Bang By Norah McClintock, Bang Quentin and JD have been friends forever Even after JD gets in trouble Quentin stands by him Hanging out together Quentin learns JD has a gun and when they are caught in a robbery JD uses the gun with
  • Title: Bang
  • Author: Norah McClintock
  • ISBN: 9781551436548
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bang By Norah McClintock, Quentin and JD have been friends forever Even after JD gets in trouble Quentin stands by him Hanging out together Quentin learns JD has a gun and when they are caught in a robbery JD uses the gun with deadly results Trying to cover up the crime and escape detection, Quentin gets in even deeper than he expected and learns that the only person he can trust is himself EsQuentin and JD have been friends forever Even after JD gets in trouble Quentin stands by him Hanging out together Quentin learns JD has a gun and when they are caught in a robbery JD uses the gun with deadly results Trying to cover up the crime and escape detection, Quentin gets in even deeper than he expected and learns that the only person he can trust is himself Especially when his freedom and his future is at stake.
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      Norah McClintock s fascinating mysteries are hard to put down Her Chloe Levesque series, Mike Riel series, and Robyn Hunter series, all published by Canada, have been popular with readers in many countries Norah has also written several crime novels for reluctant readers in the Orca Soundings series from Orca Book Publishers, Norah is a five time winner of the Crime Writers of Canada s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Crime Novel Read Mistaken Identity, The Body in the Basement, Sins of the Father, Scared to Death, and Break and Enter to find out why Norah s books have been translated into than a dozen languages, and she has won numerous awards Awards Arthur Ellis Award Juvenileo 1996 Mistaken Identity Winnero 1998 The Body in the Basement Winnero 1999 Sins of the Father Winnero 2002 Scared to Death Winnero 2003 Break and Enter WinnerRed Maple Award o 2004 Hit and Run Winner

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    1. Bang Bang by Norah McClintock was a pretty okay book I did like a lot of it but some part of the book were very plain Another things that I couldn t decide if I liked it or not was how the point just got to the part with little details But other then that the book was kinda a thriller to me and a surprise These two friends Quinten and JD who been friends for a long time Now in their teen ages Go hang out, go to each other houses, discover around town A lot of stuff can happen when doing some of [...]

    2. In the beginning of the story there was two guys named JD and Garret JD had a gun in his pants when they saw a food truck full of food but nobody was around So they decided to rob the food truck, and when they were about to leave the guy saw them JD split but Garret got caught JD came back around the corner and shot and killed the guy It was the same guy that told them to leave the park because they were smoking weed When JD shot the guy, Garret was freaking out because they just committed a cri [...]

    3. Bang Norah McClintockQ and JD have been friends for along time On the day the man was shot it started out like every other day they hung out They were going to go smoke some weed and try to pick up girls on the beach When Q sees JD has a gun he should of left right away, but he don t When they get caught robbing a guy Q thinks this is bad, then JD pulls out the gun and shoots him, then he gets scared Q realizes JD is really not his friend when he frames him for the murder Q finally tells the cop [...]

    4. This book is about two boys, Quentin and JD, getting in trouble with the law They started out as good boys and gradually became big trouble makers JD was influencing Quentin to constantly break the law and get in trouble It all started when JD convinced Quentin to steal from a vendor for lunch after smoking weed Quentin was madly in love with JD s sister and would do anything to be with her The author s purpose for writing this book is to show the obstacles of being a teen in the inner city They [...]

    5. The story is about two guys who like having fun and smoke weed One of the boys name is JD and another ones Quentin but most of people call him just by nickname Q Both of them are sixteen years old and JD has a sister who Q likes but he never got a chance to tell her that Once they got in a trouble on a playground with some guy who was defending little children JD and Q were bullying The next thing you know is that one day when boys got high Q got very hungry He saw the truck full of food, looked [...]

    6. Personal Response I think that this book was very good, but I also thought that it followed the same kind of pattern every other book follows The characters didn t really change too much throughout the story I think that the book s ending was good because it left the reader thinking It also has a very good plot twist right in the middle of the book, so I felt that it was interesting.Plot Summary Q and JD are two normal highschool boys who get into trouble a lot Until JD decides to do something [...]

