Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort By Quentin Bates, Cold Comfort Officer Gunnhildur recently promoted from her post in rural Iceland to Reykjav k s Serious Crime Unit is tasked with hunting down escaped convict Long Ommi who has embarked on a spree of violent sc
  • Title: Cold Comfort
  • Author: Quentin Bates
  • ISBN: 9781616950545
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cold Comfort By Quentin Bates, Officer Gunnhildur, recently promoted from her post in rural Iceland to Reykjav k s Serious Crime Unit, is tasked with hunting down escaped convict Long Ommi, who has embarked on a spree of violent score settling in and around the city Meanwhile, she s also investigating the murder of a fitness guru in her own city center apartment As Gunna delves into the cases, she uneOfficer Gunnhildur, recently promoted from her post in rural Iceland to Reykjav k s Serious Crime Unit, is tasked with hunting down escaped convict Long Ommi, who has embarked on a spree of violent score settling in and around the city Meanwhile, she s also investigating the murder of a fitness guru in her own city center apartment As Gunna delves into the cases, she unearths some unwelcome secrets and influential friends shared by both guru and convict Set in an Iceland plagued by an ongoing financial crisis, Gunna has to take stock of the whirlwind changes that have swept through the country and the fact that at the highest levels of power, the system s endemic corruption still leads, inevitably, to murder.
    Cold Comfort By Quentin Bates, Cold Comfort Definition of Cold Comfort by Merriam Webster Definition of cold comfort quite limited sympathy, consolation, or encouragement Examples of cold comfort in a Sentence The good news about the economy is cold comfort to people who have lost Cold Comfort Aug , Directed by Vic Sarin With Maury Chaykin, Margaret Langrick, Paul Gross, Jayne Eastwood Three lonely people depend on each other when they get stranded at a deserted gas Cold Comfort Jan , Directed by Brandon Rhiness With Skylar Radzion, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Madison Nyenhuis, Griffin Cork A young woman, kidnapped and held in a basement, must use all her wits to Cold comfort Idioms by The Free Dictionary cold comfort COMMON If a fact or statement is cold comfort to someone in a difficult situation, it does not make them feel less worried or sad Three years in higher education is a good investment for the future, he says But that is cold comfort
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    1. The writing is fine And I liked the main character But the plot was well, plodding, with Officer Gunnhilder mainly doing interviews with various suspects some over and over again and doing little detective work As the murders mount up, so do the suspects, even though she is convinced that all the murders are somehow connected They aren t The ending was weak and felt like the author just got tired of the book and wanted to finish it.One thing the author did do well was to paint a portrait of post [...]

    2. As noted in the case of proverbial excess too many cooks in a kitchen , too many characters specifically villains can diminish the flavor of a finished product in this case the mystery dish concocted by Quentin Bates While I enjoyed sampling another novel set in a Nordic environment and I appreciated learning about skyr a yogurtish Icelandic goop after discovering the taste for boiled sheep s head in Arnaldur Idridison s crime fiction, I wanted tidbits of this country s culture and lore As I re [...]

    3. How could you not love a book that contains the line Going out for a minute Helgi, if Johnny Depp shows up, just ask him to get undressed and wait for me would you The second installment in the Gunnhildur series Cold Comfort, is based in Iceland and finds our protagonist Officer Gunnhildur Gunna Gisladottir recently promoted to Reykjavik s Serious Crime Unit Along with her partner Helgi she is in charge of finding escaped convict Omar Ommi Magnusson Seems Ommi is hell bent on seeking revenge on [...]

    4. This is the Dostoyevksy of murder mysteries it is written by an English author and set in Iceland, and the names are voluminous and challenging to follow which I have found to be less true when I am visiting Iceland, but maybe I didn t meet enough people on either visit for it to make much of a difference but once you get over that, this is a good murder mystery series Gunna is a character that you can enjoy as a protagonist, and th etwo book sin the series that I have read have contained curren [...]

