. Rose in Bloom is a beautiful gem of a book, penned by the same hand which authored the time honored novel Little Women This is the sequel to the charming volume entitled Eight Cousins A grown up Rose Campbell returns to her family clan after travelling around the world with her friend Phebe as companion.I love this book because Rose in independent, yet desires to serve others Suffice it to say, she is a good role model for girls I found her to be very much selfless Even though Rose possesses pe [...]

    13. I first read this sequel to Eight Cousins when I was 12 years old I didn t realize it at the time, but it was my first romance novel Rose is 20 now, and has just returned from a 2 year trip abroad with Uncle Alec and her friend Phebe All the boys, save Jamie, are grown men now, and Rose feels awkward when she realizes the aunts expect her to marry one of her cousins Ick, but I guess this was OK among the wealthy Victorians, to keep the fortune in the family I adored and admired Rose when I was a [...]

    14. As a twenty year old who read Bridget Jones s Diary not too many months ago, Rose in Bloom contained some serious culture shock It s been ages since I read Little Women or Eight Cousins, and I had completely forgotten how Alcott is so very pure The narrator s moral judgment is unassailable Though Alcott s forward claims there is no moral to this story, the moral just can t help itself Alcott s views on morality, education, and character soak through every fiber of the story She has very firm, da [...]

    15. This book made a deep impression on my as a child and it was one of the only books that made me cry as a child This is the sequal to, Eight Cousins As an adult, I am sure I would find it over sentimental, but, I loved it so as a child, that I must still recommend it Sweet and endearing give it a try.I was right, I read this last week the first time since childhood.It is very sentimental and borderline annoying to read as an adult Rose is too good While my childhood self found much to admire and [...]

    16. 3.5 for this audiobook edition Marie Therese did an adequate narration but mispronounced certain words which bothered me a little for example, vague with a short a to sound like bag instead of a long a.I did enjoy the story despite the moralizing streaks.

    17. I don t know if Louisa May Alcott intentionally tried to spoil her wonderful characters from Eight Cousins , but either way she suceeded.I picked up Eight Cousins when I was quite young, because I had nothing to read, and I d enjoyed Little Women Turns out, I ended up liking it much than Little Women mostly because it was significantly less preachy Eight Cousins isn t perfect You can tell Alcott was an educator and, at a lack of a better word, wanted to blatantly brainwash her readers with her [...]

    18. What I like in this book 1 Sweetness That kind of narration which one finds in Louisa May Alcott, L.M Montgomery and Mrs George de Horne Vaizey And if one feels the need to sweeten a day one should take one of their books.2 A story about growing up, becoming adult, first love and so on Although I felt a few times it was a bit too much exaggerated in some points Nonetheless, I forgive it because I see a bigger purpose.But, I have made one mistake I have read it after Eight Cousins I think when I [...]

    19. Genre Classics Children s LiteratureThe audio for this novel was very nice The novel itself was just slightly disappointing after Eight Cousins, although it s hard to pinpoint why I feel that way This is the sequel to Eight Cousins and follows Rose and Pheobe s trials and experiments as young adults I guess I feel like the novel took the easy way out by killing Charlie before Rose had to decide if she could or would love him As she says later, it would ve been a bad match even without his drinki [...]

    20. I m really sorry, Louisa May Alcott Please don t come back from the grave to haunt me for this one star review But CMONNN I really really enjoyed Eight Cousins I loved the atmosphere, the fun day to day life, and their experiences Rose In Bloom takes place 2 years later after Rose has spent time abroad with Uncle Alec and Phebes Apparently, during those 2 years, every character in the book died on the inside, because this was insufferably BORING I m definitely gonna have to take a long mental br [...]

    21. This is my favorite of Louisa May Alcott s many novels This book, the sequel to Eight Cousins, surpassed it s forerunner in wit, character studies, contrasts , and over all enjoyableness The reader is reintroduced into the realm of Rose Campbell, a rich, young orphan, and her seven boy cousins As each character matures, Alcott weaves an intricate chain of tragedy, romance, and humor, culminating as Rose chooses which of her cousins she will marry It is filled with fun quotes from other famous au [...]

    22. Imagine if Beth had been the central character of Little Women Imagine also that she had a fortune, several ardent suitors, and not the grace to die halfway through the book.

    23. Lousia May Alcott never fails to inspire the noblest parts of my soul and motivates me to strive for the best things This one was romantic than the other books I ve read from her, but very wise and thought provoking I understand that people might think parts of her writing preachy and sometimes even schmaltzy, but one has to understand it was written in another time But though it was written in another time and for a particular audience, I feel it has to say so much to everybody in our time and [...]

    24. It wasn t the worst book, but to me was far less enjoyable than Little Women, which is probably what brings most readers to LMA s other books Rose, the heroine, was less realistic and multidimensional than she was in Eight Cousins, the predecessor to this book LMA must have realized how sickeningly perfect her portrayal of Rose is, since she goes out of her way in the preface to point out that Rose isn t supposed to be an example of a model woman, despite the fact that she very much comes off th [...]

    25. Creating a Moral and Social Utopia In true Alcott form this charmingly saccharine novel picks up two years after EIGHT COUSINS, when Rose and the former housemaid, Phebe, have returned from travels abroad with benevolent and nearly perfect Dr Alec, Rose s godfather Once again it is wise for readers to create notes for the various branches of the extensive Campbell family tree otherwise it is hard to keep straight which aunts belong to which uncles never mind which masculine cousins belong to sam [...]

    26. If you like reading books by L.M.Montgomery, Eva Ibbotson or others by Louisa May Alcott Little Women being her most popular novel , then you are sure to enjoy this one This book touched my heart as so often these classics do.I had read a little bit of The Mill on The Floss by George Eliot and I had found the beginning particularly onerous to get through It was nothing but hard effort that kept me turning the pages This experience made me feel gloomy about classics and I wondered how many of my [...]

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