    7. Bang is a realy good book and its pretty cool and short.In the book it keeps you guessing and wanting to know , but sometimes its slow because its building up to the climax so you have to wait a little.But over all I think its a realy good book.

    8. The book that I read is called BANG by Norah McClintock The book is a quick read so it s not that long So the book is about these two teenage boys named Quentin and JD So these two boys been friends for a very long time and one day they both get caught up So one day when they were hanging out Quentin founds out that JD has a gun In his back pocket When they were out on a bike ride and they got caught in a robbery and JD pulled out the gun and it ended up in a situation With both boys one of them [...]

    9. This is a great high interest, low readability book for your reluctant boy readers It moves very fast and each chapter leaves you wanting to read on Also, it gets really good towards the end so you don t want to stop The only thing is that the ending is a little abrupt.

    10. I believed this book to be very attention grabbing Every chapter add an aspect to it that made it to where you didn t want to put this down.i believe that if you want a book that leaves you edge of your seat,this is the book for you.

    11. This book is about to guys JD and Garret who were friends for a while and one has a gun they see a food truck with nobody in it and decide to rob it Later on JD pulls out a gun and shoots a guy who was working on the food truck.

    12. This is a story about a two boys jD and gerent who got in trouble with the law after getting caught stealing from a food truck and then killing a man who caught them.

    13. Personal ResponseI personally thought that this book was okay It had a good story to it and I liked the plot twist that this book had I give it a three out of five stars because it was not a bad or a good book, it was right in the middle.Plot SummaryThis book is about two boys in their teens named Quentin main character and JD These guys like to ride bikes and explore new places Quentin and JD get into trouble a lot Quentin and JD decide that they need to try to do something new They want to ste [...]

    14. Plot Summary Bang by Norah Mcclintock is a story about two young men, Q or Quentin and JD, who ride and race bikes together Next thing you know both of them are smoking weed in the public park Two little kids go up to them and ask them to swing and JD says no Then an adult goes over to them and tells them to straighten their act and become adults and Q thinks to himself, who do you thing you are So JD and Q start riding and they get really hungry Q decides to rob a van and finds himself in a mes [...]

    15. I really love that these Orca Soundings books are so interesting I picked this up at the library today it was calling my name Bang is a great coming of age novel in which the main character, Quentin, learns valuable lessons about truth, lies, and friendship It speaks volumes to teens about the destructiveness of drug use, anger, and idleness, while directly showing that there are always consequences for our actions And, while the novel has wonderful themes for exploration, it also has an extreme [...]

    16. Bang Orca Soundings, 2007, 95pp 9.95Norah McClintock ISBN 155143654X Quienton went from worrying about school work and getting to work, to running away from the law His life changed drastically when his troubled best friend JD persuaded Queinton to take their lunch from a street vendor and the owner arrest Under pressure JD did the first thing that came to mind and shot the man The rest of the story they try to keep themselves out of prison The story was very interesting to me and actually felt [...]

    17. Act normal The guy died, and JD wants me to act normal Quentin Q thinks he s going to have the usual day with his friend JD Q thinks about asking JD s sister Leah out He thinks about hanging out, nothing unusual But when one of their typical petty crimes goes wrong, JD and Q have a terrible secret to hide.Is JD telling the truth when he says he destroyed the evidence Should Q be worried about being framed High school housekeeping I really wanted to read a few books over the holiday weekend in an [...]

    18. Quentin is the main character of the story, he tells how things go in his point of view, he is also referred to as Q for short Alongside Q is JD, who is his friend, Q hangs out with JD mostly because he has a crush on his sister, Leah.When reading chapter one of the book I wondered why it was so vague, little did i know it was foreshadowing a future event, and that it took place on a different timeline I like things to be told in chronological order, so being like that I didn t really appreciate [...]

