Accidentally In Love

Accidentally In Love By Jane Davitt Alexa Snow, Accidentally In Love Genre LGBT ContemporaryWhen fun loving social butterfly Calvin Reece moves in with the cute but shy Tom Holden he doesn t expect anything to come of it but friendship In fact his plan is to give To
  • Title: Accidentally In Love
  • Author: Jane Davitt Alexa Snow
  • ISBN: 9781611184068
  • Page: 194
  • Format: ebook
  • Accidentally In Love By Jane Davitt Alexa Snow, Genre LGBT ContemporaryWhen fun loving, social butterfly Calvin Reece moves in with the cute but shy Tom Holden, he doesn t expect anything to come of it but friendship In fact, his plan is to give Tom a makeover and find him a boyfriend, because Tom s such a nice guy it s just not right that he s alone As Cal gets to know Tom better, he learns that under the ill fittinGenre LGBT ContemporaryWhen fun loving, social butterfly Calvin Reece moves in with the cute but shy Tom Holden, he doesn t expect anything to come of it but friendship In fact, his plan is to give Tom a makeover and find him a boyfriend, because Tom s such a nice guy it s just not right that he s alone As Cal gets to know Tom better, he learns that under the ill fitting clothes there s a gorgeous body and a kind, generous heart, and Cal starts to feel something newWhat do they have in common Only that they ve never been in love But that may all be about to change.
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    1. Jane Davitt Alexa Snow

      I m English by birth, but I moved to Canada twenty years ago, so I have two places I call home I started writing in my thirties, hammering out millions of words of fanfic with a growing sense that yes, this was something I could do, wanted to do, needed to do.A decade ago, I became a professional writer of m m romance and I ve never regretted my choice of career Back then, telling people what I wrote got me raised eyebrows or puzzled looks Times have changed Now m m romance is thriving and I m happy to be one of the many writers contributing to this always evolving and expanding genre Free reads and my fanfic are here Jane Davitt at AO3

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    1. If this story was an m f, set in the regency period then the plot would fit neatly into the virginal heroine who captures the heart of the seasoned rake As it is, the modern day setting gives it a new twist and I found myself really enjoying this story for most of the book.The story follows Cal who s a photographer and a bit of a player He s used to going out a couple or times a week and picking up random men for good sex He s attractive with a good income and a job he enjoys and he can t see h [...]

    2. AIL is a hard book for me to rate as it was 5 stars in some parts then would sink to a 3 for quite a bit In the end, I settled for 3 because even though I enjoyed the good parts, and the story as a whole, the authors dragged it out far too long than was necessary I ended up skimming through several pages in the second half as it became so repetitive Much of the time, I felt like I was watching a rather boring tennis match.What I did like, though, was the friends to lovers transition I found myse [...]

    3. I have low tolerance for immaturity and mono dimensional, cliche characters The nerd is cliche, he is pure and right are we supposed to feel sorry for him and want him to have his revenge The gorgeous slut is cliche, he is careless and too successful are we supposed to want him to be very sorry he ever got laid so easily and never bothered to ask or remember the names The homophobic parents are cliche, it is clear that not only are they homophobic, they don t have a soul at all are we supposed t [...]

    4. 3.5 stars I really enjoyed this, however I deducted half a star because the insecurities of the characters became a little off putting I would have liked a little dating or romance and less I m not good enough for you, remind me why you like me again.

    5. from reviews it sounds like it drags on, is cliche and i am tired of reading about sluts

    6. Tom the 25 year old virgin rents a room out to Cal the love em and leave em kind of guy They become friends, they become lovers, baggage and issues get in the wayA nice easy read, could have been a bit shorter, some of it felt repetitive and redundant, but if you are looking for a relaxing read, this one is good.

    7. Originally postsed at whippedcream2 201What is confirmed bachelor Cal to do when he meets the one man that could flip his whole world upside down and inside out With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of luck maybe Cal can find out what all his friends are talking about when it comes to finding the one.Accidentally in Love was truly a beautiful love story It shows the gradual build of a relationship between two men who are such polar opposites it isn t even funny When pairing up a man who [...]

    8. 2015 Review For some reason, this time around, I found Tom s insecurity drove me insane I left the rating the same but I really struggled to find empathy with Tom s character.Original Review This is a lovely story about a slut falling in love with a virgin Tom was a little bit too needy and insecure, but I forgave him because he and Cal made a cute couple There was very little angst and the transition from friends to lovers was believable too There were lots of comedic moments to lighten the moo [...]

    9. So full of boring clich s Nothing interesting at all The characters are just ordinary, conversations and action so usual, that it seems like you ve already read all of this in some other book.

    10. This book was surprisingly light compared to other books by Davitt and Snow What s nice is that both guys have their faults and the romance is bumbled by both A quick, fairly light read.

    11. Oh, where to start I find it difficult to actually write a justified review regarding this book, since like many others who ve read this before me, there were times when I felt conflicted First of all, I read the small blurb and immediately loved the premise the opposites attract trope is one of my favorites, and I loved the idea of Cal reforming his fickle ways because of Tom That being said, I knew that one way or another, I would at least like this book.And like this book I did Although, ther [...]

    12. This was a story of opposites attract Cal is full of confidence and seems to be with a different man every night, while Tom has never had a boyfriend and has incredibly low self confidence When they end up as housemates, the experience begins to change each man I liked the slow build in their relationship and that they didn t jump straight to having sex I could understand the doubts that Tom was experiencing and was appalled by the behaviour of his parents It became obvious how their treatment o [...]

