Thunder God

Thunder God By Paul Watkins, Thunder God In this time of violent change a young man struck by lightning is believed to be marked by the gods as a keeper of the Norse religion s greatest secret To save the Norse faith and himself he embark
  • Title: Thunder God
  • Author: Paul Watkins
  • ISBN: 9780571217984
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thunder God By Paul Watkins, In this time of violent change a young man, struck by lightning, is believed to be marked by the gods as a keeper of the Norse religion s greatest secret To save the Norse faith and himself, he embarks upon a journey, where he must confront not only his own gods but the gods of a people yet savage The action sweeps across oceans and continents As with all WatkinIn this time of violent change a young man, struck by lightning, is believed to be marked by the gods as a keeper of the Norse religion s greatest secret To save the Norse faith and himself, he embarks upon a journey, where he must confront not only his own gods but the gods of a people yet savage The action sweeps across oceans and continents As with all Watkins work, the writing is terse and physical, the themes big and resonant Tatler A Viking Odyssey Thunder God vividly charts the voyages of Hakon, a fisherman s son who is struck by lightning, kidnapped by raiders, taken to Miklagard Constantinople , where he becomes part of the Emperor s personal guard, caught up in a raid on the Welsh coast, storm driven across the Atlantic The Times The rich physical descriptions are matched by an equally sure understanding of the ways of religious belief This unusual, fluent novel suggests that Watkins remains a force to be reckoned with Sunday Telegraph A thundering good read Watkins is a master of suspense, and his action sequences have a visceral power Sunday Times
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    1. Paul Watkins

      Paul Watkins is an American author who currently lives with his wife and two children in Hightstown, New Jersey He is a teacher and writer in residence at The Peddie School, and formerly taught at Lawrenceville School He attended the Dragon School, Oxford, Eton and Yale University He received a B.A from Yale and was a University Fellow at Syracuse University, New York His recollections of his time at the Dragon School and Eton form his autobiographical work Stand Before Your God An American Schoolboy in England Writes crime fiction set at the birth of Stalin s Russia under Sam Eastland.

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    1. A young viking boy called Hakon is coaxed out into a storm by a localized spirit known as Sasser Greycloak, only to be hit by lightening He is chosen to be an apprentice pagan priest to costal Altvik, which brings with it the knowledge of a powerful secret, but soon after the town is raided by plunderers and Hakon is taken away as a slave.Hakon serves a hulking warrior called Halfdan for 12 years, who becomes a member of the Byzantine emperors personal militia, the Varangian Gaurd When Halfdan i [...]

    2. Paul Watkins is an extraordinary writer I was convinced of this after reading of his childhood and education in his autobiography Stand Before your God and am just as impressed with his storytelling abilities in ThunderGod His strength lies in his ability to imagine himself and describe to the reader what daily life might have been like in a long gone way of life His account of politics, economics and technology in the last days of Pagan Norway are so convincing that I imagine they might not be [...]

    3. Being captured by Viking raiders as a boy, was clearly something of a problem in Viking times, because as with The Long Ships, this is how Hakon s story starts What follows, is an extremely interesting, powerfully affecting and very hard to put down journey through several key points and themes of the Viking world If you are aquainted with any of the interesting Viking legends, you ll find them referenced here For instance, the Swedes who journeyed east, leaving rune stones behind to mark their [...]

    4. I was going to give this book 2 stars till I realised that there was a deeper lesson about religion This book is not as accurate and rich as Tim Severin s Viking trilogy, but makes up for it by the internal voyage that the main character went through and what he ultimately learns.

    5. I don t know how Mr Watkins did it But he put me into the journey of a young boy name Hakon and I truly felt as if I relived through his words

    6. It is the tenth century, the Viking era is waning and Christianity beginning to supersede the old Norse beliefs Hakon is a young boy brought up on the Norwegian coast, and, having survived being struck by lightning, he is chosen to be the priest of the old religion and keeper of its secrets But Hakon s calling is not an easy one there are jealousies at home, and during a raid on his village he is seized and enslaved His journey takes him to the Byzantine imperial court, where he spends years as [...]