    5. Well, took me a long time to realize that I d read this book before So obviously it didn t make an incredible impression on me I love reading about Iceland, a country I ve visited, and love generally Scandinavian mysteries I like the detective and her family drama which seemed pretty real and realistic to me But there was too much drama everything and anyone seemed to get thrown into this story Of most interest to me was the impact on real people s lives of the economic crisis in Iceland which i [...]

    6. I definitely did not like this one as much as the first one in this series and don t know if I will read any others Plot was all over the place too many characters might have been better as an audio book with all the Icelandic names and Gunna our main gal was just not as good as she could have been.

    7. DISCLAIMER For ease of typing and transferring content on specialized web pages, I have chosen not to use the accents that normally accompany the Icelandic names in this story I do not mean any disrespect.The first book of Quentin Bates Officer Gunnhilder series, Frozen Assets, uses the impending 2008 global collapse of the banking and financial markets as a backdrop and as a motivation for murder This second book picks up in the early spring of 2009 and uses the resulting collapse of the real e [...]

    8. Gunni is such a likeable chap, except of course she is a woman No nonsense and practical in all matters including appearance and appetites Plot winds along nicely, only quibble is my brain trying to remember which Icelandic name belongs to which character Scandi crime genre is well served by this writer and I have number 3 lined up for my next crime read, over Christmas, in the read and snooze, post excess lethargy.

    9. I gave up a couple of chapters in I didn t love the first book in this series and this was just so choppily written I m willing to give a little on that when a book is in translationbut this is not Bates has a wealth of knowledge about Iceland and the setting was very believable, but there were too many characters and the writing was too stilted to spend any time on it.

    10. Gunnhilder is one of my favourite female characters in crime fiction Q Bates is not only remarkable in his depiction of the Icelandic society but also in his creation of a solid female character by a male author not easy to find

    11. Cold ComfortI choose 3 star rating because I found it hard to remember Icelandic names unpronoucable and very difficult to remember The story w as very good reading and I will definitely read by Quentin Bates

    12. Really liked this entry as well Characters are interesting and the stories move quickly Iceland is a unique setting which makes learning about it a lot of fun.

    13. The Icelandic setting is interesting to me, as is the female Detective The story itself goes around and around a bit too much, but I will read another of these.

    14. COLD COMFORT 2011 Quentin Bates This is the second installment from this author of his mysteries set in Iceland and featuring his protagonist Detective Gunnhildur Gunna has recently been promoted from a rural station to Reykjavik where she will receive a higher position she will, that is, if the economic downturn in the country ever turns around enough to guarantee her receipt of the appropriate raise As we enter the story, we meet up with Long Omni, a recently escaped convict who has set about [...]

    15. Cold Comfort by Quentin BatesConstable RobinsonISBN 978 1 84901 361 1Published March 2012 Sam North reviewFollowing on from Sergeant Gunnhildur s extraordinary and exciting debut in Frozen Out we find her promoted but not getting her rightful salary and working criminal investigations in Reykjavik, Iceland Gone the easy life of small town and say hello to sleaze and murders in a city still in shock after the great financial shocks of the last three years.Quentin Bates knows police procedural wel [...]

    16. This is the second in the series by Quentin Bates featuring Sergeant Gunnhildur, otherwise known as Gunna, and is set in Iceland The first book Frozen Out was published in January 2011, you can read my review of it here.Cold Comfort was published by Constable Robinson in March of this year Gunna has been promoted and is now working in the Serious Crime Unit in the capital city of Reykjavik, a big change from her previous posting in a small, slow moving town Gunna finds herself heading up two sep [...]

    17. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book, I received it through a first reads giveaway and it was a rather quick and enjoyable book.I will say the author s familiarity with Iceland makes the book a better read if you have been there or are from the country A lot of landmarks I recognized and was able to picture helped with this book that at times dragged on and had a long list of characters that were hard to keep straight.It s also better if you have a knowledge about Icelandic names and [...]

