Blackbriar By William Sleator, Blackbriar In the attempt to decipher a number of strange events after he moves into an old cottage a boy discovers a group of English folk engaged in Devil worship
  • Title: Blackbriar
  • Author: William Sleator
  • ISBN: 9780380002481
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blackbriar By William Sleator, In the attempt to decipher a number of strange events after he moves into an old cottage, a boy discovers a group of English folk engaged in Devil worship.
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    1. William Sleator

      William Warner Sleator III was born in Havre de Grace, Maryland on February 13, 1945, and moved to St Louis, MO when he was three He graduated from University City High School in 1963, from Harvard in 1967 with BAs in music and English For than thirty years, William Sleator thrilled readers with his inventive books His House of Stairs was named one of the best novels of the twentieth century by the Young Adult Library Services Association William Sleator died in early August 2011 at his home in Thailand.

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    1. You know that old sci fi or supernatural novel you checked out from the library when you were a kid You ve forgotten the title and the author, but you remember the 80s tastic cover almost clearly you remember there were these two kids, a boy and a girl, and and it was thrilling, and it s half haunted your memory and your dreams ever since.Just so you know, there s about a 50% chance that book was by William Sleator.For me, that was Sleator s Into the Dream I hadn t read Blackbriar before, but I [...]

    2. For nearly twenty five years, the story of Blackbriar haunted me When I was in sixth grade, Mrs Mullins read it out loud to our reading class Even in the fully lit classroom surrounded by kids the story was scary as hell.After sixth grade I didn t give the book much thought But whenever anyone asked me about scary books this is the one I d conjure up The problem was for years and years I had forgotten the title of the book and wasn t sure if I ever knew the name of the author.All I could remembe [...]

    3. Really enjoyed it, as I did when I was a kid Nice gothic tale, good atmosphere, excellent prose A little campy ending, but it is a YA novel, after all

    4. Blackbriar is the classic children s horror story about a young orphan who moves into a haunted house I m sure if I had read this when I was the appropriate age to enjoy it, my rating would be a little different, but as it is I m having a really hard time with it It s also possible that it s just a bit too outdated, for lack of a better term Things change, and it might have been scary when it was published, but now it s just campy.Danny lives with one of the employees of the school he attends, b [...]

    5. This is a quick read, and enjoyable enough, if you re of the appropriate age The author does a good job of establishing an air of mystery and menace throughout But, I read it as an adult, not as an adolescent, so the tale s thinner plot points couldn t help but catch my eye If I d read this as a kid, I m sure I would have given it 4 stars As an adult, the outdated cliche of evil witches worshiping demons, and the use of a dwarf as a signal of evil mayhem were rather irksome, as was the notion th [...]

    6. Not one of Sleator s best, but not bad either Some hilarious stuff happens because the book was written in 1972 at one point a boy s guardian pulls him from school when she shouldn t and takes him far out into the countryside Her cover story That she is a teacher traveling alone with her student An excuse that did not age well Basic mystery plot with some spooky stuff happening, and Sleator knows what he s doing so there s nothing bad about it, but it is otherwise a very paint by numbers 1970s Y [...]

    7. Yeah, it s YA but even so, this is pretty weak tea, packed with cliches, stupid dialogue, and a girl sidekick who is introduced as tough but goes all whimpery and arm clutchy so the wimpy kid protagonist can be a hero Sleator s House of Stairs gave me unforgettable chills when I stumbled upon it in fifth grade, but this this Scooby Dooish tale of meddling kids thwarting a rural witch coven doesn t really measure up Three grudging stars for the deserted house with the secret passage full of skele [...]

    8. very well written, decent character depth, but it felt like there should have been to the story I enjoyed it anyways

    9. I loved William Sleator s books as a kid, and I read this one several times, always hoping that it would finally make sense and be enjoyable Thirty years later, it s perfectly understandable and I have no idea why I struggled Boy and guardian move to secluded country house that s been empty for ages house has a Bad Vibe to it and townspeople refuse to talk about it Boy researches and gets half the story townspeople still creepy about the house Bad Vibes take over Boy and friend solve mystery and [...]