    7. A truly astonishing book Although it took me a few chapters to get into, once I had understood the author s style I allowed him to take me on a virtual travelogue of the Viking world, following in the lead character s globe trotting footsteps.Paul Watkins is a literary author who normally writes contemporary or near contemporary fiction, so this is something of a break for him, but he writes in an assured, confident style that would have you believe he s been authoring historicals for years.His [...]

    8. An initially promising read which gradually disappoints and frustrates.There is undeniable some noticeable promise shown when you start this book, as the author does have a skill for rich, believable characters and detail After a while however though he seems to fall into the trap of each sentence seeming to focus on a nonchalant parroted description of physical details and aesthetics than building an atmosphere or something to immerse yourself.It s all the frustrating when you can see beneath [...]

    9. This work of historical fiction seems incredibly slow compared to the pace of modern viking historical fiction however it was written back in the 1990s.On the whole though it is an interesting tale that spans continents and seas as we follow the life of one young norse lad who seems forever marked by the old gods when he is hit by lightning and survives.He gets kidnapped by raiders, lives the life of a slave, saves an Emperor of Constantinople, joins the Varangian Guard, gets involved in a raid [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book Well written and well researched The first part I found difficult because even though the narration is first person, it felt distant, almost as if what was happening had little to do with the main character He didn t seem to get involved in his own life until he returns home It was odd But it got better and immediate after that The book is highly anti religion Towards the end it was clear that the author has a barrow to push, which was a shame, because for the most part th [...]

    11. If ever there was a book that tried too hard this is it Mr Watkins starts with an interesting premise but he fails to live up to the promises made in the blurb All too often I found my attention wandering and had to drag myself back into the story It feels clumsy and clunky overall and his characters, in particular his MC Hakon, feel one dimensional and fake The many adventures that Hakon seems drawn into become very quickly overdone While this one shows some promise on the whole I d steer clear [...]

    12. The book had great potential, but turned into a flop.The charactors were under developed and many left you wondering why they were introduced into the story line at all The story teller alluded many times to incidentst that happened in his life but never described the incident, nor explain why it was important.The overall story line felt rushed, glossing over nearly an entire life span without felling completed or satisfied.I think this book will end up in my Goodwill bag.

    13. This book floated around the ship I worked on for a while so a few of us onboard actually read it I think the consensus was that the author started this book with good intentions He then lost the manuscript and started writing a different book some years later, then found the first draft and somehow managed to tie them together.

    14. I thought this was going to be an utterly dreadful book and not my thing at all I picked it up on holiday after my brother had been reading it I am so glad I did.It is a thoroughly interesting and thus entertaining story about Norse gods and raises some interesting issues with religion Recommended

    15. This was a bit of an odd one, I neither liked nor disliked it, it was justokay The story took me on a journey around many different lands, religions and walks of life and I became rather attached the the main characters If you re looking for an interesting read with a peek into the Norse faith then Thunder God is for you If not, I d give it a miss.

    16. I liked it It was entertaining, but slow I grew very fond of some characters Especially Hakon, Kira and Cabal I really liked how, the story would hardly linger in one scene and would always keep movie, keeping the story and my eyes on the pages.

    17. wow all the stuff that happend I really liked this book, enjoyed it just loved it though sometimes it seemed like it all went too fast In the end I hate it that there is no sequel short love it

    18. The book was absolutely brilliant well, it was until the story ran out of steam and had the characters end up in south america worshiped as gods and then returning home having achieved absolutely nothing, learning nothing and destroying something ancient and beautiful A real shame.

    19. Enjoyable but instantly forgettable tale of a young man in the Viking era who is kidnapped during a raid but eventually finds his way home.

    20. I thought this book dragged out a bit but it was interesting to read about a word before ours that may actually have existed If you can get your head around early geography that is.

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