    18. Cold Comfort As an armchair traveller, I hate it when the end of the book comes too soon especially when it s a Nordic mystery Cold Comfort keeps on giving It yielded numerous happy, escapist reading sessions for me I loved the main investigator, Officer Gunnhildur Gisladottir She is working a tough case with new title and new environment but no matching pay rise In no mood to suffer fools, she is less than patient with her superior officer He is stuck, dinosaur like, in outdated attitudes match [...]

    19. 2 in the Officer Gunnhildur series set in Iceland Will be reading Frozen Assets, first in the series, with the Mystery Book Group in March 2012 Read early portion of the second book before the book group discussion Gunna has taken the lead of the Serious Crimes Unit in Reykjavik, but remains living in Hvalvik From the outset, she is confronted with two lines of investigation, one the murder of a celebrity, and the other, an escaped convict with ties to Hvalvik and to Reykjavik who is paying back [...]

    20. After the plodding start to the first book in the Officer Gunnhilder series of novels, the series settles down with the second story Gunna has a new job in the serious crime unit and it is a bloody, complex tale with a body count high enough to make other fictional dectives quite jealous Quentin Bates has found his voice and captures the character of the Icelandic people in the aftermath of the recent financial crash What the book lacks though is the landscape of Iceland This is a city story and [...]

    21. This was an unexpected delight, for a murder mystery crime detective novel I picked it randomly off the New Book shelves at my library I find that Gunnar s intuitive persistence is just right for a single mother of 2, one in the service and one at the end of Highschool The author finds a great balance for herself in her adjustment to her new role in a new place while wisely not uprooting her daughter to big city life She treads through the complexities of a mystery without resisting either the m [...]

    22. I ve always wanted to visit Iceland I haven t got there yet, but I do vicariously visit by reading fiction set in the land of fire and ice A new series by Quentin Bates, a UK journalist who lived in Iceland for 10 plus years, recently caught my attention Cold Comfort is the second Officer Gunnhildur mystery Gunnhildur is a female police detective recently promoted to Reykjavik s serious crime unit She s a widow with an adult son, and teenage daughter Developing relationships in her new role and [...]

    23. I tried I really did try, for three days I kept picking it up and reading as many pages as I could force myself to read, hoping it would get better, but alas, for me, I just couldn t do it I received this book from Good Reads thank you for the opportunity , so maybe the fact that it was an unedited copy made it nearly impossible to follow, but I was spending several minutes trying to figure out what was going on every time a scene changed, as I didn t know who was talking, what they were talking [...]

    24. Second in series sees Gunna in her new role, promoted to the Serious Crimes Unit, and investigating the death of a woman who was known for her exercise videos and owned a fitness studio She s also trying to track down an escaped convict who is on a revenge spree across the country The books are set in Iceland Digging into both these crimes exposes some interesting secrets in high places, and Gunna must tread carefully to find what s at the root of the crime.I really enjoyed this I like the main [...]

    25. I won this in a firstreads giveaway.First of all I enjoyed reading a mystery that takes place in Iceland I believe this is the first book I ve read set in that country I did struggle a little bit with the names but it was worth the effort I can t really speak to the pacing of the novel because since I won an unedited copy a lot of times there where no paragraph breaks for change of scene and I had to go back for a second and figure out what was going on It took a little longer for me to read tha [...]

    26. The continuing adventures of Sergeant Gunnhildur find her promoted and in the city She s a very engaging and likeable protagonist and doesn t radiate that solemn grayness or dreariness that is prevalent in this genre Scandinavian some might consider Iceland separate crime fiction and usually attributable to the weather I found this one a little bit too long and with too many twists It was also confusing keeping track of all the characters with their strange and sometimes similar Icelandic names [...]

    27. Officer Gunnhildur, recently promoted from her post in rural Iceland is severely overloaded on Reykjav k s Serious Crime Unit She is determined to find escaped convict Long Ommi before he can settle any scores She is also investigating the murder of Svana, a celebrity fitness club owner Gunna is a terrific character focused and competent, but at the same time down to earth and aware of the all the irony in the situations she encounters The backdrop of the financial crisis in Iceland provides an [...]

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