    10. Even though Blackbriar was written in 1972, it does not seem dated It is slow to get started and the resolution happened a little too fast, but otherwise the story is very good By about 1 3 of the way through I had trouble putting it down My biggest complaint is the overuse of italics to show emphasized words in the dialogue I found that very distracting I really liked Danny and how he evolved and matured over the course of the book I found the epilogue to be satisfying I definitely recommend Bl [...]

    11. I liked this haunted house story The characters are well established at the very beginning, with an opening chapter that makes their relationship clear The house and woods that surround it are nicely gothic and the ominous feeling and atmospheric descriptions are great I just didn t quite like the ending.

    12. I wish I d found William Sleator when I was 13, but it s almost pleasurable to read his books for the first time as an adult Never pandering, they show their characters weaknesses as they work to grow stronger the creepy backdrops and psychological terror are just welcome set dressing.

    13. I picked this up on a whim, reading these reviews about how people remembered this from their childhood I had never heard of it before.I realize this was written as a Young Adult book I ve read these before in my adulthood and have no problem with them I actually really liked the Hunger Games I took this into consideration as a read the book and wrote this review.Nothing struck me as really Young Adult about this particular book, except for maybe the fact it isn t really very deep What starts ou [...]

    14. Blackbriar s cover claims that it s a story about ghosts and witchcraft, which is only true if you count a couple of random mentions about these topics I would, instead, call this as a story about a young boy learning to stand up for himself.That s a fine topic to cover, but when I m promised a book with ghosts and witchcraft, well, I want a book about ghosts and witchcraft The setting was right, a 17th century cottage hidden away in the middle of the woods, but the rest just didn t stack up wit [...]

    15. This book seems to be a lot like John Bellairs The Face in the Frost, not in terms of plot but in terms of it being one of an author s earliest published novels which is a spooky story and has a different style than almost any of the later work I still enjoyed it quite a bit, but there isn t any amazing, fantastic, or weird scientific twist going on here.Unfortunately, talking about what this story does or doesn t have in it might slightly spoil it, but I will say that the tension builds over ti [...]

    16. The StoryBlackbriar is the story of Danny, a young boy from London who has lost both his parents Now he lives with the secretary at his school, Philippa Sibley She wants the best for him, but is also a little protective of Danny Quite early in the story, Philippa decides to buy a house on the countryside and forces Danny to come and live with her.The house is called Blackbriar and is a haunted house They find a strange door to the basement with some old names and dates The last name, Mary Peachy [...]

    17. The first novel by the late and well known American YA writer, who specialized according to in science fiction and the paranormal Written in 1972, I bought this book when it was available as a 1.99 Kindle daily deal It was enjoyable, with all the tropes of a haunted house story with some interesting variations on the theme A young British boy moves to an isolated 17th century farmhouse outside Dorchester with his guardian and her cat The house is suitably gloomy and spooky, with a tragic history [...]

    18. Best line ever Shut it snapped the policeman Ignore him He can t do no witchcraft in jail A blunt suspense story with some horror and references to magick thrown in to stir it up Characters react very enthusiastically to chilling and eerie happenings around Blackbriar And they re logical as hell Logical beyond reason They face danger head on because they know the worst it could be is death They know people are breaking into their house and doing god knows what and are exhilarated It s a fun ener [...]

    19. I read this in fourth or maybe fifth grade, and remembered it ever since as a vague haunting recollection My daughter has inherited my liking for ghostly and horrible stories, so I got it for her birthday happily, it was the same edition I read, with the very affecting surreal black and white illustrations But she wouldn t read it So I grabbed it and read it myself Like most things from your childhood, it s a little smaller and less scary when you go back to it but still quite good enough If you [...]