    19. Bang was about this boy named Quinten who hung out with a guy named JD JD wasn t really a good friend Quinten just hung out with the wrong guy The only reason Quinten hung out with JD was because of his sister Quinten had a crush on her JD ended up killing someone and they tried to keep it a secret Quinten had struggled keeping the secret but JD was really chill I can t really connect to this book because nothing like this happened to me I m sure a lot of people in the world could relate to this [...]

    20. Bang is a good book I rated the book 4 out of 5 because it was a good book, but it wasn t the best book ever created It is easy and fast to read it took me a little over a week to finish it This book has adult situations in it so is most likely inappropriate for little kids under the age of 13 The book is a bout two 16 year old boys named Q and JD The boys always get in trouble JD is a kid that always pushes the limits and mostly get in trouble the most Q is a kid who is trying to convince JD no [...]

    21. This book is about two kids who got themselves inot trouble because of their actions The two kids got themselves into triuble because, one of the kids was stealing chips and other deli stuff, then they got caught a one of the kids was getting chocked by the guy they stole from, so the other kid was nervous So he didnt know what to do so he shot the guy Then the rest of the book the kids have to find out a way to not get caught by the police I cant connect to this book because I never killed anyb [...]

    22. This is the best book ever I m telling you when you begin read you can t stop.You will never want to stop read REALLY I Think BANG written by Norah McClintock is the best book ever because their some much backstabbing between friends in the book and their so much drama all happen at the same time.Like an example of backstabbing happening between friend was on page 77 82 Around those page Quentin which is the main character gets back stab by his best friend JD, how because JD went behind Quentin [...]

    23. I used this book with my 7th grade boys and they LOVED it I agree with the previous reviewer that it is not the best writing by far, but much of the battle with my clientele is just getting them to pick up a book in the first place If they re reading anything, it s a step in the right direction And if they re excited about reading, that s a leap This book made them excited and they were actually asking about other books by the same author or publisher We re now onto Pain and Wastings , that they [...]

    24. I thought this book was ok but not great overall It is a short book that has a very boreing plot and the story was ok I thing this book is a crime mystery kind of book and could be better if a little longer.This book is about a boy named Quintein that is in highschool and a stoner and just get his life together He is living in an apartment complex with his Mom and has very little money He is alwa ys with his bestfriend JD and parcticly living with them also because how much he is over at his hou [...]

    25. Bang by Norah McClintock is about two boys named Q and JD They are best friends that go to the same school and always hang out Until one day they steel from a man and JD shoots him Now they are hiding from the cops and trying to keep a low profile until a investigator shows up at the school and starts asking questions.The book is very suspenseful and gripping Once I started reading it I could not put it down I always wanted to see what happened next Will Q and JD get caught and sent to prison or [...]

    26. I just read a extraordinary book, Bang by Norah McClintock The story begins with two teenagers who have been friends forever One teenager is stealing from a food truck that he thinks is empty then a guy shows up his friend has a gun in his back pocket what do you think he will do Read the book to find out The main character in this story is Quentin, who is best friends with JD.The best parts of this story are the beginning, and the end I liked this book because its very exciting and entertaining [...]

    27. Reading hi lo fiction is always a treat This titles in the Orca Soundings series is written at a Reading Level of 3.0, but is intended for secondary school students Quentin and JD are best friends and they get into trouble Big trouble As in guns.The plot is simple, the sentences are short, and, unfortunately, things do get wrapped up a little quickly at the end But it s only 103 pages and reads like a short story If you don t have any Orca Soundings books in your secondary library, you should

    28. This book is basically about a guy who is forced to go to jail because he was too scared to admit that his best friend JD had killed a guy and because of that people think that he was the real culprit and he ended up in jail but his love for JD s sister is what kind of helped him get out jail and helped him prove his innocence Each page of this book is captivating and once you read you can t stop until you ve finished it I recommend this to everyone except 5 year olds who would probably have nig [...]

    29. This book is about how some kids are involed in a murder scene So some cops go to a school and ask the kids some question from the party that the murder took place So some girl starts to go around and get information to give the cops But some boy stops here and try to kill.I can t connect to this book because i was never in that type of problem.I gave this book a 5 because this book had a lot of action It kept my attetion and had a lot of conflicts that had a lot of action.

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