    13. At first I was not digging this one at all I thought Cal was an ass and Tom was fine but nothing exciting And then around page 100 I realized I was really enjoying this friends to lovers tale There was something really sweet about this relationship That went on for a while and then it got all insecure and angsty and I started to lose patience But when all is said in done, I enjoyed it This is a light and mostly pleasant read A good beach book.

    14. 2.75 rounded up The writing was fine and the characters likeable although Tom was drawn a a bit to pathetically , but I struggled to finish as it became a somewhat tedious in the second half The book was just too long and drawn out without much happening to move the plot forward.

    15. Nice easy read Tom so needy It became annoying Cal was a sweetheart The balance of the MC was so off I had a hard time finding the chemistry HFN.

    16. Should have been my cup of tea opposites attract, become friends, and then eventually lovers I liked it, but didn t love it The characters and plot were nice but didn t have anything really unique or memorable to make them stand out among the crowd But still, a pleasant way to spend a few hours and relax

    17. For some reason, I was really, really attracted to the title of this story and the cover I should have stopped reading around page 12 or 13 when we discover that the MC is a slut bag douche I hate how immature that sounds but that s exactly how it made me feel I m a huge fan of unlikely lovers and opposites attracting and all, but I am not a fan of reformed slut stories so it s my fault for not reading reviews before I got this book So I struggled through it because, simply, I paid for it thoug [...]

    18. I don t know how I managed to miss this one when it came out, first of all since Jane Davitt Alexa Snow are a couple of authors I like very much and second since this is one of those sweet romance plot I like so much.Calvin is a social butterfly, always moving from flower to flower, making everyone happy and not leaving broken hearts The recipe is simple, not stopping long enough to create a real bond et voil , the life of a perfect bachelor Tom instead is a 24 years old virgin with a complex cl [...]

    19. 3.5 starsReading this was an interesting experience From first reading the blurb, through reading the reviews here and then to actually reading the book and now thinking about it afterward, my thoughts have been all over the place From the blurb, I wasn t quite convinced to read it, but the reviews convinced me to give it a shot It s curious that the blurb doesn t mention that Cal s such a man whore, nor that Tom s a virgin Imagining that dynamic on top of them being roommates turned friends tur [...]

    20. As you can see, this book has been out for a while, and I know it s caught my eye once or twice There always seemed to be something just a little shiny, a little suited to my reading tastes though, and I never actually read it until today What attracted me to it The cover caught my eye The models look like they re having fun, and the scene is so domestic Then blurb I love the set up The flirty fun guy, outgoing and bold, moves in with the shy recluse Why Because I am that shy recluse I identif [...]

    21. Easy reading I really didn t see anything special about this book It was cute at times and I could relate to the nerd character, but the book was full of clich s It was actually quite annoying at times, how you could really guess the next step a few pages early.I ended up skipping the last couple of sex scenes, just keeping an eye on what was happening in them but not really reading them I don t know I didn t dislike it, but it wasn t satisfying and I just pretty much went oh, that s it in the e [...]

    22. This book was a super easy read with just a touch of heartfail and a lot of heartwarming moments I really love books where one of the characters is a self proclaimed nerd and the other is popular and confident in his abilities That describes Tom and Cal to a T Cal needs a place to live and Tom has some extra space for rent, so a mutual friend sets them up.They become friends easily but it s the budding romance that catches them both off guard and it so much fun to watch build They both have som [...]

    23. Cover I m not a fan when the covers are so photographically realistic s Calvin an award winning photographer whose love life consists of one night stands, which he enjoys very much Tom a web designer with a ton of self esteem issues Story POV alternates between them, third person.Calvin is a player, with one night stands the usual Tom is an insecure loner They meet at the home of mutual friends Calvin has lost his lease and Tom needs a new tenant, so Calvin moves in The story moves through their [...]

    24. This was a well crafted story The characters, including the secondary characters were well written and whole people The way both the main characters had to learn how to trust, coming at the situation from polar points, in a strange way added to the conflict between them Building trust might sound like the same thing but these authors managed to portray how it was so different for both Cal and Tom There were a few logical inconsistencies that pulled me out of the story Tom s bedroom starting out [...]

    25. I struggled to get through this book but I finally finished it, thank goodness I have read these authors before and I have to read but I just couldn t get over just how juvenile the character of Tom was throughout the entire story His character totally pissed me off and reminded me of my cousin who has had relationships like these angst filled for no reason other than to create drama She s now 45 and still single and has never maintained a lasting relationship Every day was another drama over n [...]

    26. I wanted to like this bookuly I tried but about a third of way into it I realized it was probably not going to happen What little rapport I had developed for the MC s just seemed to evaporate and I was unable to maintain anything other then a glimmer of hope that it would return by the end of the book all I could do was breath a sigh of relief that it was over Having read several other books by Ms Davitt Ms Snow I had high expectations going into the story as I truly enjoyed their Laying the Gho [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this story about a quiet virgin who rents space in his home to a guy who is pretty much a slut Both men change over time as they grow to like each other, become friends, and finally lovers There s one major misunderstanding, i.e crisis, but other than that the story is really just a very slow, very erotic buildup of their romance These authors are great together and they produced a highly erotic and entertaining story with all the elements that make me want to put this on my go [...]

    28. The plot is an old one, but the one I usually like nonetheless At the beginning I thought that if it is not very original but I can still enjoy the setting and delivery of a known story, that it would be a relaxing read something known but different at the same time By the middle of the book I started getting tired of the repeated partterns in behaviour By 2 3 I couldn t read any and after several attempts to continue I gave up alltogether.I have a strong feeling that it would have been a great [...]

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