    20. Although this is one of those books that I found less enjoyable as an adult than I would have as a child, I still liked pretty well It s definitely a product of the 1970s, with an almost Scooby Doo vibe The head villain even says the equivalent of meddling kids But this book has some disturbing layers as well Danny s guardian not his legal guardian, fortunately is an emotionally abusive, passive aggressive narcissist I also found Danny s casual violence toward the pet cat in the very first chapt [...]

    21. For me this book seemed really long and drawn out It was kind of boring and i wanted to put it down but i really wanted to know what happened This book was written in 1972 so it is fairly old.Danny and his caregiver move to Blackbriar and from the very beginning things seem off The towns people wonder why they moved to that house and they acted very suspicious when ever they were asked about the houses history Danny starts having odd dreams about the names on the cellar door and why they might b [...]

    22. From Kymm s and my discussion of William Sleator She or someone said it was like Run, but just a few pages in, it s like Poor Tom s Ghost with a soup on of Wolves of Willoughby Chase And huh, unexpectedly my new favorite It s not going to displace House of Stairs or Into the Dream, but a book set in an old, maybe haunted, house in England, with a dollop of actual history, is likely to, and does, trump a book set anywhere else I overlooked the ample supply coal in the cellar of a house so inacce [...]

    23. I was a little disappointed with the ending, and it s not the best book in terms of plot or characters But frankly, it doesn t matter when there s Sleator s incredible talent for creating atmosphere and mood This was everything I wanted for my first free choice book after nothing but class reading since January There s something great about these older horror books for kids Sure, they re dated, but I don t feel like a lot of the scary books out there in the junior section these days have the sam [...]

    24. I got this book because another poster had loved it as a teenager It started slowly and seemed as though the whole thing would be too narrow and implausible How could 2 people carry everything they need to live in a house without electricity or plumbing But it spread out and picked up a little Since it had a scary cellar, AND a scary doll, I had to not read it just before bedtime I did like not knowing how ominous scary it would be Would it turn out like a Stephen King novel or not Odds that I w [...]

    25. This and Fingers are my favorites among Sleator s books.In Blackbriar, we have the traditional lonely, possibly haunted, house in the country, an orphan child and a neurotic caretaker, and a powerful, wealthy figure of menace As each manifestation of ghostly menace is discovered, it turns out to have a natural explanation even dangerous than the supposed supernatural one, so that bringing things into the clear light of day does not lessen the tension Although it is aimed at older children, I wa [...]

    26. I found the whole book very confusing and not well explained I wanted to know the whole time who Mary Peachy really was did the devil worshippers in the town worship her or want to destroy her why was the cat such a big deal I don t know, maybe I just missed those parts the other thing was that I really didn t catch the suspense I just wasn t freaked out by this bookThis isn t to say that Willian Sletor s other books weren t incredible if you didn t like this book, don t not read his other books [...]

    27. young adult suspense Blackbriar is the story of a 15 year old boy who moves to the country with his guardian to a sinister, old house It s a pretty good story and I enjoyed the setting, the cat, Islington, and the epilogue the best I think it would have been suspenseful for me if I hadn t read the summary at the beginning of the book beforehand A little bad language and one chaste kiss.

    28. This is a book I wish I would have known about when I was 12 It s a great mystery for young adults Not too scarybut scary enough for me anyhow Throughout the book, Phillippa, Danny s guardian, drives me crazy, but in the end she pulls through Quick and easy read.dragonflowersandbooks

    29. This was re issued to reach a new audience I never read it as a child but imagine there are a number out there who did It s not particularly well written it made me yearn for reprints of Ruth M Arthur s creepy, English countryside books Blackbriar has too many inconsistencies and annoyances to make me want to recommend it to anyone.

    30. I m sured I would have enjoyed this as a young adult, but as an older adult now, I didn t find this story quite as enthralling as House of Stairs, another novel by Sleator that raised interesting and disturbing questions This was a classic mystery, with many, many clues, and not many answers until the last 15 pages or so It was a quick read, but a pretty forgetful one.

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